sharepoint server: the SP list cannot be obtained with an additional parameter in the URL

I am able to recover the List name of a document library with the following Document Library:

However, I found the following error for the following List:

The difference is the additional /Lists/ component in the 2nd URL.

Below is my code snippet, may I know how I can address this problem?

$web = Get-SPWeb $baseUrl

$RDlistName ="RecordsDocument"    //success
$FPlistName ="Lists/FilePlan"     //failed
//$FPlistName ="FilePlan"         //failed

$RDlist = $web.Lists[$RDlistName] //success
$FPlist = $web.Lists[$FPlistName] //empty value

Write-host List Name: $RDlist     //success
Write-host List Name: $FPlist     //empty value

online sharepoint: items from the list cannot be obtained when the list of items in the list exceeds 5000

As the title says, I am using pnp js in an online SharePoint list:

Here is my code:

 let list = sp.web.lists.getByTitle("Resource Projection");
 let query = `Quarter_x0020_Num eq ${currentQ} and Period_x0020_Year eq ${year}`;
 list.items.filter(query).getAll().then((items) => { /removed }

Here is an error:

Uncaught (in promise) ProcessHttpClientResponseException: Error making HttpClient request in queryable: (500) 
at new t (

The code works if I delete items from the list. But when it gets full, it throws that mistake.

Please help.

ggplot2: r code cannot be obtained to display% s and colors for grouped bar chart

I have searched so many fragments of sample code online, but for my life I cannot understand what I am doing wrong. I have included the r code below that gives me this graphic:

r unsatisfactory graph

In general it works, except:
(1) I cannot have it show% s instead of counts (for the "doctorate" factor variable), and
(2) The colors for "group" appear in the legend, but not in the bars themselves.

Can someone help me please? I'm sure it's very simple, but it's not joining for me: /

pg_doc <- %>%
  ggplot(aes(doctorate, group = group)) +
  geom_bar(aes(y = ..prop.., fill = group), stat="count") + 
  geom_bar(position = position_dodge(preserve = "single")) +
  scale_fill_manual(values=c("grey45","goldenrod2")) +
  theme(legend.position = "bottom",
        text = element_text(color="black"), #for x & y axis text labels
        axis.text.x = element_text(color="black", size=10, hjust=1),
        axis.text.y = element_text(color="black"),
  ggtitle("Highest degrees attained by leadership")+
  scale_x_discrete(labels= c("Other", "Doctorate"))


Google spreadsheets: update of cells obtained by IMPORTRANGE ()

I have two Google spreadsheets. Spreadsheet B obtains data from spreadsheet A using IMPORTRANGE:

=IMPORTRANGE("url", "tab!A1:JB19")

What I want to achieve is to be able to write about recovered data within Spreadsheet B, for example, to edit the chosen cells. Unfortunately, when I try to change even one cell, all IMPORTRANGE data disappears.

Is there any way to edit the data obtained from another Google sheet?

Functional analysis: how to discard theoretically obtained trivial solutions?

I am interested in the following: suppose one has theoretically demonstrated the existence of a solution $ u = u (x_1, …, x_n) $ of some pde. I wonder how you can prove that the solution obtained $ u $ It is not trivial, which means that it is not constant or depends on all the variables $ x_1, …, x_n $. What are the main techniques to try that kind of thing?

I asked this in mathexchange but I didn't get an answer. Thanks in advance, any response is welcome.

sharepoint server: the correct result is not obtained when you run the PowerShell script provided below

I have written the code below, but the output is repeated for 37 times. Can anyone help me find where I am wrong?

