networks – How do I disable / remove Windows Network and BRCM / LVG? I don't want any shared network / others

Battery exchange network

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Do multiple SSIDs affect congestion on Wi-Fi 6 networks?

Wi-Fi 6 has anti-congestion features, does this allow one to use an unlimited number * of SSID without causing interference?

* * A large number

Showing the benefits of social networks

I have a problem that I have been trying to solve, any suggestion is welcome.
My company does not fully believe in the power of social networks in income generation. I need to demonstrate the benefits, but I am struggling to show the right conversions. Here is the current configuration:

  • We have a WordPress website that has Ninja web forms in every footer that are managed by Pardot
  • We have a tracking code set in Google Analytics that supposedly tracks social media conversions.
  • But nevertheless,…

Showing the benefits of social networks

networks – How to verify if my ISP blocks a port?

My little background story here is that I am trying to connect via ssh to a remote postgres database set up by heroku,

--> Connecting to postgresql-slippery-32494
psql: could not connect to server: No route to host
    Is the server running on host "" ( and accepting
    TCP/IP connections on port 5432?

I cannot say if my failures are due to something I have done or to the Internet wifi itself. Given that I always develop in coffee shops like McDonalds, my only resource is to find Wi-Fi networks that do not block ports.

How to know in ubuntu which ports the ISP is blocking?

networks: configure a reverse Synology NAS proxy so that it does not replace the URL

I am a little confused about how to configure subdomains for multiple servers on the same physical machine.

Currently, I have a domain name that is configured to use DDNS. I have the built-in reverse proxy available on nas. The default sync entry for the reverse proxy means that when I go to, it changes to

However, I just want the communication to go through port 443 on my network. When I navigate to the url, it actually redirects to that my router rejects, port 5001 is not open.

Also, I can't understand how to make a subdomain go to a different server (same device). I try that the subdomain ends in when I navigate to, it is not routed to my device unless I create a subdomain forwarding record, (at least that's what domains call it of Google). This only routes to, which then contacts my nas with the host name that is then represented to regardless of the reverse proxy entry it has for sub.example. com

1) How do I get my NAS to send all traffic to local services through port 443? it's possible? (As in my browser it shows, but it is actually hosted on the server at 5001.)

2) How do I get a subdomain to route to a different port in the nas?

networks: social media cache server for access point LAN

I have set up a HotSpot for a university, and I would like to configure a cache server especially for social networks.
Since geographically close people are likely to become "friends" in SN and share or view the same multimedia content several times (status, memes, videos …)
I thought about setting up a cache server to optimize bandwidth usage.

I am aiming at:

I was wondering if a simple HTTP cache would work, because while searching I saw that encryption could spoil the cache system, so I would like to seek guidance from experienced people.

High-paid CPM and CPC ad networks for Indian / Asian traffic

Hello, I will share the 10 best and best CPM / CPC ad networks, especially for Indian bloggers.

Google advertising– Small question Google Adsense is the best advertising network and covers your worldwide traffic. They paid a smart amount for their traffic.
Type of adnetwork: CPC & amp; CPM

Tribal fusion– it is the best CPM network, the largest worldwide traffic
Requirement: 5000 visitors / day

Komli– Komli is a leader in the Indian advertising network, paying smart cpm
Requirement: high traffic demand

Tyroo– Tyroo is funded by Yahoo and is growing rapidly in the Asian nation

Ozone media: it is another smart variety for adsense, it is banglore mainly based on the leading advertising network

Adsbyindian– advertising network of the really Asian nation
low pay
CPC & amp; CPM Adnetwork

SMX(social networks xchang) – SMX was Axill better known before, is one of the main adnetwork, which operates worldwide
CPM & amp; CPA adnetwork

Guruji– Guruji provides extremely discursive ads to maximize your income,
have a low payment threshold

Admaya– Admaya recently started CPM ads, although Cpm rates are square measures
However, it is currently working with quality publishers.
Requirement: good traffic

Adchakra– Adchakra provides targeted brand advertising.
CPM & amp; CPC

Admagnet- One among the main adnetwork of the Asian nation.

Smowtion – The intelligent international CPM adnework, without traffic needs, must exceed ten publications

Contextweb – although contexttweb shows most ads for US traffic. UU. and the United Kingdom at a high Cpm rate. however, contexttweb currently started its campaign for Asian countries together.

The networks mentioned have high or good traffic demand.

But if your website is new or has less traffic, then you will strive for other advertising networks, the UN agency is well approved for your sites … several of these advertising networks are-

Adotic– CPM adnetwork

Adsenseshare– CPM adnetwork

Chitika– CPC adnetwork, paying a smart amount for US traffic. UU. And United Kingdom

Bidvertiser-CPC adnetwork

Share different ad networks by posting comments,

How do I improve more traffic through social networks?

How do I improve more traffic through social networks?

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How do I improve more traffic through social networks?

Is the size of social networks the true measure of a forum? The | Forum Promotion

Forums like this are huge. However, honestly, the sign of real power is a great social network that follows these days. I mean, I could have a small forum, with a lot of followers on social networks, and it would be a real giant, compared to a large forum with no traffic or potential traffic.


Well, quality is also important, but it doesn't bother third world countries, but potential third world customers are not likely to buy.

networks: is there an easy way to connect a USB device to a computer wirelessly?

My laboratory has a digital microscope that can be easily connected to a laptop or tablet via a USB or micro-USB cable. However, I would like to put it in a glove box (air-sealed sealed box for sensitive chemicals), and that prevents me from simply plugging it into a laptop (putting a laptop in a glove compartment would absolutely destroy the laptop and be bad for the glove compartment ).

The perfect thing would be if you could buy an adapter in which you could plug the microscope through the USB connection and then connect that adapter to a nearby laptop (<5 feet) via WiFi or Bluetooth. Is there an adapter like this? We can do something similar with another instrument, but it has an ethernet connection that we can connect to a small WiFi router instead of a USB connection.

Thanks in advance for any help, and I hope I have put enough details for this to be understood.