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Sharepoint online: change the date as an information path through JavaScript

I have a 2019 sharepoint site.
On this site I want to change the value of the date in the date field that is built with infopath.

I can do this with JavaScript and apparently everything is fine.
but when I press the save button nothing changes, even when I write the date manually.
while when I choose the date of datePicker and press Save, everything works correctly.

please help me: how can this change?

// dtcontrolId is input date id that use datePicker      

var newDate = pyear + "-" + pmonth + "-" + pday;
$("#" + dtcontrolId).val(newDate);

// after it i call OnClilck event

Sharepoint online: list all folders, subfolders and files by name and path

I am using python with the sharepy module to make requests to sharepoint. I would really like to know how to get all the folders, subfolders and files of a sharepoint site through an http request. I can list folders and files like this:

r = s.get(spo_site + """_api/web/GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl('""" + root_folder + """')/Folders""")

But you need to delve into the folder structure to get the URLs and relative names of the files and folders. I think this would be possible considering that most sites have a button to export to Excel. The reason I want to do this with code is because I need to visit a lot of sites. Please help.

Mike Smith's answer answered my question. My code is like this:

r = s.get(spo_site + """_api/web/lists/getbytitle('Documents')/items?$select=FileLeafRef,FileRef&$top=5000)

This works very well, but the limit is 5000 items. I will need much more than this. Is there any solution for this?

A great list of tasks in Office365 SharePoint online

I want to use SharePoint to manage projects. Logically, this means creating a project site by project, but I also need to show all the tasks of the individual projects on the home page of the main site. I want to be able to define a view in the project task list and use that view on the main site.

Document library – The property of the list item & # 39; Content type & # 39; is not updated – SharePoint Online

I have added a content type (and its columns) using powershell to Content Type Hub.
I want to change the content types of all the elements in a document library in a new site collection. First I added the new CT to the document library and then tried to manually change the content type of an item. I don't receive any errors, but the property does not change for some files, for example, .docx or .xlsx, but is updated for a .txt file.
Any ideas on this behavior?
How can I solve it?

GET – Brian Clark – Build your online training business in the smartest way | Proxies123.com

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Brian Clark: develop your online training business in the smartest way


How to build a profitable online training business
Use of proven principles step by step

If you want to get to the point and start selling knowledge online in the smartest way possible, then this course could be exactly what you were looking for.

Because you now have the opportunity to discover the proven principles and techniques that have been used to generate tens of millions of dollars and create dozens of successful online training courses.

And like thousands of others, you can use these strategies to create a profitable training business. No exaggeration, no high pressure sales tactics and no unscrupulous activities.

In fact, if you find it attractive, you can even begin ethically to build an online empire while remaining completely behind the scenes.


It all comes down to understanding the principles proven over time at the intersection of instructional design and digital marketing. In short, it's about building a business, not just creating a course.

In this case, you are an entrepreneur and teacher.

When you change your mindset and play the role of a teacher who helps students gain access to the knowledge benefits they want and need, then every part of their business naturally fits.

Thinking about your role in this way also leads to long-term clients who trust you and will buy you again and again.

Also, ignoring this simple concept will probably lead you to bang your head against the wall, trying to find out why others succeed while you get stuck.

Here we show you how to master the crucial skills you need to build your own online training business

Now, you may think that you need to obtain a university degree to master this unique form of instructional design that has marketing directly in the course. It certainly sounds intimidating.

But as you will see, you can learn the basics quickly and easily and use them to position yourself as an influencer and create a profitable training business in any market in which you decide to enter.

In fact, here is a small list of the different markets that you could enter with this system:

Real estate
Legal advice
Online marketing
Training for writers
Canine training
Health and Beauty
Relationships and love
Professional education

And many many more …

Almost any market you can imagine will respond positively to a well-positioned business that focuses on providing the benefits of knowledge, rather than a boring set of lessons.

Sounds interesting? Well, it's the exact system that Brian Clark has taught for a decade. And success story scores over the years show that it works.

This is how the course will work for you:

When you join, you will have access to a series of 6 modules designed to give you everything you need to create your training business.

These modules include videos, transcripts, worksheets and a comments section to ask questions and interact with your classmates.

