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bookings – Ticket for Paris Saint-Germain vs. Lyon soccer match: Official second-hand resale not started yet?

I will be visiting Paris on the day of the PSG – Lyon soccer match on Sep 19. I would like to attend the match, but currently only tickets for the next match of PSG vs. Clermont are officially on sale second-hand at the PSG Ticketplace https://billetterie.psg.fr/en/. Is it because the later matches are too far away in the future? Or does it mean that I won’t get a chance to buy second-hand tickets for PSG – Lyon via the Ticketplace anymore? A quick search doesn’t seem to turn up relevant information.

If there is still a chance, when should I visit the website again to find out if second-hand tickets are on sale?

Alternatively, it seems that I might be able to register for a MyParis membership and buy the combination tickets Lyon + Montpelier or Lyon + Angers https://billetterie.psg.fr/fr/offres/4c32b705-d8b6-11eb-89cc-0050569ec809/paris-lyon. I wonder if I would then be able to resell the other ticket later via the official platform, since I would have already finished my trip by then.

Official COVID vaccination documentation from the USA

I’ll be traveling to Ukraine next week. One of the requirements for traveling to Ukraine are

  • negative result of PCR test for COVID-19 (validity 72 hours); or
  • a document confirming the receipt of a full course of vaccination against COVID-19 with vaccines included by WHO in the list of approved for use in emergency situations; or
  • a rapid test for the SARS-CoV-2 antigen (RAT) (validity 72 hours)

I received my vaccine some time ago, but only got a slip of paper from the vaccination facility – no official documentation. Is there an official document that I should be obtaining, or does that slip suffice?

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Where can I find a list of ALL official metamagics?

Yeah I need a list to help me unravel this abomination, found in the spoiler dropdown.

Uber Damage
Spell fusion: Lesser Orb of Acid (1d6/level-> 9d6)
Metamagic applied: Energy Substitution-> force
Braid spell + Twin Spell + Dual Spell (base spell X 16)
Heighten Spell (goes from level 1 to level 9)
Elemental Lattice (ES-> force) 9d8 + Acid Lattice (ES-> Force) 9d6 + Lightning Lattice (ES-> force) 9d6 + Thunder Lattice (ES-> force) 9d6 + Unholy Lattice 9d8 (targeted creature(s) that are good take -2 on saving throws against this spell) + Ice Lattice (ES-> force) 9d6 + Chaos Lattice 9d8 (-2 to lawful creatures) (72 dice base)
Empower + Enervate + Exaggerate: multiply total damage dice by 1.5 two times, +3 targets, +3 damage/die. (162 after EEE base) after total spell multipliers (16216) 2592 total dice of damage which through exaggerate grants a bonus of 7776 damage in first casting.
Base Damage: (27d8 + 30d6)1.51.5=> 61d8+67d6=>590, after all multipliers (890
Maximize + Corrupt + Violate + Forceful + Quicken Spell (Half the damage is negative energy, half vile, all forceful)
Repeat Spell + Echo Spell*
Initial round damage=22016 vile unholy force damage. Forceful metamagic feat causes the affected creature to be knocked prone if failing the DC of the spell (29).
Repeat spell recasts the spell in whole automatically (including all applied metamagic feats), Echo spell stores a recasting of the entire spell to be recast later without usage of a higher spell level.
Total damage from one casting is 44032, each casting grants two echoes of the spell. Each echo cast grants two new echoes.
Initial usage’s total rounds to rest 8 mins. There after none for all subsequent uses through Echo Spell. Because the spell is quickened it is a free action to cast with the Echo spell.

This lists a number of metamagics I didn’t even know existed I want to make sure that this functions by RAW, so where can I find an at least mostly complete list of metamagics and their effects? Thanks in advance.

iphone – How can I browse or search any alert tones (notification sounds, contrary to ringtones) in the official store other than those ~50 displayed up front?

