How can I send images from my Sony Alpha 7R to my mobile without the "PlayMemories Online" application?

I don't want any of my photos in the cloud and the "playMemories Online" application is a complete non-functional garbage (I got 1 star in my app store).

Is there another way to transfer images wirelessly to the mobile phone?

8 – Disable "Operand in maintenance mode. Go online".

The solution for Drupal 7 is to use the following code, according to the answer of How can I disable the message "Operating in maintenance mode? Go online "in maintenance mode?

function mytheme_preprocess_page (& $ vars) {
if (variable_get (& # 39; maintenance_mode & # 39 ;, 0)) {
$ message_count = count ($ _ SESSION['messages']['status']);
if ($ message_count> 1) {
array_shift ($ _ SESSION['messages']['status']);
else {
unset ($ _ SESSION['messages']['status']);

What is the solution for Drupal 8?

I can not figure out how to do it with

Hides / disables the message for everyone, including user # 1.

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It is likely that many people find themselves asking this exact question … and it can be difficult to answer it.

There are many ways to earn money online, but which one will work best for you as an entrepreneur?

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