$ site = Get-SPSite -Identity $ Url
$ root = $ site.RootWeb
$ bu1web = $ site.OpenWeb ("Bu1")
$ listRequest = $ bu1web.Lists ("Requests")
$ requestitems = $ listRequest.items

    if($listRequest -ne $null ) 
        foreach($requestitem in $requestitems)
            foreach($workflow in $requestitem.workflows)

                foreach($history in $historys)
                    if(($history("Description") -eq "No User/Group assigned to the task.") -And (($workflow.InternalState -eq "Running, Faulting") -Or ($workflow.InternalState -eq "Cancelled, Faulting")))
                            #Write-Log $("Request ID:"+$requestitem("ID") + "--WorkFlowName:" +$workflow.ParentAssociation.Name) $logFile "info"    
                            Write-Log $("Request ID:"+$requestitem("ID")+"--Status:"+$workflow.InternalState+"--Event Type:"+$history("EventType") + "--Description:" +$history("Description")) $logFile "info"           
                }#end of foreach workflow loop
        }# end of checking if workflow associations count is greater than one
    }#end ofRequest list null check

Thanks in advance

Lubuntu 18.04.3 LTS: A separate Openbox cannot be obtained when logging in after installing it

Lubuntu: Openbox installed in Lubuntu 18.04.3 but you cannot get a separate session when you log in. To install Openbox I run: sudo apt install openbox obconf obmenu and it completed successfully. I restarted the computer, but there is no login session for Openbox, just my usual login on LXDE. I expected to log in to Openbox and continue from there with the configuration.

Not all field values ​​are obtained in Powershell CSOM Sharepoint 2016

I have created a PowerShell script to get details of the file / folder size of the Sharepoint site.

However, I cannot get all FieldValues ​​from listItems. I am getting values ​​for $ listItem.FieldValues ​​("FileRef"), $ listItem.FieldValues ​​("FileRef") etc., while when I am trying $ listItem.FieldValues ​​("File_x0020_Size") or $ listItem. FieldValues ​​("EncodedAbsUrl") I get nothing. In CSOM, we can include the required property in .Load, I'm not sure how to do it in Powershell. Thanks in advance

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
Add-Type -Path "C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server 
Add-Type -Path "C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server 

function retrieveListItems($_web)

    Write-host "Processing Web :"$_web.URL

    foreach ($list in $listCollection)
        $weburl= $ctx.Web.ServerRelativeUrl
        $listUrl =$("{0}{1}" -f $ctx.Web.Url.Replace($ctx.Web.ServerRelativeUrl,''), $list.RootFolder.ServerRelativeUrl)

       if($list.Hidden -ne "true" -and $list.IsCatalog -ne "true" -and  $list.BaseType -eq "DocumentLibrary")

            "{0}`t{1}`t{2}`t{3}`t{4}`t{5}`t{6}" -f $list.Title, $list.BaseType, $list.RootFolder.ServerRelativeUrl,$list.Title,"EnterSize", $list.LastItemModifiedDate, $list.ItemCount | Out-File -FilePath $outputFile -Append 
             Write-host $list.Title

            $listItems = $list.GetItems((Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.CamlQuery)::CreateAllItemsQuery())

            foreach($listItem in $listItems)

               # $sizeMB = "{0:N2}" -f (($listitem("File_x0020_Size"))/1MB)  
                 #Here I am getting $sizeMB=0
                 #Here I am getting $length=0

                #Here I am getting $sizeN=0

               #check if ListItem is Folder or File
                if($listItem("FSObjType") -eq 1)
                    "{0}`t{1}`t{2}`t{3}`t{4}`t{5}`t{6}" -f $listItem("FileLeafRef"),'Folder',$listItem("FileRef"),$list.Title,$sizeMB,$listItem("Modified"),$listItem("ItemChildCount") | Out-File -FilePath $outputFile -Append
                    "{0}`t{1}`t{2}`t{3}`t{4}`t{5}`t{6}" -f $listItem("FileLeafRef"),'ListItem',$listItem("FileRef"),$list.Title,$sizeMB,$listItem("Modified"),$listItem("ItemChildCount") | Out-File -FilePath $outputFile -Append

    if($_web.Webs.Count -gt 0) 
         foreach($subSite in $_web.Webs)


         $size = GetWebSize($subSite)  
         $sizeMB = "{0:N2}" -f (($size)/1MB)

