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sharepoint on prem – Error when opening Office documents from library through native client

We have a strange error on a Sharepoint 2013 farm since a few days. Opening documents using any native Office 2016 client (e.g. Word) does not work anymore. It shows the error below and they do not open at all. The documents can be opened in Web App mode however.

“There are network issues stopping us from opening your document. Please try again later.”

enter image description here

Any idea ?

microsoft office – Hiding installed software via GPO

I’m wondering if it’s possible to restrict certain groups from being able to see if software is installed. We distribute Microsoft Office licenses via AD group, and would like users that are only licensed to use the web app versions of the various office products to be unable to see the installed version. We don’t want to simply blacklist the software, as that will mess with file associations and would generally be confusing for the end user. Ideally the machine appears as if no office products are installed at all for these users.

I had a bit of a look online and in the Policy Editor but wasn’t able to work out if this is possible, or how one would go about it.

Any help is muchly appreciated, thanks!

office 365 – Microsoft Forms quiz can’t have Add “Other” option

I try to create a Microsoft Forms quiz with a question that has some fix choices and should have an Other choice with a text input.

At first I have already created a form in Microsoft Forms, and it had the choice, I was confident that a quiz can do this as well:

enter image description here

As I need to score the questions, I had to change to a quiz.

Surprisingly, the quiz looks a tiny bit different:

enter image description here

It looks that quiz can’t have the Add “Other” option (I’d guess, forms and quizes use the same engine under the hood so it could handle the ‘Other’ option)

I found this thread about the misterious disappering of the Add “Other” option in the recent version and some very vague effort to find it inside the rendering issues of the browser pages (what…?):

Try the tab button on your keyboard (it is the one often marked TAB on
your keyboard usually above the caps lock button, might just have left
and right arrows on it) to move from one box/field to the next until
you get to the bottom then you should see the Add option

According to them, Microsoft hid the button and it can be found on the page if you are lucky and persistent. Did they find the Add option button which was already there?

Can you tell if there is still hope to add a question with the Add “Other” option and with points?

ms office – Word for Mac – Missing Documents in file locations settings – cannot set default folder for saving documents

Q: How to set the default folder for saving a Word document when the option is missing in File Locations?

I want to set the default path or folder for saving Word documents. However when opening Settings and clicking on File Locations there is no option to set a folder for Documents. It is missing and I cannot add it. Logging in as an admin doesn’t change it.

missing Documents option in File Location settings

exchange server – Accessing In Place Archive of a Shared Mailbox in Office 365?

I’m currently working on a way to get access to the content in an in-place archive on a shared mailbox.

We currently have a client who has a former employee’s mailbox converted to a shared mailbox. It was previously on an E3 subscription and had an in-place archive enabled but the license was transferred to a new employee. I can still see on the web portal and via Powershell that the in-place archive is still enabled and present but we are having trouble accessing it online.

Is there any way to access it via OWA or in some other way?

office web apps – Wopiframe.aspx – SharePoint 2016 – Redirect user to correct location

This issue has been reported many times before but none of the work around works for me.

Scenario : User opens a document in office web apps from a document set. When the user want to go back and click on the link (marked as yellow in picture below) in OWA, they got sent to wrong location.

enter image description here

Following are the articles explaining the problem and possible solutions but non of them worked for me.

Redirect user when document closes in office web apps?

WopiFrame – how to set the URL behind the Exit menu?

Any more suggestions?


microsoft office 365 – How can I set-up a domain in Azure and use Exchange Server services there?

I’m currently raising a startup company that’s using an ISP’s services. All we have at this time is IMAP for e-mail. And we’re using JIRA/Confluence.

I want to migrate us to a comprehensive infrastructure, using domain accounts for our Windows 10×64 machines, e-mails, shared calendars, shared contacts (i.e. Exchange Server features), Azure DevOps, MS Teams, SharePoint etc.

I did some research, but I couldn’t find any information explaining on how to do that, particularly regarding using Outlook 2019 with Azure. When it’s about Azure AD, I only find information on how to synchronize a local domain to Azure, but no information on how to easily utilize Azure as a replacement for a domain controller.

As a start, I would need to know what to do in order to create a domain on Azure (i.e. using Azure as a domain controller), migrate our domain name to Azure AD and to get Exchange Server features running in Azure, so we can use Outlook 2019 on their machines.

office 365 – Cannot save changes when creating Custom tiles for O365 App Launcher in admin panel

i have came a cross a problem which is very mystical to me. I have be trying to create custom titles of Dynamic365 shortcut link to all users on Office365 portal landing page. I have a link do Dynamic365, i have name, link to icon which is 60×60 .jpg and Description set, but for some reason i just cannot save changes, the button is just grayed out. Can some one tell me, what am i doing wrong here? This should not be this hard as soo you have all this values set so, this is so odd.

I have been trying to test it in other tenant i have, but same thing.

office 365 – How to automatically create a public link from onedrive?

I m using Office 365 E3.
I know such thing can done from the web Interface, but in my case there are 100000 files in the folder I want to share.
I also can t share that whole folder, since I want only files with the .sst extension to be public. And the directory layout is managed by a third party application (using the api) which means I can t just move them by type to an other directory without rewriting the application from scratch.

How to generate a download link accessible from command line tools without a Microsoft account for each files?
The output should be a list of file names along their download link for each of them.