Is it possible to send a token from or to several addresses in Omni with a single transaction?

Simple question but I could not find the answer anywhere. Is there anything like using various inputs and outputs in Bitcoin?

tether – assets Omni and Bitcoin

I realized that sometimes people re-unite omni assets to new bitcoins. For example, if someone had bitcoins and then got other bitcoins and omni assets that were linked to these bitcoins. And then, this person recovers these bitcoins assets that he got in his bitcoins that he had had before.

Is there a special meaning in such a thing?

doublespend – How does the double expense of bitcoin affect the omni sets?

I have a question about omni layer and bitcoin double-gas. I would be very grateful if someone answered.

Suppose I made a transaction tx_1 in the bitcoin network from the X address to the Y address and one of the outputs and its amount (546 satoshi) of bitcoin were linked to the amount of N of the omni asset (for example, Tether). So I simply sent ownership of omni asset from the X address to the Y address. Then I bounced this amount of N with another amount of satoshi, which I had had before sending Omni tied with 546 satoshi in tx_1 to this address. And then I sent this amount of omni asset to another address Z doing transaction tx_2. Then, for some reason, transaction tx_1 was canceled (double expense). And I have a question in this case omni assets will belong to the address Z or X?

How to list one-way transactions in omni layer

I want to do something like what omni explorer does (
You can list all the transactions of a given

How to integrate the Tether USDT payment (Omni layer)?

I am trying to integrate the USDT payment method (Omni layer) in my application, like

Can anyone help me answer my questions?

  1. Is there a public node to work with the Omni layer (such as Infura or for ETH and BTC) or do I have to configure Omnicore to use it?
  2. What is the "standard" JSON-RPC client to work with the Omni layer (since OmniClientJS is currently not maintained)?

Thank you.