Here is a brief description of those 6 modules:

MODULE 1: 5 key concepts for online entrepreneurs
In this module, you will build the mental bases to create your business in the most intelligent way.

First you will find out exactly what traits a market must have in order to qualify as a "good opportunity" (this ensures that it will not fire in the foot before starting).

Next, you will understand the idea that "good teaching is great marketing."

Now, you should know that there are only a few courses that teach you to think about marketing this way. (In fact, this could be the only one).

Many courses focus on giving quick "flash in the pan" tactics that lead to quick cash rather than strategies that lead to a profitable, viable and sustainable business.

These mental bases are powerful because finding new clients costs a lot. (Even more as the online training space expands).

Then, when you build a real and continuous relationship with your market, you automatically stand out from the crowd as a reliable and knowledgeable source of valuable knowledge.

This means that you can spend more to acquire a customer because you will stay longer. It will also build an incredible reputation over time and create a loyal tribe that respects and appreciates the work it does.

All this means that you will finally create the freedom and flexibility of lifestyle you want.

MODULE 2: Designing your course
This is where the rubber hits the road.

Module 2 will show you how to take those key concepts from Module 1 and start formulating a practical plan and strategy.

Here is a small sample of what you will discover in Module 2:

How to take your own knowledge and package it in a product to sell online
How to use the knowledge of other successful subject matter experts in their courses
One way to create a product, without creating it yourself.
How to find unmet needs in markets that you are passionate about
Why greater competition is a good thing and can facilitate your success
Why "junk mail" could be the most valuable and useful information you can consume?
How surveys can provide meaningful data (and why most people prepare for failure and frustration when using surveys)
Three questions to ask to reveal the benefits of your course
6 ways to position your course so that it is desirable and different
Why should you NOT focus on creating online courses if you want to create a profitable online training business?
The principles of instructional design and how they link marketing and education.
How to use the "empathy mapping" process to connect with customers' central desires
Have you fallen in love with the "myth of andragogy"? It could prevent you from being an effective teacher unless you reprogram it
The 5 critical principles for creating effective learning environments (ignore them at your own risk)
Why you should always be selling, even after you have made the sale
How to find the benefits of your functions
The four most powerful "final benefits" you can always rely on to form a deep and powerful connection with your audience
Specific benefits: Most adult students will not bother to learn unless I show them exactly what they will learn and how it will benefit them
And more …
Once you have an idea of ​​how to research your market and position your course, it is time to decide how you will be paid.

MODULE 3: Business models
Module 3 explains 10 possible business models, with examples.

In the "End of Days" business model you will discover the trait that your target market must have in order for a recurring revenue business model to work for you.
With the "Affiliate Marketing Squared" business model, you will hear how you can sell many products without creating a product. (In fact, if you choose to create a product, this business model can allow you to give 100% of the purchase price to affiliates and still earn money).
The "Ghost Teaching" business model will allow you to sell expert advice in a niche that knows almost nothing (in a totally ethical and intelligent way).
Do you want to be paid for your advice? The "Generation A" business model gives you the enhanced authority you need to create a lucrative business based on coaching, consulting and workshops.
What would happen if I could receive a substantial bonus in advance for creating a product? The "Take The Summer Off" business model is a super easy way to do it by teaching a live course, recording it and then selling it later.
If you decide to use the "Strategy of driving a horse to the water", you can leave most of the work to another person and get paid reference fees just for allowing other professionals to "drink from your current."
Many times you can create a greater impact (and more revenue) through the organization of live events, and if done correctly, you can even give online training solely to generate leads for your live events. The "Business Model formerly known as Prince" will explain this strategy in depth.
Do you want to make money going on vacation to a tropical place? The "Velvet Rope" business model will allow you to do so by forming a group of high-level experts.
The "Free Prize Inside" business model creates a differentiation in the minds of your market because it combines education with a "primary product" and the two work together to create a more valuable customer experience (this even works when primary products are sold at extremely high prices). sensitive markets "commodified").
Finally, you can combine the best of both worlds with a live online event that promotes a recurring course or membership. The "Virtual Reality Strategy" is probably the fastest way to catapult yourself to having a "cult following" and instantly establish yourself as an influencer worth paying attention to. (Additional benefit, it is very fun to organize and execute!)
The reason we offer you 10 different and unique business models to choose from is because they are all effective.

