I want streaming site scripts like openload, verystream or any script

I need a script that supports scripts of video transmission sites like openload, verystream or any script that has a low price.
In that script I only upload videos, not for others.
It should be simple and easy to load, the remote loading option should be there on the main page.
Please suggest me a low cost script, where to buy or download.

Thank you.

Streamdefence.com Automatic backup and protection system for Openload and Verystream videos | Proxies123.com

Active since 2016 Streamdefence.com is a protection service for external videos such as Openload and similar.
In addition to offering many protection and encryption services for your videos, stramdefence is the only service that offers an automatic backup of your videos on Openload.co and Verystream.com.
How does it work? Each time you insert an inlay in streamdefence, the system creates a copy of your video, in case your video is deleted (for DMCA or other), the system will make the backup appear automatically, you can see an example video here with openload, but it works equally with Verystream

For customers who use WordPress, we have an add-on that allows you to automate everything. Your videos will be protected by the publication normally. You can download it here.

The service is 100% free without registration and your videos will no longer be deleted;)


Uploadbank and Openload so slow in zoom uploader !!

Hi guys!
I use NL RDP and upload files by zoom to several free sites, but I get very slow speeds in uploadbank and openload, why?

Easy also for Rapidvideo, Openload, Streamango, Rapidgator, Flix555 … DMCA / Uarga Bot | Proxies123.com

The service is free, without links limit.

Demonstration video: https://www32.zippyshare.com/v/0tmFBc5I/file.html

Available sites:
– Openload
– Streamango
– Streamcherry
– Rapidvideo
– Flix555
– Vidlox
– Rapidgator
– Cloudvideo
– Ddl.to

Important: To prevent the user from abusing the service. At least 20k monthly visits are required.

Support for:
Email: supchecklink[at]yandex.com
Private message

openload vs streamango vs vidcloud vs upvid vs vidoza

openload = vidcloud = streamango = streamcherry

These sites have the same content management system and API.


Incorrect API


Best API, upload torrent / magnet.
Small rewarded, $ 30-1.5

What do you think is the best video hosting at this time?

OpenLoad Anti Dmca Script, (automatic remote loading) | NewProxyLists

Hello Wjunction,

I have made a script that is for streaming video in OpenLoad

Basically your videos will never be downloaded by dmca,
You do not have to reload your video when it is removed
Everything is automatic.

There is a video for a better understanding;

The price is $ 50 for this script.
It works on every cms.
You can add me on skype: mehmet.ayan48
I will configure the script for you.

I can accept payments through payoneer, bitcoin (Sorry, not PayPal in my country)

If you can not find my skype, add me through the link: skype

openload.icu | Very simple Openload DMCA / Uploading Bot | NewProxyLists


Openload.icu is a free and easy tool to prevent open load links from dying. x.x

How does it work?

Use and embed any Openload link as you would with openload.co, but replace openload.co with openload.icu




Can I win with it?

As long as the original video is not deleted or deleted, it will win with it. All other views / gains will go towards maintaining this service online with dedicated servers.

But I want to keep winning with that after it falls!

This script is really based on my maintenance script that allows you to do that! :RE
Awesome, right? Just contact me for beta access

How do I know it will not turn off the servers after a month and it will take all the money?

Look at my profile, I'm a trusted member and I've never done any exit scam or anything.
Soon I will make a state page and a transparent email list of dmca, where you can see how many files there are in the system and how much money I am earning. Completely transparent

I found an error!

Contact me, I can fix it: D

I love your script! Can you handle my 10 million visits a day?

Hope so! We are built to scale.

Can you do this for other streaming sites?

It depends on how well this is doing. I'm planning to add rapidvideo and streamango if this is used a lot.


Thank you for reading…
If you have any questions, I will be here to answer them. :)Outdoor

Openload Auto Uploader Script | NewProxyLists

Yes, I doubt very much that this is the case. It is very obvious when you upload remotely open load links to openload. It is instantaneous, which suggests that files are not copied and that the same file is simply assigned to multiple accounts. When a DMCA occurs, the actual file is not deleted, but that specific link is deleted. When you think about it, this is the logical and most efficient way to do it.

I can not confirm that this is really 100% of the case, but this has been my experience to remotely load 700 OL OL links in OL, publish them on several popular sites and, after a week, I only got 19 DMCA links. If it works the way I suspect, Openload will never confirm it because it is illegal if you do not really remove the copyrighted material.