applications – Notifications in android studio

I have a question..
I want to display notification at a particular time in background service.. in my app..
E.x. if date is 22 Nov & time is 12 then notification “hi” should be displayed again if time is 1 then also same like that..
How can I do that?
Any idea??

notifications – What is the official name and nature of the panels that are sliding upwards in web browsers

bit of a newbie question maybe. I think the title sums up pretty good what I am asking but, here is a screen capture of the particular type of in-browser panels I’m wondering about

enter image description here

I don’t mean the ones android system shows when there is no default app setup. I mean, in the browser itself. I don’t imagine they are the same are they ?

I’ve seen the Android dev documentation about “SlidingPaneLayout” which sounds similar. Except, the one I’m interested in is not “dismissable” or “resizable”. It actually takes over the flow and darkens the background until the user either selects an option it offers or, swipe kill the browser tab.

Are those part of the webwiew? I’m wondering what term I need to look for in order to get the details about those panels.

Or, if I am wrong in anyway here, maybe someone could just give me a brief explanation? would be much appreciated

Search results on google mostly brought rants about a completely different type of browser notification so I figured i’d try asking here.

Anyways, thank you for reading

adb – Disable Audio Notifications on Android 10

I have a Samsung Galaxy S20FE, running Android 10 and One UI 2.5. Previously on my Galaxy S8 I had the ability to toggle audio and vibration independently for notifications on a per-app basis. This meant, for example, that I could have Facebook Messenger only vibrate for messages, and not chime unless I was tagged in a group chat.

I have spoken to a Samsung representative today, who told me that this feature has indeed been removed. I would like to know if there is a way (using ADB, for example) to forcefully re-enable it myself.

I have done some research which has come up fruitless, and I would appreciate any and all help.

SharePoint Online notifications to external user permission issue

My goal is to enable e-mail notifications to external users in SharePoint online.

This is done with success with admin account. But if a regular user inside the organization want to set up notification for external account she gets an error: “Sorry you do not have permission”.

And if I go to admin account to check the test folder permissions it says “full access” under permission level.

Yes she can ask for permission, and it is request for is groupwebsite (I hope it is understandable translation) and then I have to select from the drop down list but what more can I give after “full access”?

How do I turn off Airpod notifications on MacOS Big Sur?

As of Big Sur, everytime I open or unlock my Mac I get this notification

enter image description here

I don’t need it, dismissing it is a distraction and waiting for it to disappear is an obstruction to getting work done.

How and turn it off so I never get notifications about my Airpods?

Do you use push notifications to improve your conversions?

Hey guys, I am new to the forum but I love all the information that is shared here!

I have a site where I sell my courses for Freelancer work and I am implementing a new Push Notifications tool that has increased my usual conversion%. I know there are some tools on the market but I have found that this one has some good options to develop and that it could work for you and so I want to share a little information about it.

One of the features that I like the most is that you can customize and segment notifications and this is great for Clickbank or Jvzoo offers where we know that images and designs are very important when selling! To segment notifications, users when entering your website are shown a notice where they are asked to select the topic they like the most or the topics where they are most interested, this is great. In addition to this, you can automate the entire process and make integrations with multiple payment platforms, ecommerce, blog, wordpress, etc …

I definitely recommend you give it a try, the platform is called Indigitall

I hope that my first post is very useful for you, if you have things to recommend I would love to see your comments! :cool:


Google Calendar specific shared calendar notifications to public Slack channel

I would like to get my whole team notified in Slack when a meeting is about to happen.

As a team, we have a Google Calendar shared calendar for our team meetings. And we share information in Slack in public channels.

How could I set up the Google Calendar to Slack integration to work so that events that are about to happen are notified in our channel?

It’s easy to set up personal alerts, from my own calendar to my own Slack channel, but with shared calendars and public channels, I don’t find where to set it up.

According to the description of the Slack app, it doesn’t seem to be possible, but maybe there is a way to make it work somehow?

Slack will only sync with the primary calendar for the Google account that you’ve connected.


Thanks for your help.

screen – How to enable an “Always on Display” mode in Nokia 9 for JUST notifications?

In Nokia 9 with Android 10, I set Settings=>Display=>Advance=>Screen timeout to 30 seconds, but I still like be aware when I have notifications waiting to be reviewed.

In Settings=>Display=>Advanced there are Glance view options:

The Glance view settings

The default Glance display duration is 30 seconds. But I like to see all of the notifications which I missed when I wasn’t around my phone, so I’ve changed it to Always on…which got the screen to be constantly on!

True, it’s not “fully” on. It’s a black screen with a clock and battery percentage. But is there any way to keep the screen completely off and only keep the glance screen on if I actually have notifications waiting to be reviewed?

In other words, see how Wikipedia describes what I want:

Typically, an Ambient display solution which turns on the screen only when notifications are present, remains on, but turns off when they are dismissed”

– Always on display, Wikipedia

applications – Stop Notifications when the App is closed

This may be a stupid question since the Android is maybe supposed to work this way, still though I am wondering if this is possible.

Two apps, Microsoft Teams and Outlook are sending the notifications when the app is “closed”. Now i would like for that NOT to happen when the app is closed. Is there any way whatsoever, that i can stop the notifications when the app is “closed”? I understand that the app is probably always running in the background and that until force stop it is never really closed. I am just wondering if I am missing something that can be chosen in the notifications settings that i havent found yet.

Also, i do realise that you can choose the “quiet hours” in the App settings itself, but that is not something i am looking for.

notifications – How to find replies to comments in YouTube?

Having trouble with You Tube hiding comment replies after Notifications is closed from clicking off or clicking another video notification. Example: if you have 5 replies and click on a new video below them instead of replying to each, you can never see the replies again directly and for direct reply.

Is there a way to get these reply notifications again? It seems like you have to go to the comment history ( and then click each possible comment to go to the video and then see it.

But this cannot be the only way since this method is a horrible user interface usage decision. It is impossible to see replies that you miss from a year or more ago since they are many pages down!