Nmap Spoofing NSOCK ERROR and TCP Out-Of-Order

I’ve recently tried out the following nmap command on my Kali Linux virtual machine with Nmap 7.91,

nmap -sS -e eth0 -S

I was trying to perform a SYN scan with a spoofed IP of on to my host computer with WireShark on it. Upon doing it I received this error:

NSOCK ERROR (0.2750s) mksock_bind_addr(): Bind to failed (IOD #1): Cannot assign requested address (99)

Yet, checking on my WireShark, the spoofing works. So I’m kinda confused as to what this is.

Additionally, being new to this, when checking WireShark during scanning, a lot of prompts saying TCP-Out-Of-Order is received. I get that it means the TCP frames sent are not in order, but if a network administrator sees this it be quite obvious someone was scanning. Is there a way to prevent this? Or is this something experienced with using a VM?


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