sharepoint online – Using the column Created gives the right date format, but the time is not correct

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❓ASK – Can anyone sell real gold online as a profitable business ? |

There are few apps in my country selling and buying gold exclusively but only for local people (they ask for national id verification etc). You store your gold “digitally” but if you reach at least 1 gram you can ask for your gold to be sent physically to you for a small fee. It comes with national certification and all. In general the trend of investing in gold seems to be increasing here since few years ago. A lot of e-commerce, marketplace, or even mutual fund apps offer gold cashback.

delta air lines – Showing credit card for international flight purchased with online travel agency

Yes. I do have knowledge about this since I fly Delta internationally a lot from the USA to Ghana and Delta always requests you show credit card for locations like Ghana with reputations for fraud.

If you buy it from the Delta website, it alerts you about the requirement and you have to click a check box in agreement before you can purchase the ticket so you’re aware.

If you bought it from Expedia however, it’s Expedia that makes the payment to Delta and thus you’re exempt from having to show the physical card.

If you’re still uncomfortable after my explanation, you can also go to a Delta office any day before the persons flight and show the card. I did that when I purchased tickets for others directly from the Delta website.

sharepoint online – Deletion workflow that finds the corresponding data in a second list, and highlights the row red

The problem will be that the when an item is deleted action does not provide enough information for locating the item in list 2. Per my test, when the trigger is started, all the value we can get is like below:

enter image description here

So if the ID you mention is the actual List item id, And in this situation, we can say that the list 2 is simply a copy of list 1. If this is you situation now, just use it to get the item in list 2 and update the deleted column value. Use things like JSON formatting to make the row to be red.

If no, you may need to get something else to locate the copied item in list 2, like the name, which is the list item title.

sharepoint online – Can we show Hub Site Navigation on classic pages

I have a modern communication site collection which is defined as a Hub Site. and a classic team site which is connected to the Hubsite. now inside the classic site if i use the modern UI the Hub site navigation will be shown which is fine, but if i have a classic page then the Hub site navigation will disappears.. so is there a way to enable the Hub site navigation on classic page?

How do i get my Bitcoin out off my Offline wallet Bitcoin QT to an online wallet?

I have payed a test transaction, but it’s never confirmed, allready weeks ago. I don’t dear to make a bigger transaction, because maybe that will be in the air also

web development – in-browser / online code editor for teaching?

I’m teaching kids (like in a classroom setting) to make a website in a live-coding type format. I’m sharing my screen, of course, but since kids are prone to syntax errors, I want to publish my code somewhere they can see it and check their own code against and copy/paste if need be (so I don’t have to keep telling them over and over again to check their syntax).

Here’s my wishlist:

  • it needs to be FREE (or at least have a free version that contains everything I need
  • view-only mode (or like codepen pro’s “professor mode” or codesandbox’s classroom mode)
  • it needs to use either textarea, codemirror, or ace so I can use Sublime’s GhostText plugin to automatically “mirror” the code I write in my IDE (here’s a list of the supported editor fields – and do not work)
  • it needs to support a folder / directory structure with multiple files in one place (just like a normal IDE, like visual studio code)
  • there needs to be a link I can share to the students where they can see my code like
  • I do NOT need any of the console / terminal / any extra features
  • it must be online; I don’t want to ask them to download anything – aka no Remote Collab for SublimeText or Visual Studio Live Share or Teletype for Atom)
  • it should update live and automatically instantly (like Google Docs, not every 30 seconds). emphasis on automatically – I shouldn’t have to ctrl+s every 5 seconds.


  1. would be good, but it needs (a) to allow a folder / directory structure with multiple files in one place and (b) a view-only mode so students cannot edit

I know there are a bunch of remote-pairing / coding interview type things, but they’re usually not view-only or it’s only one-on-one. I also do NOT need any audio call / chat features.

I’ve literally looked EVERYWHERE. glitch actually works, I think, but please let me know if there are alternatives. If there’s another innovative solution (like using google apps script to load it into google docs, etc), that could work too. Thanks in advance!

sharepoint online – What happen to items with unique permission, if we should to have their list inherit its permission from the site rather than having unique permission

I am reading this official link inside Microsoft docs @ and the link mentioned the following sentence:-

When a user shares or stops sharing an item that contains other items
with broken inheritance, a one-time push down of that permission
addition or removal is sent to all child items, even those with broken

but based on my test if I have a list which has unique permissions and this list contain items with unique permissions also >> then if I chose that the list should inherit the permissions from its site rather than having unique permission >> then this action will not push down to the items.. where the items will still have unique permissions.. so is the above sentence wrong? or i am missing something?

sharepoint online – Crawling the Link Webpart in 365

I am hoping that someone here can help me with an issue I am having searching the Quick Links webpart within a page. Many of my users have prefer Google Docs to storing documents in SharePoint. They directly link to these external Google Docs with the Quick Link webpart on a page. I hope to change this with governance and future trainings but in the meantime is it possible to use a KQL or managed property to search these links title?
I understand that the content of the Google Doc isn’t searchable but I would love to find a way to use a highlighted content webpart to show all of the* links in one location.

Just for background information I am a Hub owner but I do not have access to the Admin Panel. I have switched on “always index all Web Parts on this site”.

Thank you!

Staff online | Nulled Scripts Download


Displays a block containing staff online.

(Example of Staff online widget)


(Example of User group permissions)



All phrases start with staffonline_ for your convenience.


  1. Download and unzip it.
  2. Copy the src/addons/Andy/MembersRecentlyOnline directory to…

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