miui – In Phone call, Microphone goes mute when opening any game. (Tried denying permissions, still facing)

Using Poco F1 (miui global 11.0.8). I abruptly go into mute when I boot up any games while in a normal phone call. This doesn’t happen in other apps. As I said, I tried denying microphone permissions for the game (Phone permission wasn’t required in there). Experienced this issue in Call of Duty mobile, Head Ball 2, etc., Is Game Turbo has anything to do with this issue? I can still hear them while gaming, whereas I’m muted until I exit the app (cries in embarrassment). I’d appreciate any help.

unity – Console spam when opening editor: Assertion failed on expression: ‘txn.Exists(guid)’

I have just opened up a new project in Unity 2019.3.04b – and in the console I got an error message repeating a lot of times:

error image

In addition, when unfocus and focus Unity, it spits out one more pair of errors (the same errors like in this image).

Anyone knows what it is and how to fix it?

qt5 – QT Creator hangs on opening a file or project

My previously installed QT SDK 1.2.1 was working fine.

Then, I tried to upgrade it to QT OpenSource 5.6.1. It was working fine.
One day, it started hanging on clicking “File—>Open a New File or Project”.

I have reinstalled QT 5.6.1 multiple times, but it still hangs on that.
I tried the same for QT OpenSource 4.9.2 and 5.3.0, but they also show the same issue.

Have attached the screenshot whenever I click on “Open a File or Project”


Please help

macos – I set my startup disk to Macintosh HD. But after opening it, the name becomes “/”

Using the System Preference -> Startup Disk I set my startup disk to Macintosh HD. When I open it the name at the top of its window is “/”. When I open the startup disk using Applescript it opens Macintosh HD, but the name of it becomes “/”. Is this normal behavior? My actual applescript code is this.

  tell application "Finder" to open startup disk    
  tell application "Finder" to get the index of Finder window "Macintosh HD"

But the 2nd line produces the error message

error “Finder got an error: Can’t get Finder window “Macintosh HD”.” number -1728 from Finder
window “Macintosh HD”

if I replace 2nd line with:

tell application "Finder" to get the index of Finder window "/"

It gives me the expected answer of 1.

The image below shows the window Macintosh HD. Notice the name at the top of the window and the name at the bottom of the window. Can someone tell me if this is normal or do i have a problem?

enter image description here

domains – Why my website not opening on certain devices whereas working fine on others?

I recently built a website. I have already bought a domain, a server, and a web hosting service from bigrock.com, but now the website is not opening in few devices and showing the following-

actual image of error

This site can’t be reached

www.crikick.com‘s server IP address could not
be found.


The main concern is that I didn’t made any change to DNS recently, and it is opening and working fine on other devices, I have recently made certain changes in my CSS properties and updated the CSS file in cpanel, after which the problem came in my personal phone and few others but not each and every phone…

Kindly tell that whether it is just for certain time or I need to do certain things for get this going !!!
Please Help
Thanks in advance for the answers…

macos – New Finder windows are opening in tabs when I want them to open in a new window

If I have a Finder window open, whenever I try to open another Finder window it opens as a new tab in previous window. The checkbox in Finder Preferences is not checked. See image below.

enter image description here

I’m trying to learn applescipt and i’m on the part where I open multiple Finder windows. I can’t do that part as easy as it is because all I have is one open window with several tabs. How do I get folders to open in a new window?

If i open my home directory in Finder and then double click on a folder, the folder contents just replaces the earlier window contents.

iphone – Is there a Shortcut app step for activating the Low Data Mode setting when opening an app?

What I am trying to achieve: When I open a movie app, such as Netflix or Shudder, I want the Shortcut app to trigger the Low Data Mode setting automatically, so that the current movie app is now the only app using the wifi resources. (Context: I live up on a mountain, with limited satellite internet resources.) I do this action myself manually, I would love to automate this action with Shortcuts, but couldn’t see how to . Choosing that particular setting wasn’t available as a trigger able option, it seems?

Newform opening blank for a particular SharePoint online list

We are having a list in SharePoint, and for some users what we did is we only gave the Add and View permissions to the users, removing their Edit permissions on the site. So now what is happening is when we login with the same users the new form of a particular list opens blank for that user. The newly changed permissions for the users are working on the other list which I have created recently, means the user is able to view the new form for other list, but it is not working on a particular old list, where we want that user permission to work. We have made the changes for the user permissions on the site level and not on the list level. There are no unique or item level permissions applied on both the lists. Its a strange scenario. Any help would be highly appreciated.

firefox – What can be the risks of opening mdb files in windows using microsoft access?

I do not think Firefox is telling you that “.mdb” files can harm your computer, but rather Microsoft Access is telling you this warning message. A “.mdb” file is a MS Access 2007 and earlier type of Access database file. Every file that is downloaded from the internet and opened by any MS Office application will give a warning when opening the file.

The reason being that, in many MS Office applications you can insert something called “macros” in an MS Office file. Macros are short programs that are written usually in VB Script (Visual Basic), and their intended purpose is to do minute tasks. Since malicious software can also be created from VB, it is possible for a macro in an MS Office file to be malicious code.

For a user that will be using the macros for themselves later, it would not be concern as they themselves were the original creators of the macros. However, trouble comes when opening files from the internet, as the file may contain malicious macros that may infect the computer. Thus, the reason why such warning messages come when opening MS Office files from the internet, with a MS Office application.

error management – Could not establish connection with local server process when opening or making Unity project

Whenever i try to either create or open a Unity project, I get faced with this error.


Does Unity need a proxy server, because I dont have one. (If so, how do I get one?) And
apparently I need to add some environment variables, (HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY and
UNITY_NOPROXY=localhost, what values do i add to these?

Here is the result of the diagnosis:

3 succeeded

❌ UPM registry reachable (FAIL)
Make an HTTP request to the UPM package registry

Connection error. This could be because a proxy is misconfigured.

✅ Ping UPM registry (PASS)
Measure the latency of the UPM package registry API

12 pings made in 5.13 seconds
Average latency: 33.67 ms
Minimum latency: 30.54 ms
Maximum latency: 39.62 ms
Standard deviation: 2.46

✅ Ping UPM download (PASS)
Measure the latency of the UPM package download endpoint

10 pings made in 6.571 seconds
Average latency: 42.90 ms
Minimum latency: 41.31 ms
Maximum latency: 48.30 ms
Standard deviation: 2.16

❌ UPM registry download speed (FAIL)
Test the Internet connection using the UPM package registry

Connection error. This could be because a proxy is misconfigured.

❌ Speedtest.net (FAIL)
Test the Internet connection using Speedtest.net

Connection error.

✅ HTTP proxy environment variables (PASS)
Detect whether proxy-related environment variables are set (HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY, ALL_PROXY, NO_PROXY, UNITY_PROXYSERVER, UNITY_NOPROXY)

Proxy support has been configured through the following environment variables:
HTTPS_proxy = http://www.theredstonewiz@gmail.com:scratch123

❌ UPM health check (FAIL)
Start the UPM process and call its health endpoint

Server started but did not respond to health requests:

How do I fix this?