windows 10 – How do I paste the Kleopatra signature into Notepad and then email so I can send it for clearsigning by a trusted time stamp service (e.g. Stamper)?

I downloaded a zip file from with all my articles in it and signed it using a passphrase protected keypair generated by Kleopatra of Gpg4win.

When I signed the zip file called “medium-export(1)” (Type: “Compressed (zipped) Folder”; Size 284 KB) while it was still in the downloads folder of Windows 10 a new file called medium-export(1).zip (Type: “OpenPGP Signature”; Size: 1 KB) appeared in the downloads folder. The latter would seem to be a detached signature.

I want to send the signature to which is a free trusted time stamp service to have it timestamped (I was thinking of pasting it as text into an email in clearsign mode).

Stamper seems to work when I send it messages for clearsigning so I thought I’d send it the signature generated by Kleopatra. But I can’t seem to find the signature anywhere as text. When I click the signature file I get a statement saying signature verified. I don’t think I can send a file to Stamper; it has to text AFAIK.

I tried opening the signature file with Notepad but was only able to get unfamiliar symbols.
My question is: how do I paste the Kleopatra signature into an email so I can send it for clearsigning by a trusted time stamp service (e.g. Stamper)?

is there some basic text editor like Notepad++ for Ubuntu that supports emmet/zen coding?

I would like to use emmet/zen coding on Ubuntu but I haven’t found any simple text editor that supports it preferably with easy to install way. A plugin for Geany (which is pretty similar to Notepad++) is very old and hard to install. Are there some other editors?

Notepad++: Add leading zero(s) to lines but up to 9 digits

I have these numbers

I need them to be exactly 9 digits and if any is not then to add a leading zero
So the result that I am looking for is this


Could you pls help out?

notepad++ – Regex Parsing: Copy the content of one html tag to another html tag

I have this 2 html meta tags:

<meta name="description" content="Example"/>

<meta property="og:description" content="I love my car mostly."/>

I need to copy the content of the first meta tag to the second meta tag, as to become:

<meta name="description" content="Example"/>

<meta property="og:description" content="Example"/>

XSD Generator for Notepad++ Or Visual Studio Code

Is there an xsd generator from an XML file for notepad ++ or visual studio code?

Text replacement in Notepad++ – Super User

In random positions of a code with thousands of lines, I would like to pass by a string of the following type:

<h3><a href="/question/index?qid=20210417025215AA5DJNX" class="QuestionCard__title___1DKC-">

where the part 20210417025215AA5DJNX changes from time to time, to a string of this other type:

17/04/2021; 02:52:15

I have Notepad++, but although I have searched Google I haven’t found something similar. Thank you!

macbook pro – Notepad++ unable to run on MacOS

I was using notepad++ which i installed using Wine on macOs. It was working fine till i installed Poor Man’s T-Sql Formatter plugin. It got crashed after that and i am unable to use it afterwards. I tried to reinstall it but no luck. Need someone to assist here.

Automatically export backlinks from template edit with Notepad? — 👉 GSA SEO and Marketing Forum 👈

Good morning,

Im building some kind of automation through python and the thing that bugs me is that i have to navigate to Edit > Options > Automatically export… and select a new location where i want to export the verified backlinks.
Is there any way to set the automated export path using Edit with Notepad and some kind of property that handles the path?

More data… i know that i can export the template anytime i want but i really want it to be automatically exported so i can watch a folder looking for the report of backlinks (in case i want to do another tier or whatever)

Thank you so much!

How do i go to the next line without it adding in a <br/> tag using Notepad++

Every time I press enter to move on to my next line of code, it auto adds a break tag onto the end of my line.
I have tried (ENTER & SHIFT ENTER) and also have browsed all the settings.
How can I get rid of this feature. Not sure if that’s suppose to happen or if theres a setting I can tweak.

text editor – Need a Notepad app for Android

I can connect a mouse and a keyboard to my tablet (USB OTG), using it pretty much like a desktop computer.

I need a Notepad addon, similar with Windows Notepad or Notepad2

No notes, no reminders, no organizer

I don’t need features for reminding me anything, I don’t need to set multiple notes, I don’t need it to help me to organize my life.

Just a notepad program that can open file, edit and then save file to the desired location.

Is there any such application?