           "{0}`t{1}`t{2}`t{3}`t{4}`t{5}`t{6}" -f $subSite.Title, 'Site', $subSite.ServerRelative,'',$sizeMB, $subSite.LastItemModifiedDate, $subSite.ItemCount | Out-File -FilePath $outputFile -Append 
    $_ | Out-File -FilePath $logFile -Append


function GetWebSize ($web)      
(long)$total = 0  
foreach ($folder in $web.Folders) {  
    $total += GetFolderSize -Folder $folder  
return $total  

function GetFolderSize ($folder)  
(long)$folderSize = 0   
foreach ($file in $folder.Files) { 
    $folderSize += $file.Length;  
foreach ($fd in $folder.Folders) {  
    $folderSize += GetFolderSize -Folder $fd  
return $folderSize  

function generateSiteDataReports

    $siteCollectionUrl= Read-Host -Prompt "Enter Site Collection URL"

    $Username =  Read-Host -Prompt "Enter userName: ";

    $password = Read-Host -Prompt "Enter password: " -AsSecureString ;        

    $logFile = "$PSScriptRootlog.txt"

    if(Test-Path $logFile)
        Remove-Item $logFile

    $outputFile = "$PSScriptRootSiteReport.csv"

    # Remove existing output file
    if(Test-Path $outputFile)
         Remove-Item $outputFile

    "{0}`t{1}`t{2}`t{3}`t{4}`t{5}`t{6}" -f "Title", "Object Type", "URL","ListName","Size", "Modified", "ItemCount" | Out-File -FilePath $outputFile -Append
    $ctx=New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext($SiteCollectionUrl);
    $ctx.Credentials=New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential($Username, $password);


    #Get Web Size
   # $size = GetWebSize($ettkundWeb)  
    $sizeMB = "{0:N2}" -f (($size)/1MB)  
   # $sizeGB = "{0:N2}" -f (($size)/1GB) 

    "{0}`t{1}`t{2}`t{3}`t{4}`t{5}`t{6}" -f $ettkundWeb.Title, 'Site', $ettkundWeb.ServerRelativeUrl,'',"Enter FileSize", $ettkundWeb.LastItemModifiedDate, $subSite.ItemCount | Out-File -FilePath $outputFile -Append 

    Write-host "Processing Web :"   $ettkundWeb.URL

    $_ | Out-File -FilePath $logFile -Append



transactions: tx cannot be obtained with gettransaction or getrawtransaction methods

For the answer to this comment

Can you give an example of how to do this in cmd as Pieter said:
-txindex on the bitcoind command line

I make an example for my bitcoin core configuration, I use the -txindex

the command to run bitcoin

bitcoind -txindex

The essential settings of bitcoin.conf

## bitcoin.conf configuration file. Lines beginning with # are comments.

the bitcoind process with -txindex is longer because bitcoind indexes all the blocks within the database, for example, I used an external HDD and in my cases, the process worked for a day

also when the bitcoind is over, you can execute your command, then

bitcoin-cli  getrawtransaction 0627052b6f28912f2703066a912ea577f2ce4da4caa5a5fbd8a57286c345c2f2

You will have this result


Oracle: write a sql query for the name of the youngest student (s) of the "Computer Science" department along with the total qualifications obtained by him (them) ".

They gave me a table of student data and I have to write a question for the following:

Retrieve the name of the youngest student in the "Computer Science" department
along with the total notes obtained by him (them).

The schema of the database is as follows:

deptcode char(3) primary key,
deptname char(70) not null);
rollno number(2) primary key,
name varchar(50),
bdate date check(bdate < TO_DATE('2004-01-01','YYYY-MM-DD')),
deptcode char(3) references depts(deptcode)
on delete cascade,
hostel number check(hostel<20),
parent_inc number(8,1));
crs_rollno number(2) references students(rollno) on delete cascade,
on delete cascade,
marks number(5,2),
primary key(crs_rollno));

I wrote the query as

select name, bdate, sum(marks) from students s
inner join crs_regd c
on s.rollno=c.crs_rollno
inner join (
select name, min(bdate) as bdate from students st, depts d
where st.deptcode=d.deptcode and d.deptname="Computer Science") x
on and x.bdate=s.bdate;

but it gives the error as identifier is too long On the line

where st.deptcode=d.deptcode and d.deptname="Computer Science") x

I think the problem is in joining the union of two tables with two tables already joined as the error points out. Correct me if I'm wrong. If the query is incorrect, report.

Also, if there is a way to write this query, please discuss it. If you need other information, leave a comment below.