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ray network – SendPayment lnd "can not find a route to the destination"

I received an error "can not find a route to the destination" when I called SendPayment to an invoice, created in, from my local private LND node in mac (docker).

It seems that getinfo and getnetworkinfo are not a problem. Am I missing something? (for example, open a port or connect a channel) How can I debug it?

  • my local private LND node
# lncli --macaroonpath = / home / bitcoin / .lnd_1 / chain / bitcoin / testnet / admin.macaroon --rpcserver = localhost: 10010 --lnddir = / home / bitcoin / .lnd_1 getinfo
"version": "0.6.1-beta commit = v0.6.1-beta-21-g863bf2f91b245afd58c8edc078a171a55e48f931",
"identity_pubkey": "02a5d8c2fa771570cefd4ab00be298daffca4d64c77cfc8a0d411a6c1b638cc092",
"alias": "02a5d8c2fa771570cefd",
"num_pending_channels": 0,
"num_active_channels": 0,
"num_inactive_channels": 0,
"num_peers": 3,
"block_height": 1517489,
"block_hash": "00000000000000723b9b81a3d7433385eec9e03fe1ecff2a3ea850171f70f639",
"best_header_timestamp": 1558348537,
"synced_to_chain": true,
"testnet": true,
"chains": [
            "chain": "bitcoin",
            "network": "testnet"
"uris": null

# lncli --macaroonpath = / home / bitcoin / .lnd_1 / chain / bitcoin / testnet / admin.macaroon --rpcserver = localhost: 10010 --lnddir = / home / bitcoin / .lnd_1 getnetworkinfo
"graph_diameter": 0,
"avg_out_degree": 6.239715591670899,
"max_out_degree": 775,
"num_nodes": 1969,
"num_channels": 6143,
"total_network_capacity": "48768373513",
"avg_channel_size": 7938852.924141299,
"min_channel_size": "4000",
"max_channel_size": "16777216",
"median_channel_size_sat": "5000000"
  • invoice created in

Connection problems: the Samsung A5 2016 phone does not pick up any network (Vodacom) and, therefore, can not connect to my data.

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Network scanner is no longer visible in Ubuntu 18.04

After installing the recent updates, my network scanner (Samsung MFC) stopped working. My scanner was working until a few days ago.

Now the scanner can not be detected by any scanning program (gscan2pdf, xsane, etc.):

scanimage -L

No scanners were identified. If you were expecting something different,
Check that the scanner is plugged in, turned on and detected by the
Sane-Find-Scanner tool (if applicable). Please read the documentation
that came with this software (README, FAQ, man pages).

However, the address of the network device works directly:

scanimage -d "smfp: net;" --form tiff> /tmp/a.tiff 

A page is scanned correctly.

What can I do to make the detection work again?

Network connection: the local SSH connection using the IP address of the private network does not work

I tried to ssh connect to the local machine as

ssh me @ host -p 2222 

You will be asked for a password to log in

However, if I try with

                $ ssh me@ -p 2222
ssh: connect to host port 2222: there is no route to the host

the ip address:

$ ssh me@ -p 2222
ssh: connect to host port 2222: there is no route to the host

the localhost jobs

$ ssh me@ -p 2222
The authenticity of the host & # 39;[]: 2222 ([]: 2222) & # 39; can not be established.
The fingerprint of the ECDSA key is SHA256: rWQnXUO8mSlXRgNN4Jp1HMNqIO6K7WBO3EAihzvc3Es.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes / no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added & # 39;[]: 2222 & # 39; (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
********************************************** * ************************

What is the problem?

How to classify the linear equation using the neural network [on hold]

Design an artificial neural network that has a decision limit as shown below.
Design an artificial neural network that has a decision limit as shown below.

Recurrent neuronal network

I watched this video on YouTube and copied the code. Why does not it work in M12? I mean net[inData] Y rnnLayerForward[param, inData, state] Do not give the same result? What has changed since then and how can I solve it? The slides can be downloaded here.

                rnnTimeStep[params_Association, input_, state_] : =
Tanh[params["StateWeights"].status + params["InputWeights"].input +
rnnLayerForward[params_Association, input_, state_] : =
Rest @ FoldList[rnnTimeStep[params, #2, #1] &, state, entry]sequenceLength = 3;
featureSize = 2;
rnnStateSize = 1;
inData = RandomReal[1, {sequenceLength, featureSize}];
state = ConstantArray[0, rnnStateSize];

net = NetInitialize @
BasicRecurrentLayer[rnnStateSize, "Input" -> Dimensions@inData]

param = Normal @ NetExtract[net, "Arrays"]


rnnLayerForward[param, inData, state]

Isolation – isolate devices in the same network

I asked a similar question on this topic and some guys recommended using VLAN or guest network, so I asked a friend and he will provide me with a router with guest network function. However, there is a device (my father's computer) that I also want to isolate, but the guest network will not work completely since this computer uses the cable to connect directly to the router.

This is my intranetwork now:

                                        Other devices
Internet --- Router 1
Devices of my father

But recently I read that if I connect a cable from the LAN port of a router to the WAN port of another router, it is like isolating the devices, since the devices in router 2 can connect to router 1, but not vice versa.

This will work like this:

                                                                                        Other devices
Internet --- Router 1 --- Router 2
Devices of my father

My intention is, for security reasons, to isolate ALL traffic between my father's devices and other devices in my home. So, my question is: will the second internal network do that? I need, at least, that my father's devices can not communicate with other devices.

Function of deployment in the cloud in built-in functions with TextCases (neural network?)

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Ray Network – How can a single funded channel be bidirectional?

The amount of TX funding inputs has nothing to do with the question whether the channel is unidirectional or bidirectional.

What is important to understand is how the tx commitment encodes the channel balance. (The difference between capacity and balance was discussed in this question

In the standard case, the channel balance grants all the capacity to the party that finances the channel. (Currently, only one party can finance a payment channel, but this will change with the double-funding channels that are expected to come with the next protocol update, also known as BOLT 1.1). Then, at the beginning of the useful life of the channel, it seems unidirectional, since only the financing party can send money making a payment or sending a payment to a third party in this channel.

However, once this is done, the compromise transaction is invalidated and a new one that has a different distribution of the balance is negotiated. Now the part that finances the channel can receive Bitcoin in this channel.

There is one small exception: each channel partner must maintain 1% of the channel's capacity as a reservation for the penalty if a channel occurs. So, if the party that funded the channel initially makes a payment of less than 1% of the channel's capacity, it can not yet receive on that channel.