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Hello. Strategy Gaming is a huge industry and covers many sub-genres such as RTS, turn based, historical and science fiction. Notable franchises in strategy games are Total War, Command and Conquer, Company of Heroes, Civilisation and Xcom.

I am soon to be launching a new strategy game community and news service. I am looking to recruit between two and four news article writers. Your role will be to check for the latest news in the world of strategy gaming and write a small piece – 100-150 words approx. – to be posted on the frontpage of the site. The article will require a header image and occasionally a video or other media. I am not expecting huge editorial pieces, just simple, small articles.

Requirement for three news posts per week and you will be paid $2 per week via paypal. Bonuses will be paid for exceptional content.

If you are interested please contact me by private message here at FP. Please include your name, age, location on planet earth and a link to an example of your work.

See the attached image for an example of how your work will look.


why the news media CONTINUES to make a huge deal out of this Covid19 virus, when 99.6 percent of people recover from it just like the flu?

Even the people who don’t die have compromised immune systems, heart and lung problems, and diminished breathing capacity. They have learned how to keep people alive, but hospitals are filling to capacity and beyond. The numbers of people admitted are skyrocketing, but the number of people being released is low.

❕NEWS – Visa Wants To Work With Ethereum Developers For Blockchain Payments | Proxies123.com

Visa wants to hire Ethereum and also Ripple developers to create a future blockchain-based payment system. They posted a job offer on their New Zealand site saying they need an experienced developer who is good with Ethereum and also blockchain tech. If Visa uses the full power of the blockchain system, just think about how big the network will be and transactions would occur seamlessly.

Do you think if communists and liberals didn’t control 90% of news outlets, the real news would reach people and they’d see the truth?

Since you apparently know that 90% of the news outlets aren’t truthful, you must possess the mental acuity to know that 10% are telling the truth. You really should attempt to tell the rest of the world what the truth is. I hope you will forgive me for doubting your analysis of all the world’s news outlets. You must be terribly intelligent and omniscient. Otherwise, you couldn’t possibly know who’s telling the truth and who isn’t. It reminds me of an old joke, “If you’re so smart, how come you ain’t rich?”

❕NEWS – You Can Book For Hotels Here Using Bitcoin | Proxies123.com

Such a great news, do they have any android/ios app ? It would be better for usage, i sometimes am in need of hotels ( as everyone else that’s new in a country ) and this would help a lot me and other people as well, thanks for sharing!


❕NEWS – Bitcoin Loving Kanye West Will Take Part In 2020 US Elections | Proxies123.com

Why not? It can’t be worse now. Just think of Trump, both Bush’s, Nixon, Johnson, Reagan, etc., all of whom were either corrupt, simple idiots, or had other issues :Smuggrin:

Sure, but americans have their own mysterious ways of thinking :Wacky: regarding elections, so be prepared to unexpected :Woot:

❕NEWS – Bank Of Japan Wants To Create Digital Currency | Proxies123.com

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Bing And Google News approved domain for sale

Why are you selling this site?

Moving on
How is it monetized?
it's no

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
depends on how much work you want to put in

What challenges are there with running this site?

PM me fore more details.

❕NEWS – New York Times Is Working With Blockchain To Fight Fake News | Proxies123.com