8 – How do I hide security update notifications for a user with the “Administer site configuration” permission?

8 – How do I hide security update notifications for a user with the “Administer site configuration” permission? – Drupal Answers

How do I find out what app is showing notifications?

Several times a day my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy A51, Android 11) is showing this notification We're having trouble connecting - Check your network connection and try again. If I stay offline this notification will return every few minutes. How can I find out which app is posting these notifications and most importantly how do I get rid of them? Long-clicking the notification doesn’t show anything.

If i save a youtube video as "draft" and then i set it to "public", will the notifications be sent correctly?

I left a video as a draft today, and tomorrow I will leave it as "public"

javascript – Forward (Firefox) console notifications to another device

javascript – Forward (Firefox) console notifications to another device – Webmasters Stack Exchange

Are there Any Apps/ Browser Add-Ons to make " Web App " Notifications or Easy Methods?

Are there Any Apps/ Browser Add-Ons to make " Web App " Notifications or Easy Methods? Say I want to use Google Voice in it’s own browser for isolation. Is there any way to get notifications when I receive a new message or call in their web app?


notifications – Unable to add an app to auto startup – Realme X2

I can’t receive notifications on my Realme phone, unless the app that is receiving the notifications is running in the background.

Recently I installed Google Duo, after Hangouts stopped working, but when I toggle the “Allow auto launch” in “App battery management”, I get the following error:

“To ensure that your phone runs smoothly, auto startup is allowed for
no more than 5 apps in this group.”

What does “group” mean in this context? I’ve tried switching “Allow auto launch” off for other apps in the hope that I would then be able to turn it on for Duo, but I continue to get the same error.

Also; why does an app have to be running in the background to receive notifications anyway?

How to handle efficiently notifications for query searches results changes in elasticsearch?

Each user could save preferred queries. They want to be notified when one item that is the result of these queries is created or updated.
A naive solution would be to execute each queries and check if the updated or created item is contained in the result.
Is there a better way to perform this task ?

popup – Best practice for Web Push Notifications Prompt

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push notifications – Gmail app repeatedly notify for the same email

When I receive an email, there will be a push notifcation from the Gmail app. If I leave it unattended, it will pop up again and again.
I set the sync frequency at every 15 minutes in order to get notified as soon as possible. However, it seems that every time the account syncs, it will notify me about any unread emails. The notification will just keep popping up until I read the email. Is there a way to only notify once for each unread email?
I found something called “Notify once” in the gmail account settings, but not in other accounts’ settings (like outlook accounts).

macros – What’s the best way to listen for Windows toast notifications (and execute rules)?

Are there any ways to listen for toast notifications and execute rules-based actions? My goal is to trigger certain actions when I receive Your Phone notifications, and I know some applications write to the Windows event log, but this one doesn’t seem to be one of them. I know Notification Lister capabilities can be added in VBS, but I’m hoping for an existing program with a UI; I’d rather not write and compile something from scratch, since I’m not a very experienced programmer.

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