online resources – Is there a hotel search engine that would let me search for ski-in/ski-out rooms?

This year I’ve purchased two skiing passes and could travel to most ski resorts in America without paying extra for lift tickets. For optimal experience its always best to book a ski-in/ski-out hotel room or chalet, but most of them are quite expensive – far surpassing the costs of the flight ticket.

Is there a hotel/apartment search engine that would let me select “ski-in/ski-out” in the amenities filter? I can find such places in Google search but its not very efficient as I’m trying to find the cheapest offers around the US.

sharepoint online – Calculated Column and File Name ‘Title’ Field

I uploaded more the 2000 images files to an SP document library.

When I checked the ‘See Details’ under the file name property options, I noticed the actual name of the file appears in the “Name” field, but not the “Title” field. Why did SP add the name one place and not the other; especially if the content of “Title” is what an SP calculated column defaults to for calculations; which is my issue.

I now want to create a calculated column but the formula doesn’t work because there is no data in “Title”, and “Title” is the only column name option given to me when creating the calculated column.

The question also being asked, “why can’t I see/access ‘Name’ column” in the column options when creating the calculated column? That would fix everything.

Please advise.

enter image description here

sharepoint online – Power Automate – Select single item from Get Items

Here are the steps that I would follow:

  1. After (Get Items) action add a (Compose) action
  2. Execute the Flow and examine the output from the (Compose).
  3. Copy the output of the (Compose) into clipboard
  4. Add (Parse JSON) action and use the output from step 3 as sample data to generate schema
  5. Add addition actions like another (Compose) action to verify the Parse Data.
    Properties should be available from the Dynamic content.

To get a particular item’s property, you can use the expression shown below.
Here (0) indicates the first item in the (Parse JSON) output, which is an array, and (‘LastName’) is a list column (property).


enter image description here

Here is an article
describing how to work with JSON in Flow

sharepoint online – Moving files from OneDrive to Teams via Powershell

While it is possible to move files between Teams sites and between OneDrive users, it does not seem feasible to move files from Teams to OneDrive and vice versa, using Powershell.

The restriction is happening due to the domain differences between OneDrive and Teams.

OneDrive URL:

Teams URL:

After connecting to one of the above you are only able to use relative URLs with the Move-PnPFile command and will be unable to point to the other domain.


Connect-PnPOnline -Url
Move-PnpFile -ServerRelativeUrl "/teams/MyTeam/Documents" -TargetServerRelativeLibrary "/personal/user_domain_com/Documents/"

Will throw an error due to not locating the target.

How can we transfer files between these domains in the same organization without downloading and uploading files to/from a local disk?

sharepoint online – Remove html and js file from Filter item display template

I have a custom filter and search item Display template in the Master page Gallery. I want to delete them using Code behind before i add the new js files. How to get the master page Gallery library from Code behind ?.

Should i be {sitecollection}/_catalogs/MasterPage or any other way to get the library ?.

list – SharePoint Online – Show column description or full column name when hovering the column header

We currently have a SharePoint list that has quite many columns, with describing column names making the column names take up quite a lot of width. Many of them get cut off in the middle of the name, since we’re trying to save some space so the users doesn’t have to scroll too much horizontally. See picture below:

enter image description here

If you change to grid view, you get a tooltip displaying the full column name when hovering the column headers. See picture below:

enter image description here

Is it possible to achieve something similar in the “normal” list view? Either where you get a tooltip with the full column name or the column description. Similar to the grid-view.

sharepoint online – How to enable Modern Experience for new site home page?

Apologies for this basic question. I recently created a new Team Site and would like it to use the Modern Experience. However, the home page for the site seems to default to the classic experience, even though the other pages use to the modern experience (see screenshots). I would ideally like all the pages to use the modern experience so my users aren’t confused by the switches.

So, how do I change the Home page to use the modern experience?

Also, is there a setting I can update in SharePoint Admin so the home page of new sites defaults to be Modern Experience?

I tried Googling this, but couldn’t find any perfectly clear answers (this Q&A seemed to suggest that you have to make a new site page and designate it as the homepage, but that seems roundabout to me: Set Modern Page as a Home Page). Thanks!
Classic Experience Home page

Modern experience page

sharepoint online – Quick Launch Links hidden behind the page

The Quick Launch links in modern Team site are hidden behind the page at a certain length, It does not show all the Link text but when you go to the Site Settings page, the link text in the quicklaunch is wrapped.

Please any solution for that problem??

sharepoint online – Power Automate – Get DisplayName from People object as text

I’m using a Get Items action to fetch a list that includes people as one of the columns. Now I need to get the display name of those people as text to put in another field. I’ve tried numerous approaches but no matter what angle I come from I can’t seem to isolate just the display name. I can get the entire People object, but I can’t then break it down and get its properties. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?