dungeons and dragons – Are there any descriptions of the casting of Identify in official writings?

I am making a list of how my wizard would cast spells, specifically using the components supplied. Sometimes this is pretty obviously a joke which I can play upon, but sometimes the components don’t really make any sense (to me at least).

Identify (D&D 5e) specifically calls for a 100gp pearl, and an owl feather. My understanding is that previous editions had the same components, albeit the pearl was consumed. I can’t see what this is meant to represent, and designer intent is off topic, but I am aware that there are multiple novelisations of various D&D realms; none of which I have read.

In these novelisations, or any other official sources (including sources which were once official and no longer are, cannon, comment or otherwise), is there a description of someone casting Identify using the components?

I don’t care if it is forgotten realms or any other setting, don’t care the age of the information or what edition it was originally intended for, nor do I care if it is divine magic, arcane magic or any other source – as long as a pearl and owl feather are involved. I am mostly interested in the ritual casting of the spell, but the quick casting using the components is also of interest as I can extrapolate a ritual from that, and bonus points for both!

Are airport car rentals always open until the last flight has landed, regardless of the official working hours?

Recently I had a flight to Kona/Hawaii that arrived at 10pm. The local car rentals all appeared to close at 10:30pm and there’s now a secondary COVID test in Hawaii that can take up a lot of time, so I’ve decided I’ll just get a taxi and come back for the car the next day. But to my surprise, I saw a car rental shuttle at 10:45pm and was in fact able to pick up my car. Their employee told me that they’re always open until the last flight has landed and picked up their luggage, so their hours vary.

Is this the case for all airport car rentals, at least in the US? Can I always book a car without worrying about my flight being delayed?

Is officecdn.microsoft.com.edgesuite.net an official Microsoft server?

Is the following file served from Microsoft servers?


Just want to make sure it’s safe to download.

dnd 5e – Is the gelatinous ice cube familiar from the “D&D Celebration 2020” event official?

It is Adventurers League-eligible for Season 10 and legacy characters.

This September 2020 tweet by the D&D Adventurers League account states that the Celebration legacy awards are eligible for use with Season 10 and Legacy Characters:

“Legacy Awards” have been spotted in the wild, during D&D Celebration!
They’re cute and cool! But we realize the name itself is confusing and
that will be addressed soon.

If you found any, each cert is available for a season 10 or Legacy
player character. Your choice!

For other games, ask your DM.

For other games, obviously, ask your DM. The oblex spawn is significantly more powerful than all of the usual options for find familiar. It is not normally a valid familiar option, as this certificate is not official D&D 5e rules content.

Is the Gelatinous ice cube familar official?

During the D&D celebration 2020 a new option for a familiar was revealed in the form of the image below.

I assumed it was official material because it was produced directly by wizards event though it does not appear in the the latest book (Tasha’s cauldron).

Is there any official word on if the 2020 celebrations material is legal in; adventure league, ordinary games or essentially homebrew?

enter image description here

dnd 5e – Is there an official Forgotten Realms map for D&D 5e?

Official stuff is always on dnd.wizards.com, especially on their Faerûn page.

So there is Faerûn and in it we find the towns:

  • Neverwinter (yes, the Neverwinter from Salvatore’s Drizzt Books, Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2, the MMO and finally the MMO Neverwinter)
  • Baldur’s Gate (Yes, the one from the PC games BG, BG2, BG:DA, BG:DA2, the Clark & Athans novels)
  • Icewind Dale (which again, has one and another PC game, and a Book trilogy).
  • Waterdeep (from Eye of the Beholder and a novel)

But not yet the map… But wait! There is it! The official map in its very own article, a bit hidden! Here, ready for download! For FREE!
But wait, where’s all the info? Oh, Do you want to know MORE! Is that map too tiny? Do you want it laminated and with more info? Run to your shop and get the Sword Coast Adventure Guide!

Wait, you need special maps for Storm King’s Thunder? Why didn’t you say you in the beginning? HERE! The official one for this module, with a MAP on the inside! You’re missing the module yet? missing what it is about? Wizards can help! Really? You want me to tell? In short: … it’s a D&D Module! Yes, yes, I know, I am evil, but I do no spoilers!

Year and day later…

Apparently Mike Schley, the artist of the Tomb of Annihilation, ALSO provides maps for the forgotten realms in an official function (as prints & downloads) via his own website. On that page, you surely will find the Faerûn sub page, but I am nice and link it.

community official site – How do you transfer ownership of a Drupal contrib module to someone else?

You can either:

  • Open an issue on the Drupal.org project ownership queue, asking to make the new project owner a user on drupal.org that you know be willing to become the new project owner
  • Open an issue on the same queue, asking to make the new project owner the maintainer who did more commits or who was more active in following and answering the project issues
  • Open an issue in the same queue, stating you are seeking for a new project owner, using Needs maintainers as Component value

Once you open the issue queue, the procedure will be handled by Drupal.org site moderators.

As alternative, you could simply set the Maintenance status field of the project to Seeking new maintainer and (eventually) the Development status to No further development. Users who need the project, and who are able to develop code for a project, seeing you set that status, could ask to be the new project owner or maintainer, if they are interested.

Finally, if you think you won’t maintain anymore a project hosted on drupal.org and you won’t use Drupal, you could delete your account on drupal.org. Authenticated user are now able to delete their account on drupal.org, for any reason they could have.

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Blood Hunter 5e latest 2021 guide | Is it an official class? [duplicate]

Anyone, please help me tell you about this question. I need this answer quickly.

Why stack exchange official app is not available in playstore now?

I’ve been using Stack Exchange after a long time. Previously, when I created my account, stack exchange had an official app in Playstore.
But now I searched for the app and couldn’t find one. I clicked the link from stack exchange blog to download the app but it’s also broken. Where’s the official app?