Install an older version of MacOS onto an external drive without USB installer?

I want to install Mojave onto an external drive, using a Mac that has Catalina as its current OS. The Mac is old enough to run Mojave.

A specific form of this question has been asked before, to which the answer is “create a USB installer disk”.

I’m wondering if it might be possible without this workaround. Firstly, it requires the purchase of a USB stick. Catalina now requires just slightly more than 8GB, so I need a 16 GB stick at least. Admittedly, these are cheap and plentiful.

But I already have loads of 8GB sticks and the alternative to buying another bit of hardware is to sacrifice a 500 GB USB drive, which I already have, to become an installer medium.

However, creating an installer disk involves the createinstallmedia command line tool inside the MacOS installer app bundle. There are also several other tools, including: startosinstall, which yields the following info:

Usage: startosinstall

--license, prints the user license agreement only.
--agreetolicense, agree to the license you printed with --license.
--rebootdelay, how long to delay the reboot at the end of preparing. This delay is in seconds and has a maximum of 300 (5 minutes).
--pidtosignal, Specify a PID to which to send SIGUSR1 upon completion of the prepare phase. To bypass "rebootdelay" send SIGUSR1 back to startosinstall.
--installpackage, the path of a package (built with productbuild(1)) to install after the OS installation is complete; this option can be specified multiple times.
--eraseinstall, (Requires APFS) Erase all volumes and install to a new one. Optionally specify the name of the new volume with --newvolumename.
--newvolumename, the name of the volume to be created with --eraseinstall.
--preservecontainer, preserves other volumes in your APFS container when using --eraseinstall.
--usage, prints this message.

The internals of the tool suggests that there’s also a --volume flag to set the target drive, but using that option just flags a usage error.

While there’s nothing entirely helpful here, and I can’t find any other usage options for the several other tools in the app bundle, I’m still hopeful that there’s a way of doing this via the command line.

So I thought I’d ask, even if it’s just to get a confirmatory “No; duplicate”, because the benefits to the community of getting a method would be large.

Using Apple Pencil as a stylus with older unsupported iPads

I have a bunch of old iPads lying around which are still in pretty much usable state. They are all from the era when Apple Pencil didn’t exist.

I am looking to use one of them as a whiteboard in Zoom meetings so that I can draw quick diagrams in the Notes app and show them to the participants by sharing the iPad screen.

I am wondering if an Apple Pencil gen 1 or 2 can be used as a simple stylus to draw diagrams in the Notes app? I am fine as long as I can draw with the Pencil in the Notes app and none of the other Apple Pencil specific features work.

I do not have an Apple Pencil to try it out myself, but this is something that could work, I am willing to invest into getting one (especially gen. 1 as that can be charged without an iPad).

Here are the model of iPads that I have along with the version of iOS running:

  1. iPad 2 running iOS 9.3.5

  2. iPad mini 4 running iOS 13.5

  3. iPad Air 2 running iOS 13.5

Canon: What older non-AF lenses can fit my EOS 550D EF-S mount?

I have a Canon EOS 550D and would like to use old, cheap but good lenses. I don't mind autofocus for this and I am aware that there will be a clipping effect (therefore mainly looking for 24-35mm fixed lenses).

Initially I would have liked to buy an AR-EF adapter to use Konica Hexanon lenses, but the adapter does not allow infinite focus.
I also read that Canon FD lenses don't work very well for the same reasons.

What are some good lens systems for which there is an adapter for my EF-S mount and it gives me the full focus range?

Thanks for any advice!

[ Dogs ] Open-ended question: Is it an abuse not to take an older dog to the vet when he is sore a day after playing very hard?

[Dogs] Open-ended question: Is it an abuse not to take an older dog to the vet when they are sore a day after playing very hard?

Java – How to use an older version of Gradle in Eclipse?

I need to use an older version of gradle in the eclipse, the version 2.5 To be more specific, how can I uninstall the current version and install this old one?

adb: how to batch delete files older than x days from multiple folders on internal storage

I have several media folders (Whatsapp, Viber, etc.) that fill my internal storage. I am trying to find a method to batch delete all the files in these folders that are older than a certain date.

Possible solutions I've found so far include WebDAV, SimpleExplorer, Tasker, ADB, but most of these pages are a few years old. Wondering what others suggest would be your preferred method these days?

I've also seen various methods (all with different pros and cons) for mounting an MTP device with a drive letter, and then I can run the batch file from the PC.

I don't know if running a batch file from the device itself is an option, but that would also be fine.

7 zip – How to archive files older than 7 days with 7-ZIP – command line

Can anyone help archive files using 7z commands older than 7 days? For example, in RAR we are using set ARCHIVE_FILE_OLDER_THEN = -to5d and how about in 7Z?

REM Exclude file types for archiving
EXCLUDE_FILES_TYPES=-x!*.rar -x!*.zip -x!*.7z

REM Delete files after archiving

REM Archive files only older then days
Set TODAY=%date:~4,2%-%date:~7,2%-%date:~10,4%-%hr%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%%time:~9,2%



usability testing: is it effective to test color palettes and changes on older monitors?

Does anyone here try color palettes or changes on older monitors? Someone at one of our design review meetings suggested doing this, and curious about the thoughts of other UX designers.

When updating our platform's design, changing the gray zebra stripe background fill to a slightly lighter gray for less stripe contrast, someone at one of our meetings suggested I get one of the really old monitors that we had on the site, to test the change and make sure it doesn't lose too much contrast.

While I don't mind doing it, I don't understand how that would be very effective. There are many types of old monitors, and the calibrations can vary between monitors, old or new. Sure I test in this particular scenario for the monitor I have to test with, but it still doesn't cover all other possible scenarios with other monitors and calibrations. I think a more effective strategy is to adhere to the W3C web content accessibility guidelines, including minimal contrast between text and background. I also test our color combinations with the Mac Sim Daltoism app, which tests all the various types of color blindness to see how colors appear on the page with each type.

Fellow UX designers: thoughts?

Site Health says I am running an older version of PHP even after upgrading to 7.4.4

There is an error that appears in "Site Health" that says I am running an older version of PHP. After updating to the latest version, I keep getting the error. Is there something I missed?

Is it possible to delete files older than x days in a sharepoint folder using powershell?

I am looking to run a script every night to delete zip files older than 7 days. In Documents I have a folder called folder1 and inside that folder there are subfolders that contain zip files. I have seen examples of sites / lists but not folders. The following cold will return:

But I would like to recursively delete all zip files in folder1 that are older than 7 days.

Try {
   #Setup the context
   $securePassword = ConvertTo-SecureString $SPOnlinePassword -AsPlainText -Force
   $Context = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext($SiteURL) 
   $Context.Credentials = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SharePointOnlineCredentials($SPOnlineUserName, $securePassword)

   #Get the List
   $List = $Context.Web.lists.GetByTitle($ListName)

   #Define CAML Query to Filter
   $Query = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.CamlQuery
   $Query.ViewXML = "

   #Get List Items
   $ListItems = $List.GetItems($Query)

   Write-host -f Green "Number of List Items Found:"$ListItems.Count
   write-host $ListItems.Name
   #Get Each Item's Created Date
   $ListItems | ForEach-Object { Write-host ("List Item:{0} was created on {1}" -f $_("FileLeafRef"), $_("Created")) }

   foreach ($item in $ListItems) {
Catch {
   write-host -f Red "Error:" $_.Exception.Message

Edit: I have the above code working until I received & # 39; Error: Exception calling "ExecuteQuery" with "0" argument (s): "The operation has timed out".