When I open the “ringtone store” directly from inside the iPhone settings for ringtones, there is a special section available for alert tones, rather than ringtones (which will end up in the “alert tone” list in iOS if you purchase them, rather than in the ringtone list where ringtones will end up).

But there are only around 50 such alert sounds listed there (and most are soundbits from contemporary movies and similar, rather than your classical alert and notification sounds), and I cannot for the life of me find any way to expand this list? To make things even worse, when using the search feature in this store, the results never contain any alert tones at all, only ringtones?!

For a company that has seemingly locked down any possibility for users to add their own custom alert tones (or haven’t they?), this seems even more crazy, so I’d be super happy if someone would tell me that I’m just blind and/or stupid, and that there is after all an easy way to both browse and search for lots of more alert tones in Apple’s “tone store”?

gui – Why doesn’t ubuntu have a release for an official command line interface?

To summarize, the main advantages of a command-line interface include:
If you know the commands, a CLI can be a lot faster and efficient than any other type of interface . It can also handle repetitive tasks easily. A CLI requires less memory to use in comparison to other interfaces.

Why doesn’t ubuntu have a release for an official command line interface along with its other interfaces?

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dnd 5e – Is this Generalist wizard balanced compared to the official subclasses?

Is this Generalist Wizard balanced compared to the official wizard subclasses?

The intent is to make a wizard that, instead of focusing on any particular school or application, just gains more knowledge of and control over magic, the wizard equivilant of the Champion or Open Hand subclasses.

Arcane Expert:
At 2nd level, you gain proficiency in Arcana if you are not already proficient. You add double your proficiency bonus when you make an Arcana check.

Rogues and Bards can get expertise in Arcana, so its probably balanced for Wizards to do the same.

Expanded Memory:
You have studied magic so much your mental capacity to remember spells has increased. Also at 2nd level, when you prepare spells, you can prepare an additional number of spells from your spellbook equal to your proficiency bonus.

A wizard gets at least 44 spells by level 20, and usually much more from copying. They can normally prepare 25/44+, and this raises it to 31/44+, so this is at most a 24% improvement.

Ritual Master:
At 6th level, you gain the ability to record any spell with the Ritual tag into your spellbook, regardless of if it appears on the wizard spell list or not. You can cast any spell with the ritual tag as a ritual if that spell is recorded in your spellbook and you have your spellbook on you. Whenever you gain a level in this class, your 2 free learned spells can still NOT be ritual spells not on the wizard list.

Note that this does not give any ritual spells immediately, and they must be found during the wizard’s adventures and gameplay, giving them a gradual increase in mostly very situational utility spells

Cantrip Mastery:
At 10th level, the easiest spells become even easier for you. As an bonus action, you can choose one cantrip from any spell list. You learn that cantrip and can cast it using your Intelligence modifier until you use this bonus action again. You can use this ability twice, and you regain all uses when you finish a long rest.

This is very similar to the 10th level cantrip for the job UA Artificer feature, at this level the wizard has 5 cantrips anyway, so this just adds utility, but is very flexible.

Through tireless study, you have trained to control the Weave to the point you can sometimes control, through great effort, two spells at once. At 14th level, if you are concentrating on a spell, you can now cast a second spell that also requires concentration. If you do so, you immediately suffer a number of levels of exhaustion equal to the sum of the spells’ levels. Levels of exhaustion gained in this way can only be removed via long rests. If you fail a check to maintain concentration, both spells end. You cannot use this feature if you are somehow immune to exhaustion. You cannot concentrate on a third spell.

Being able to concentrate on multiple spells is extremely powerful, and is supposed to make up for this subclasses lack of combat helpful features the other subclass’ have. However, I believe it is balanced because rest-only-curable exhaustion is a very high price to pay, and since 6 levels of exhaustion is death, only 5 total spell levels can be concentrated on at once. This does allow free concentration on 2 cantrips at once, however there are only 6 cantrips that require concentration, only one of which (create bonfire) does damage, and one of which is the worst cantrip in the game, True Strike.