webapp rec: search for a free web application for nomination / voting results in php, java or something similar

Looking for a simple (free) web application that can import a list of names from an Excel file, and then be able to select on the fly those who receive a vote to display on the page.

Basically, I import an Excel file of names / organization, and then, depending on the voting in the room (done manually), I can go back and click on the names that are nominated and they would appear live on a web page.

Republicans, who is most afraid of winning the Democratic nomination?

They should be more afraid of Bloomberg. The others have fatal defects.

Keep in mind that Americans, in general, are very superficial people. They don't really want a boy that looks old, one that doesn't look like "everything there," a gay boy or a woman.

If Buttigieg gets the nomination, should he select Bernie as his formula partner and run as "Butt-Bern"?

Actually, electing Sanders as vice president will bring much of his base, which was deactivated and did not vote the last time Bernie lost the nomination. Maintaining Sanders as vice president would calm the concerns of moderate Democrats who see Sanders as a problem of the extreme left and would not vote for him as the presidential candidate. If Buttigieg obtained the nomination, it would not be the worst choice from a tactical point of view.

Of course, they won't do it by that nickname "Buttbern." They just want to get to the office and eliminate Trump. Unfortunately, that will be the natural name for such a couple, partly because of Pete's homosexuality and totally because it is fun. And if it's the other way around, Pres Bernie and VP Pete will still be fun as "Bernbutt".

[ Politics ] Open question: Why does nobody like Beto O & # 039; Rourke? Do I think we should fight for him to win the nomination?

BETO 2020 Apparently none of you understood the joke

[ Politics ] Open question: Will Warren get the dem nomination and beat Trump?

[Politics] Open question: Will Warren get the dem nomination and defeat Trump? .

[ Politics ] Open question: How do Republicans feel when they see so many candidates running for the Democratic nomination?

Elizabeth Warren; Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris, Marianne Williamson, Kirsten Gillibrand; Amy Klobuchar [TagsToTranslate] yahoo

Does Hillary Clinton have the 2020 nomination "locked in" if she wants it?

Did you notice all the talk about "new faces" in Congress and "the most diverse incoming class ever" …?

Have you noticed that many of these "new faces" defeated the Democrats in long-standing establishments …?

Have you noticed that many of them, like Alex Ocasio-Cortez, achieved victory in the primary by competing against everything Hillary represents in the game?