❕NEWS – Number of cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly | Proxies123.com

There are many people that actually believe that the cryptocurrency market is one that is not sustainable for future economic systems, but the rate at which the cryptocurrency market will beg to differ on that opinion. This is not only in the case of how many users there are, but also in the case of how many coins that exist. There was once a time that only bitcoin existed, and since then more coins have entered the market and circulation. Currently there are over 10400 different cryptocurrencies. What are your thoughts on this

❕NEWS – Over 1 Million ETH Added to ETH2.0 Deposit Contract | Proxies123.com

Over 1 million ETH has been added to ETH2.0 deposit contract from ending of April by Ethereum investors. Before then, the deposit contract held 4 million ETH and it’s holding 5.429 million Ethereum worth $13.697 Billion in total at the time of writing.

The upcoming London hard fork will launch on the mainnet around July, including Ethereum Improvement Proposals especially EIP155.

The development team will announce the specific date.

I hope the ethereum improve proposal will focus more on speed of transactions and low gas fee.

❕NEWS – Squares buy $170 million BTC | Proxies123.com

The update from CNBC shows that the Square company has added $170 million worth of bitcoin to expand it bitcoin Investment of 4,703 bitcoin bought last year October.
The deal of $170 million was carried on Tuesday when bitcoin was $48,000.
The CEO, Jack Dorsey, said as at last year October the amount of bitcoin bought represent 5% of the company’s asset. You can imagine what the company will worth when bitcoin eventually hit $100,000.

❕NEWS – The USA and Russia Ranked First In Crypto Money Laundering | Proxies123.com

The United States and Russia lead the way when it comes to the total volume of cryptocurrencies laundered in 2020, according to data provided in a Chainalysis report. The report also reports that 55 percent of all crypto funds laundered last year were linked to only 270 addresses.
Do you think the laws on money laundering should be passed quickly?

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❕NEWS – Kraken has a mobile application | Proxies123.com

When it comes to the running of a business there is always competition that is in the market and this is a good thing as it constantly prompts businesses to up their game and to do better. The competitor for Coinbase is Kraken. In a news article, kraken has taken it one step further and has released a mobile application to allow their users to trade from their phones. This is available for both the android users and for those that use apple products as well.


geolocation – How does Windows News & Interests still work if Location services are turned off?

In the latest Windows update, I have the News & Interests widget on my taskbar that shows me accurate weather info for my current location.

I have Location turned off in my Windows settings, and no apps have permission to access Windows location information. I even checked my location history on my Windows privacy dashboard, and it says there’s no location data for me. I also do not have a “default location” set under Windows location settings.

Does anyone know how News & Interests is still accessing my location, and if it’s possible to prevent it from doing so?

❕NEWS – TechX has a crypto payment system | Proxies123.com

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My plugin was featured in the news ✨

The popular WordPress news website, WPTavern wrote a piece on my new plugin that I’ve made.

You can read the article here. They did a Q&A and explored the recent happenings with plugin adoption.

I’m really pleased, hoping to get it some more exposure!

❕NEWS – Why Doge is better than Tron | Proxies123.com

Tron is listed in 2017 where as dogecoin was officially listed (as memecoin) in 2013. But degoecoin was not an investors choice until Elon musk steps in. Now Elon is in full speed to take the dogecoin to a higher level.

The reason why, dogecoin is better investment than Tron is because of their values. Doge coin may be a meme coin, but the growth was extra ordinary in the last few months. It went up from 0.07 levels to reach as high as 0.64 in no time. Now the price is settled near 0.30. Whereas Tron, though jumper from 0.07 to 0.24 but again fell down to 0.07. This indicates lack of confidence among the investors regarding long term investment in Tron. That is why Doge is better investment for longer term than TRX.

❕NEWS – Bitcoin Miner Funds 700,000 Solar Panels Project in USA | Proxies123.com

No doubt bitcoin is going to rebounce back as effort towards renewable source of energy by miners is increasing and relentless.

Recently Madison River Equity LLC seeks for Approval permit from the Butte-Silver Bow Zoning Board to install a 1,600-acre solar array. These 700,000 solar panels can give electricity to 40,600 homes. This project will produce almost 300 megawatts a year, 75 of it for Coin Miner LLC, a division of Atlas Power. The rest, 225 megawatts, could go to Northwest Energy or other utilities, including other industries in Montana.

If this is approved it is gonna boost bitcoin mining activities which will be economically friendly. Share your views.