❕NEWS – Amazon introduces a new payment system that lets you pay with your palm | Proxies123.com

As reported by Techcrunch, the new tech, called Amazon One, will enable people to buy products at various Amazon Go stores with more ease and speed. The operation is quite simple – after inserting your credit card and scanning your palm you can start paying for stuff by simply hovering your palm above the scanner for a few seconds and the system will automatically bill you for your purchase.

❕NEWS – Analyst: “Bitcoin Might Suffer a Big Drop” | Proxies123.com

According to analysts and traders bitcoin might have a dark future ahead as statistical studies suggested that the trend bitcoin is currently sitting at now is same back in march where a major pullback took place with this data they speculated that bitcoin might have a major pullback event coming

❕NEWS – $14 each – iYearn Finance Airdrop | Proxies123.com

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❕NEWS – India to ban crypto trading | Proxies123.com

For governments, allowing crypto is like allowing guns to be freely sold on the street lol. The government can’t control and restrict everything but still want to control at least part of it. It’s not just about survival since even criminals are also using crypto. Also, most people who want to survive in hard times would simply turn to prostitution or do crime instead of crypto since crypto requires specialized knowledge that not all people have.

❕NEWS – Crypxie Exchange Airdrop Free $42 (CPX Token) !!! | Proxies123.com

Crypxie, which started the 1st Airdrop program on 10.09.2020, distributes 42 CPX Tokens with an estimated value of $ 42 to its users. It is enough to fulfill the following tasks to earn CPX tokens within the scope of 1st Airdrop, which will expire on 31.10.2020.

To earn 42 CPX Tokens

  • Sign up, confirm mail, activate Google 2, Kyc authentication (10 CXP = 10 $)
  • Deposit $10 amount (10 CXP = 10 $)
  • Make $10 trade (10 CXP = 10 $)
  • Join Telegram Group (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Subscribe Telegram Channel (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Follow Twitter and Retweet Latest Tweet (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Follow/Like Facebook Page and Share Latest Post (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Follow Linkedin and Share Latest Post (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Follow Instagram and Like Latest Post (2 CXP = 2$)

Also CPX Earned from Referral

  • Referral Complete KYC (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Referral First Deposit (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Referral first Trade (2 CXP = 2$)

These are the amount of prizes to be won, for more details, for the roadmap, you can refer to the exchange’s home page.
Meanwhile, reward distribution and trade for CPX Token will begin on 01.03.2021. I recommend you to participate when the amount of prize distributed is this high yet.Probably, the amount of reward will be reduced later.

Exchange Registration Link: https://crypxie.com/register



❕NEWS – More Ripple Projects To Expand in Asia | Proxies123.com

According to Ripple CEO, there are now ongoing trials and experimental projects in asia countries in using ripple as a next generation payment platform. The company also stated that there will be much more expansion in ripple coming year 2021. Ripple used as a payment method will be much cheaper and much faster

❕NEWS – 🚀Yobit Exchange Airdrop- get 1,700 DLRS – Distribution on 1st of October | Proxies123.com

🔸 New airdrop: Yobit Exchage – get 1700 free dollars (DLRS)
💵 Reward: 1,700 DLRS (N/A)
🌟 Remarks: Start trading on October 1
🕰 Focus: Distribution on October 1

Join airdrop here: https://yobit.net/free-dollars/?start=rns56pejtd

Complete simple tasks:
🔹 Click “Get 1700 Free Dollars”and complete Telegram Task.
🔹 Create an account on Yobit Exchange And verify your email.
🔹 Get your activation code by your personal link and submit.
🔹 And you can Get 800 DLRS tokens for each referral.

Please have a look at my other active airdrops as below:

1. TRONUSDT Airdrop – Get 500 TUSDT ($15)

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🛅Tron address required (only tronlink wallet!)
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⏰End of airdrop: 2nd of October
🔹Price per token should not dump after listing on Justswap, because of the liquidity that they will provide.
🔹Team aim is to achieve 1 TUSDT = 1 USD.

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🚩Distribution in 80 hours

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3. 🚀HOT InvestToken airdrop

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🌟1 INV = 1 USD
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End: 15th of October
Distribution: 23rd of October

4. 💯MYEX coin Airdrop (MAPR team)💯– Round 2 – Higher Bounty

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100 % Non Scam Project / Old MAPR TEAM coins: MAPR and MAYA already listed
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🚩Focus: IEO on Vindax Exchange
🚩Distribution: on 20th of November

5. 🚀Amepay Airdrop 🚀
🏆 Tasks: ➕ Up to 700 AME ($14)
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🕰Token distribution will begin middle of October.
🛅Stellar wallet
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🚩Stable Cent (CENTUS) is a stablecoin that is pegged to the U.S. Cent.

100 US Stable Cent (CENTUS) ≈ 1 US Dollar Bill (USD).

Stable Cent also offers a high-yield investment program, allowing holders of CENTUS to receive dividends.

You can learn more about CENTUS at https://centus.one 🚩

Full news story in email

I understand this isn’t an ideal situation – however we need full news stories to be emailed rather than a link and preview. Is this possible, please?

❕NEWS – Why it is time to invest in Ethereum. | Proxies123.com

Ethereum which has market capitalization of $30.5 currently is the second most valuable Crypto currency globally with it transactions fee considerably low.

Whale alert data feeds show that that recently the Whales moves 935,746 ETH which about $256 million in just 8 transactions within a short time showing an increase in the transaction volume of ethereum.

Ethereum had about 12% rise within the last 48 hours. Investing in this coin right is a good decision in my opinion.

❕NEWS – Whales are Investing more in ripple as it reclaim the number 3 coin. | Proxies123.com

In the last 14days the price of ripple has increased from $0.19 to $0.244 which is about 30% increament , this is due more investment and staking into this coin by whales .

The coins has also reclaimed the third place of most powerful Crypto currency in the world from tether with market capitalization of $11billion .

But on a good note ripple has been excellent recently, with this pump, the future is much brighter for ripple. I am one of the people that invested massively on ripple and have closely watched its performance. I am certain that this will happen since few weeks back, in Crypto never say never, i am so glade now hearing this news.