Create custom auto increment ID in SharePoint online

I have a list in SharePoint where I need to have an automatic incremental custom ID when creating an item. I know the SharePoint list already has a default ID, but I need my ID to be customized with a code.
Example: my ID should appear as AMS-0001

I have a solution, but it provides the same ID every time a new item is created.

Any idea how to do it?

online sharepoint: columns do not count correctly

Then I got this example:
enter the description of the image here

The green value should show 01:00:00 but no. I think the formula I got was "ROUNDED" in some way (I got the code online). And I need this code so that the value can exceed 24 hours. I tried to delete "ROUND" in the code but only got syntax errors.

IF(INT(Minuter/60)<10;"0"&INT(Minuter/60);INT(Minuter/60))&":"&IF(ROUND((((Minuter/60)-INT(Minuter/60))*60);0)<10;"0"&ROUND((((Minuter/60)-INT(Minuter/60))*60);0);ROUND((((Minuter/60)-INT(Minuter/60))*60);0))&":"&TEXT((Ärende påbörjat)-(Ärende inkommet);"ss"))

Can somebody help me?

Sharepoint online: I am trying to add a parameter as an ID to a URL in a SP.UI.ModalDialog popup window

It seems that I am hitting a wall making this work.
I can make the ModalDialog pop-up window work, but I've spent many hours trying to figure out how to pass a parameter to the dialog box.

The goal: Is to have the ProductID field to use a parameter

The question: For some reason
When one or both lines of the following code are in the code, the button to open the dialog boxes stops working.
These 2 lines

args: dialogArgs,

dialogReturnValueCallback: onDialogClosed,`

The previous two when the code stops the operation of the button.


my dialogue message

Once that works, what code should I use for the dialogue, please?
Thanks in advance.

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SharePoint Online multiline with append – JSON format

In SharePoint Online, I have a column of several lines of text that has a marked appendix.

with JSON

Instead of displaying "View entries" in a multi-line text column with just add markup, will all entries be displayed or only the last entry?

enter the description of the image here

I am trained in JSON only answers.

sharepoint online – Megamenu and powershell

Is there a way to have a modern SharePoint Online list that I can use to make item entries in the SharePoint Megamenu through powershell?

The SharePoint list has:

URL – name of my SharePoint page that I would like to appear in the megamenu

AD groups – security groups applied to the page

It is active – check mark to indicate if I want this entry to be displayed in the menu or not

Menu – the title in the megamenu where I want my entry to appear below

sharepoint online: column formula error that prevents the creation of subsites

When I try to add a subsite in the classic SharePoint online view, I receive: "Sorry, something went wrong. The formula refers to a column that does not exist. Check the formula to see if there are spelling errors or change the non-existent column to an existing column. "Thoughts?

Sharepoint online: how to retrieve the set of terms in SPFX to use in a drop-down selection?

The easiest way is to use the PnP reusable controls taxonomy selector. If you want to do it in the properties panel, you can also use the PnP PropertyFieldTermPicker property controls.

Both controls are relatively simple to add to your project and you can use the links above to see how to add packages, import declarations and examples of how to use them.

Even if those controls are not exactly what you are looking for, they are completely open source, so you can borrow the code and see examples of how it was done.

usa – Is it possible to get a prescription in the United States while I am abroad using an online medical service?

I am going to travel to the United States as a tourist and I take a prescription drug that cannot be stopped, due to the complications and the risk that I am not allowed to enter the country, I wanted to explore the option of obtaining a prescription within the USA UU.

Could it be possible to do so before entering the United States?