❕NEWS – Nigeria move to regulate Crypto currencies and other digital payment. | Proxies123.com

News update available from primetime news Nigeria as stated that the data collated by chainnalysis on 2020 global Crypto currencies adoption index, Nigerla is ranked to be competing with countries like US, Ukraine, Kenya, China and Russia where Crypto currencies adoption us very significant.

This has prompted the Security exchange commission to Nigeria to encourage the Crypto currency market on ethical and efficient trading acitivites.
The commission is to regulate all innovations, hinged on safety market deepening and provides solutions to problems.

This is signal that Nigeria is on the track to legalise Crypto currencies fully soon.

❕NEWS – Nigeria attract more bitcoin Interest than any country globally. | Proxies123.com

There is no country that doesn’t have their own fraud and others, and how are we sure that most of those transaction are associated with fraudulent practices since there are no stats for it
It’s a presumption based on records,when Nigeria is doing well in one way or another then other African countries will also benefit just as my country has benefited from the Alicko Dangote cement plant which was officiated by the Nigerian vice president.Emphasis is put on the anti fraud policy
According to thepost24.com,Nigeria was ranked as top most scamming country in the world amongst;Romania,Philippines,south Africa,Venezuela,Indonesia,Pakistan,Brazil,China,India and Nigeria topping the list in that order respectively.
Other references
1.cnbc.com-‘Nigerian Prince’ email scams still rake in over $700,000 a year,Thur,April 18 2019 2:38 PM EDT
2.Aljezeera-Us charges 80 people,mostly Nigerians,in $46m internet scam,23 Aug 2019 GMT+3
3.Nairametrics.com-Us secretary of state Michael pompeo has disclosed that USA gov’t has sanctioned 6 Nigerian nationals for engaging in cyber crime against American businesses and individuals over $6m was stolen,Thur Jun 16,2020.

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Filling stations and petrol stations in Nigeria, is there any difference?

No, this is the same thing.

Apparently, according to Wikipedia, the most common name in the world is a filling station:

A filling station that sells only electric energy is also known as a charging station, while a typical filling station can also be known as a fueling or gas station (United States and Canada), gasbar (Canada), gasoline stand or SS(Note 1) (Japan), petrol pump or petrol bunk (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh), garage, petrol station (Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and Ireland), service station (Australia, France, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and United Kingdom and Ireland), servo (Australia), or fuel station (Northern Europe and Israel).

This is probably a naming preference/incosistency on the map.

Nigerian Citizens – Travel from Nigeria to Bahamas, avoiding transit in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada

The FlightConnections.com website is pretty good at answering these kinds of questions. Playing with it, it looks like you could do it on three flights as follows:

  • Lagos or Abuja to a Schengen airport (Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt) or Istanbul;

  • From there to Havana or Panama City;

  • From there to Nassau.

No airline serves all of these flights, so you may need to purchase multiple tickets. If you do this, be sure to leave enough time between them. I am also not sure what the transit visa policies of Turkey, Cuba or Panama are with respect to Nigerian citizens; But I do know that the Schengen area will require that you apply for a transit visa in advance.

Please note that FlightConnections.com can be misleading regarding which non-stop paws actually exist. For example, the map appears to show Turkish airlines flying non-stop from Istanbul to Panama City, but the Turkish Airlines website shows that this is a direct (not non-stop) flight with a stopover in Bogotá. Similarly, the flight from Istanbul to Havana is non-stop, but the return flight from Havana stops in Caracas.

How can I get a Botswana visa from Nigeria?

I am from Nigeria and work in cars that plan to move to Botswana. How can I get the visa?

download the nigeria penal code pdf

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The criminal network attracts women from … Download quote Share Download full text PDF Trafficking of people for the purpose of sexual exploitation from Nigeria … under the Dutch criminal code on persons …

fronts [87] Nigeria is also a member of the International Criminal Court, and … Create a book Download in PDF Printer-friendly version In …

tldb / pdf / Montenegro_ Criminal_Code.pdf (Criminal Code 2003 … 2.1) – Penal Code 1990 (http: //www.nigeria-law.org/Criminal%20Code%20Act- …

as in other states Nigeria [ edit ] The Law of the Penal Code (chapter 29 of the Part … Create a book Download in PDF Printer-friendly version Languages ​​…

To understand the tragedy of development and the challenges to democracy in Nigeria, you must face the problem of corruption … Download the full text in PDF Political corruption in Nigeria … established procedure and code of conduct or social … for form a criminal union that …

firearms, in particular the 1979 UN Code of Conduct for law enforcement officials … a subcontractor of Shell Nigeria and a criminal group in …

