online sharepoint: how to restrict app-only permissions to a site

In registering an Azure app under API Permissions, I added Sites.Read.All AppOnly to allow my app to access SharePoint resources through Graph.

How do I restrict this permission to apply it to a single site collection?

My app only needs to access this collection of sites and it would be irresponsible to request access to anything else (least privilege principle), and it is unlikely that any customer admin will allow it.

So, I need to restrict the permissions of the app service principal, but where / how do I do that?

Online Sharepoint: can we grant the same permission to multiple groups via MS workflow

I want to grant read access to multiple groups through MS workflow. Below is the URL I'm using to grant access. Currently, this API URL is granting permission to only one group and I have 5 more groups, instead of making 5 more visits to the API, I was wondering if there is any way to do it in one go.

URL: _api / lists / getByTitle (& # 39; Test & # 39;) / items (ID) / roleAssignments / addroleassignment (principalId = 84, roledefId = 1073741827)

online sharepoint: how to provision site assets with PnPProvisioningTemplate

I'm trying to include company-wide images in my team site provisioning on Sharepoint Online. I would use an organization resource library, but my Sharepoint topography is based on Hub sites without any site being part of a single site collection. I'm not sure if it is possible to include images in a provisioning template, but here is the current command I am running to try to achieve this.

Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate -Path SiteTemplate.xml -ResourceFolder '.resources' -ClearNavigation

My file structure looks like this:

root (folder)
    resources (folder)

My Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate correctly adds the Company Assets folder that I have included in the template group site. The Company Assets folder on the template site also has the images MyImage1.png and MyImage2.png inside it.

Any help or guidance you can give me is greatly appreciated, thanks.

email: are there online apps to manage pop3 accounts in bulk?

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Online sharepoint: how to apply different site layouts according to field in a list when site is created

I don't know who to turn to for this answer and I'm sure someone has the answer. I have 5 different site layouts that need to be applied when creating the site. Each site layout is linked to my site's build list and I already have Azure settings working from the list. My problem is that if the site is a project, it needs a site layout type applied if it is a different service.

I don't know how to do this. I am using the flow successfully to create the site in Azure, but how do I apply the site design package for each of these different site types? Please help me understand how I can do this through Flow.

Before suggesting PnP, I don't know how to use it or configure it to use it.

Thanks in advance.

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online sharepoint: create a new element in modern experience

I have a list that explicitly uses modern experience.screenshot of list experience settings

The create and edit view is also configured to open in a dialog box.
dialog settings screenshot

Still, every time I create a new list item, it opens on its own page in the classic experience. This poses a problem since one of the required fields is a location column, and when I fill in that field and submit it, I get a validation error about a Invalid JSON primitive.

Interestingly, the authoring view worked fine through the sidebar dialog last week and since then I haven't changed anything other than a column format.

Is there a way to force Sharepoint to use the dialog again? Or at least correctly add my location field via classic view?