big sur – I noticed that my M1 Macs use an Intel process for the screensaver

Whenever I run a screensaver on my M1 Mac, I noticed that this spawns an Intel process called: legacyScreenSaver-x86_64.

Anyone else seeing this? I know the entire system (including all the BSD stuff) is universal binary, so it’s a little weird this is still intel only.

Anyone else see this?

Noticed updating taxonomy terms take a long time and run out of memory

Not sure if it’s related to 5.5, that is what we’re running. But if we go to edit a taxonomy term (say… update the description). It’s been taking a long time. Some investigation reveals that it’s associated with the number of posts associated with the term, about a second per 1,000 posts. And if I have a term with more than like… 40,000 associated posts, after a minute of loading, I get the “There has been a critical error on your website” error. Investigating that revealed that it ran out of memory.

Increasing the memory to 512MB “fixed” the problem. But it really feels like when the task is “Add a period to the end of that taxonomy term description”… to require 512MB to do that seems excessive.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?

Have you noticed Black Lives Matter being straw-manned as communist, anarchist, and rioters when in reality they are none of those things?

I don’t know what they are. Something about being really mad because black people have disproportionately low academic test scores, graduation rates, and employment rates, which has led to high levels of drug addiction, poverty, and incarceration. But I can’t be completely sure with all the noise about the rioting and looting they do.

I noticed a local Facebook Group that I am a member of, does not have any admins or moderators

As the title says, there are no admins or moderators. Facebook Community says, in this case any member should be able to appoint another member of themselves as an admin. The field should be in the right column but in this case, no such option exists.

Is there something I could do? I tried to find an option to fill out and send a contact form to Facebook but I couldn’t find it – everything leads to Community Articles which aren’t revealing any additional info.

connection issues – I use my Samsung a10e for tethering to my Chromebook. Recently, after a recent update, I noticed that it keeps disconnecting a lot

A little bit of more information.

My phone is a Samsung a10e. My Chromebook runs Chrome OS, obviously.

Recently, I had a phone update a few days ago. Now, I’ve noticed that my phone keeps disconnecting at random intervals during the day. It has gotten very annoying, and I’ve tried a lot of things.

A shortlist:

  1. Completely shut down the phone and powered it back on
  2. Restarted the phone
  3. Reset network settings
  4. I tried looking into Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics, but unfortunately, my Chromebook is managed by school admins and they have rigorous blocking measures. I can’t really do many things, so if you suggest something, I’ll look into it, but I probably won’t be able to do it.

So yeah, the school admins control a lot of things and have disabled features that I can’t access. Hopefully, this can be solved on my phone, though.

EDIT: Sometimes when I turn off my phone it disconnects. When I place it down sometimes it disconnects. When I turn it upwards it disconnects. It’s been driving me crazy.

Have you noticed that Tucker and Hannity are pretty much the only ones already reporting the truth on primetime cable news in the United States?

Both are listed as entertainment, opinion, talking heads. So even though I have clicked on them at some point, I have never seen, heard or read what they post. That would be like getting my information from Maddow's, CNN, or almost any of the so-called media today. While they might have something sincere to say. I bet it, like everyone else, is made of opinions and lies.

Have you noticed that the left cannot have an open and honest discussion about Joe Biden's victims without his agencies?

1. Ivana Trump – Rape, 1989. Trump's ex-wife testified under oath that Trump raped her violently.

2. Unnamed Child – Rape, 1994. Trump repeatedly raped a 13-year-old boy in the New York penthouse of his pedophile friend and peer, Jeffrey Epstein.

3. Jill Harth – Rape, 1997. Trump violently assaulted and raped Harth at Mar-a-Lago.

4. Jessica Leeds – Sexual assault, late 1970s. Trump groped her on an airplane.

5. Kristin Anderson – Sexual Assault, early 1990s. Trump raised his hand up her skirt.

6. Cathy Heller – Sexual Assault, 1997. Trump shook her hand, then pulled her close and tried to kiss her repeatedly.

7. Temple Taggart McDowell – Sexual Assault, 1997. She won the Miss Utah pageant at age 21. Trump approached her backstage and tried to grope her and kiss her.

8. Karena Virginia – Sexual Assault, 1998. Trump grabbed her arm and touched her chest, insulted her when she resisted.

9. Bridget Sullivan – Sexual Assault, 2000. Trump entered the dressing room of a beauty pageant where Sullivan and other contestants were naked, then proceeded to fumble for her.

10. Tasha Dixon – Sexual Assault, 2001. Again, Trump entered the locker room while the contestants were naked and ordered the women to flatter him.

11. Mindy McGillivray – Sexual Assault, 2003. Trump grabbed her by the butt while photographing an event in Mar-a-Lago.

12. Rachel Crooks – Sexual Assault, 2005. Groping for Trump while working as a secretary at Trump Tower.

13. Natasha Stoynoff – Sexual Assault, 2005. On the first anniversary of his marriage to Melania, Trump fumbled for Stoynoff when he appeared for an interview in Mar-a-Lago.

14. Jennifer Murphy – Sexual Assault, 2005. After being "fired" from The Apprentice, Trump fumbled for Murphy and offered him a job in exchange for sex.

15. Ninni Laaksonen – Sexual Assault, 2006. Another contest winner that Trump fumbled for without consent.

16. Jessica Drake – Sexual Assault, 2007. Drake was an adult film actress, and Trump groped and kissed her without consent.

17. Cassandra Searles – Sexual Assault, 2013. Winner of the Miss Washington pageant, Trump stroked and kissed her without consent.

18. Summer Zervos – Sexual Assault, 2016. Trump groped her and kissed her in a hotel room during the presidential campaign.

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Have you noticed how defensive liberals are getting on Biden? They reject any criticism of him. Why?

Trump supporters are making up lies about Joe Biden, because they are losing a lot in every part of this nation and they are afraid. They have no other way forward than to simply lie. But it won't work, because we have Joe's back. We will win.

httpd – Have other sysadmins noticed an increase in the 408?

Recently we have detected an increase of ~ 500% in 408 that hit one of our httpd web servers.

This is not a slowloris or another type of two, since these 408 are all of the IPs of our users, who use our system normally. The increase in the 408 increased slowly in recent weeks.

We have done some analysis and we believe that these requests are browser preloads (opening connections to our web server, but not sending headers). Browsers do this if they think you may click on a link to load the page faster (TCP and TL handshakes already done)

Has anyone noticed an increase in 408? Does anyone know of any recent updates to the operating system or browser that could have caused this?

Has anyone else noticed that the coronavirus is mainly in liberal states?

Public defecation is primarily a problem in San Francisco, not in other liberal areas, and since the virus is not transmitted through feces, it is an irrelevant fact.

The virus began to appear mainly in liberal areas because those are the areas with the most international connections. It first appeared in the United States on the west coast, in cities like Seattle, San Francisco, in Los Angeles, where there are relatively strong commercial links with Asia, where the outbreak began. It also recently appeared in New York, which is also an important international trade center with links to Asia. The disease has been slower in many red areas because these economically depressed and socially isolated regions of the country have fewer international contacts. There aren't many people flying between China and North Dakota, for example, or between China and Arkansas.