This report from the Legal Library of Congress provides information on provisions on the abduction of children in countries that do not belong to The Hague. 32 PENAL CODE OF THE REPUBLIC OF AZERBAIJAN, No.787-IQ, art.144.3, December 30, 1999, available at http: // www. Legislineline.org/download …

allowed under the Penal Code. The previous … http://www.ndi.org/content/nigeria ↑ http://lcweb2.loc.gov/cgi … book Download as PDF Printable …

This report from the Legal Library of Congress contains brief summaries that describe warnings similar to Miranda's warnings that are required in … _code_of_criminal_procedure.pdf, … pdf / at_download … Nigeria argued that "no defendant is obligated to do a statement to the police. " 374 367 Criminal …

pdf … Code … Criminal Registry Federal Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence Alagbon Close, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria Applicants in the United Kingdom can download …

(PDF) Trafficking in human beings for the sexual exploitation of Nigeria to the West
Nigeria – Wikipedia
Assault – Wikipedia
(PDF) Political Corruption in Nigeria: Theoretical Perspectives and
Provisions on the abduction of children in countries other than The Hague
Comparative law and justice / Nigeria – Wikiversity
Miranda Warning Equivalents Abroad
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Sports betting in Nigeria?

Insured wealth management: the latest scam in Nigeria

Send this message to the people you love if you do not want them to be scammed. Also tell the authorities before they cause more pain and more ruin to the innocent Nigerians.

They created a WhatsApp group that looks professional and seeks victims by inviting them to social networks. You can comment on the Facebook post of someone who has thousands of followers or tag people with lots of friends so that innocent victims can join their groups, using the WhatsApp invitation link and telling people that they can be wealthy. overnight.

What is your message? "WE'LL BEND YOUR MONEY IN ONE HOUR". Send a minimum of 10 K (there is no maximum) and get 100% in 40 minutes. Then you can re-invest the money.

They do not have any website that they can really show. What they give you does not exist, and they say that they do not allow people to make comments, so people do not send them. This is partly correct. But neither do they want people to comment that they are false.

You are not allowed to comment in the group. Only the 3 administrators below can do that.

+234 806 642 0723 – the chief of criminals

+234 816 427 2418 – a partner in crime

+234 816 563 1317 – a partner in crime

This is your WhatsApp invitation link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IURDuulYVex4j5rcRZ1emg

This is one of your Facebook ads:

"It is an investment platform where the women of the market and the businessmen and also a student invest and they are achieving it. It is an investment platform where you get 2 times what you invest. We are only using it to help the citizens of the country to improve their lives, it is a recent launch and it is really paying, it is a very genuine and authentic platform, as if it invests from 10k to 50k, it will receive its double payment in the next 1 hour, you can chat with us through the following WhatsApp link. https://chat.whatsapp.com/IURDuulYVex4j5rcRZ1emg. Keep in mind that they do not cheat each other and your payment is guaranteed. "- Felix Blessing (apparently, one of them).

Your Facebook profile is: https://web.facebook.com/felix.blessing.5201

They do not have a legitimate business model.

Sometimes, they allow the group to make comments, usually for a few minutes. The comments are from those who testify that they have invested and been paid, giving Glory to God and promising to invest again. The administrator will also respond by congratulating them. The screenshots that show you are really, really faked. And for those that are real, are the screenshots of the alerts of the money sent by their victims.

After a few minutes of testimonials, the group is again disabled so that people can not comment. It goes without saying that those who testify are also part of them.

The images they use in their WhatsApp profiles are false. You can only send them a private message. Then, if you realize that you have been deceived, you can not alert others in the group. You will simply be blocked privately. Those numbers mean nothing to them. If you raise too much dust, you can easily remove the SIM cards and start using other lines while looking for more victims.

If 10 people leave the group, 30 people will be added, because Nigerians want to get rich quickly. Is not that the kind of prayers they offer in the church (riches for those who do not work)?

They will do everything possible to persuade him, like saying: "You are in good hands", "Calm down". "I'm a Christian." Give us a benefit of the doubt. "" You have nothing to fear. " Etcetera etcetera.

These 419 people belong to a large network of different players with a common purpose: to get their money. They appear pious, religious, serious, sincere, convincing, rich, influential, with many high security professions, until you fall into their traps.

They may also be using delay tactics after they fool you. That's when you start threatening them when they block you and withdraw their SIMs.

Really successful people do not reveal their secrets. If you can really double the money every 40 minutes, you do not need to start looking for people to help. Nobody loves you to the point of persuading you to benefit from the secrets that billionaires can make them.

Someone meets 30 USD to 60 USD in 40 minutes. If that can be achieved, all the money in the world will go to the person in less than a month. But this is a lie.

I do not know when Nigerians will stop being gullible.

Such people should not be allowed to live in society.