At different points in the construction of your business, you will want to use different models. Then, instead of having to buy a new course, or search online for guidance, you will have a guide on how to develop each different model in one place. This means that you can save time and money in the future, which ultimately means that you are more likely to succeed.

Naturally, you will have to focus on one at the beginning, and after going through this module, you will have a deep understanding of which business model is right for you.

When you have that understanding, you can go on to create your minimum viable Product and try it.

Which, of course, is what our next module teaches you to do.

MODULE 4: Test your course "MVP"
This module teaches you the best way to avoid failures.

In fact, 90% of people who fail to create an online training business do so because they do not understand how to prove the viability of a course before creating it.

(If you've ever tried to create an online course before and got stuck along the way … or thrown into crickets … then you probably never learned this simple concept. Which is fine as long as you get it now.)

Naturally, you want to make sure that your course produces profits before you spend a lot of time creating the content.

This module will show you how to do it.

You will discover how the information about the information establishes the demand for the product itself.

Once you have established the claim, you can prove your minimum viable course and ultimately create something great while being paid to do so.

Of course, you are probably wondering how you attract your first group of students. We will show you 3 forms at no cost or low cost so you can find your initial customers.

The first method works if you have already worked and created your own audience.

The second method explains one way that you could potentially spend $ 1 and recover $ 10. This will also build your list and help boost your audience.

The third method involves connecting with other people who have access to your audience. (Note: this method will only work if you configure your course in a specific way. Otherwise, the influencers will hesitate to partner with you).

Finally, you will also learn the art of setting the price of your course correctly for the MVP stage. As you will see, you choose the price completely differently than you would choose for the actual launch.

After you have launched your MVP, you can move on to Module 5.

MODULE 5: Content Development
Once you have money in your pre-sale pocket of your course, it is time to create the content.

The good news is that you have already done most of the research in Module 2, so it won't take long.

However, you want to make sure you really achieve this part of the experience for your customers. Because this is the core of instructional design. When you really educate people (and involve all their brains in the process), you build trust for a lifetime and this means that you get more back-end and subscription revenue.

That is why we have accumulated a lot of knowledge in this module. It includes a huge 47-minute presentation completely about the art of instructional presentation. (Which will also help you to be a better public speaker and teacher in all aspects of your life).

After this module, you will feel confident in your ability to provide exceptional training to all who purchase your courses.

Then, all you need to do is find a group of buyers.

What do you learn in Module 6.

MODULE 6: Launch and commercialization
So now you have a product with proven demand and it's time to start marketing and scaling.

Once again, we will let the needs and desires of your customers determine your launch and marketing strategy.

Clearly, there are dozens of ways you could start an online course.

But learning them all would be a big mistake and a waste of time.

Instead, this module will give you the simple and effective steps you need to take. The videos will enable you to create a truly irresistible offer that makes your students feel they are getting the best end of the deal and at the same time impel them to act now.

(Note that at this point you have already validated the idea with the MVP, so you can start climbing and start generating some important income).

You will also learn the keys to effective writing, so that you can write more persuasively and urge more readers to take action.

Finally, you will discover how to build and leverage relationships with other vendors so you can access your lists and grow your business without spending a lot of money on advertising. (This is probably the fastest way to scale a business on the planet and you will see how easy it can be when you approach it with the right foundation and the right mindset).


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hourmining.online Hourmining online – HYIPs

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sharepoint online: how to display a value by clicking on a row in the table

I am a beginner with sharepoint and typed, I have a table and I want that when I click on a line, a result is displayed, should I do it with javascript? Or is there a way to do it with typing? My problem is there, I don't know if I have to enter Javascript for this type of action or typing has its own method to do it
this is my table

  private _renderList(items: ISPList()): void {

let html: string = '';
html += ``;
items.forEach((item: ISPList) => {
html += `


html += `
`; /* html+= `
  • ${item.Question}
`;*/ const listContainer: Element = this.domElement.querySelector('#spListContainer'); listContainer.innerHTML = html; }