Opinion Bureau is a paid search site that often sends you surveys with very high incentives, usually ranging from $ 1 to $ 5, if you register, you already receive a $ 5 bonus, and the minimum to request the withdrawal of The Paypal account is $ 10 and after the request for redemption, it takes approximately 10 business days to fall into the Paypal account. When you are in the available searches, send the direct invitation to your email, it is not necessary to enter the site to search. When I signed up, I won the bonus of $ 5 for the registration + $ 1 for a 5-minute survey, in short, in 10 minutes I earned $ 6 on the Opinion Bureau.
Generally, the Opinion Bureau's research is about IT (information technology) and is usually worth more than $ 10 per survey answered, HERE'S THE COUNCIL.

To win the bonus of $ 5 + $ 1 thumbup.gif

Step 1: Register of links: Opinion office
Step 2: check your email and approve your registration.
Step 3: You complete the first survey in the Opinion Office after the approval of the registration. winecheers.gif

Payment of proof 1

Payment of test 2

Trial payment 3