Implicit network privileges in Windows 10 apps?

If an application in the Microsoft Store only has the "userNotificationListener" permission listed, will it be able to send data over the Internet?

At it appears that there are "WiFi" and "Wired Connections" permissions that may be related to Internet access, But the way they are worded, it is unclear if this is an additional level of control beyond just being able to use the Internet and perhaps the use of the Internet is implicit in all applications.

mojave – AppleScript error: "Finder got an error: network file permission error".

I have an automation script that I use to create an empty file in the browser and I have been using it without problems for about a year. Suddenly you are giving me this error:

The action "Run AppleScript" encountered an error: "Finder got an error: network file permission error."

What is this error about?

I am running Mojave.

bitcoind: how to connect a bitcoin node to a complete node through the local network?

I currently have a full bitcoin node on my local network and I would like to create another node but only update it by local network.

I have tried with:
./bitcoind -connect
./bitcoind -addnode

but I get the following error
syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
I appreciate your help.

Server and network administration for $ 100

My honored clients who want to configure Ubuntu VPS server with Apache and phpMyAdmin. I will be very happy to help my clients.

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java – System generated social network

In a particular social network, friends are automatically assigned to users by the system and users cannot add friends of their choice on their own. Currently there are N users in the social network, labeled from 2 to N + 1.

For each i-th user (where i varies from 2 to N + 1), the system assigned all users tagged with multiples of i as user friends (if possible).

One day, all users of the social network get together for a meeting and form groups so that each person in a group is a direct friend or a friend of anyone else in that group.

Find the total number of groups.

Input Specifications:

Entry 1: N, which indicates the number of users in the social network

Output specification:
your function should return the number of groups that can be formed under certain conditions

Example 1:

Entry1: 5
Output: 2

Two groups will be formed.


Example 2

Entry1: 10
Output: 3

Three groups will be formed:


Suggestions for solutions

Please optimize my solution. My solution works perfectly but it doesn't look optimal.

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map.Entry;
import java.util.Set;

public class SocialNetwork {

    public static void main(String() args) {
        InputStreamReader r = new InputStreamReader(;
        BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(r);
        int value = 0;

        try {
            value = Integer.parseInt(br.readLine());
        } catch (IOException e) {

        HashMap> map = new HashMap<>();

        for (int i = 2; i <= value + 1; i++) {

            List list = new ArrayList<>();

            for (int j = 1; j * i <= value + 1; j++) {
                int tempValue = j * i;


                if (i != tempValue) {
                    List addedList = map.get(tempValue);

                    if (addedList == null) {
                        addedList = new ArrayList<>();

                    if (!addedList.contains(i)) {
                        map.put(tempValue, addedList);

            List currList = map.get(i);
            if (currList != null)
                currList = list;

            map.put(i, currList);

        // Iterate through all elements of map

        Iterator>> iterator = map.entrySet().iterator();

        List visitedKeys = new ArrayList<>();

        List> listSet = new ArrayList<>();

        while (iterator.hasNext()) {
            Entry> entry =;
            Integer key = entry.getKey();
            List keyValue = entry.getValue();

            if (visitedKeys.contains(key)) {

            Set setItem = new HashSet<>();
            updateSet(key, keyValue, visitedKeys, map, setItem);


        System.out.println("groups=" + listSet);
        System.out.println("Number of groups=" + listSet.size());

    private static void updateSet(Integer key, List keyValue, List visitedKeys,
            HashMap> map, Set setItem) {

        for (Integer item : keyValue) {

            if (visitedKeys.contains(item)) {

            if (!item.equals(key)) {
                List mapVal = map.get(item);
                if (mapVal != null) {
                    updateSet(item, mapVal, visitedKeys, map, setItem);



oxide: a function for batch propagation of weight errors in a dense layer of the neural network

I am changing my neural network library to use ArrayFire for performance.

One of the features that I lose when moving from ndarray is ndarray_einsum_beta, so I need to write my own function to carry out what einsum was using for.

This function should be as fast as possible.

This is the function:

fn arrayfire_weight_errors(errors:arrayfire::Array,activations:arrayfire::Array) -> arrayfire::Array {
    let rows:u64 = errors.dims().get()(0);

    let er_width:u64 = errors.dims().get()(1);
    let act_width:u64 = activations.dims().get()(1);
    let dims = arrayfire::Dim4::new(&(act_width,er_width,rows,1));

    let temp:arrayfire::Array = arrayfire::Array::::new_empty(dims);

    for i in 0..rows {
        let holder = arrayfire::matmul(
    return temp

How could I improve this to improve it? (and hopefully faster)

(Apologies for using arrayfire:: everywhere, this is a test project that uses some other linear algebra libraries, so it's better to specify)

ndarray approach:

fn ndarray_einsum(errors:ndarray::Array2,activations:ndarray::Array2) -> ndarray::ArrayD {
    return ndarray_einsum_beta::einsum("ai,aj->aji", &(&errors, &activations)).unwrap();

multisite – Mutisite – returning incorrect network

We are setting up a second multi-site network, and we have noticed on the new site, that the & # 39; lost password & # 39; and subsequent password reset links point to the original site.

On the second site, I have added a plugin that simply does this.

$current_network = get_network();
return print_r($current_network, true);

This returns the first details of the network.

The details in Network Admin / Sites are correct for both sites.

Is there a place where I need to configure something?

networks – Searching for a cluster file system – with network separation

Currently working on a project, these are files, which must be processed over an IP-based network.

The nodes, which process the files, should not be seen on the network, there should be a form of network separation. For this case, a storage node will be used, so that the nodes can store the processed file in the storage.
There should be some mechanisms for file locking, fencing and performance should not be affected.

Normally, a clustered file system would fit well, but the problem I saw on each clustered file system is that the nodes on the network see and communicate to lock and fence the files. Because of this, the cluster file systems I saw cannot be used.

Does anyone know of a cluster file system, which implements file locking at the storage layer, so that there is a network separation between the nodes. Or does anyone know a solution for a similar problem?

session management – hijacking samsung tv on the same network

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network – Tool to retransmit packets captured by Wireshark?

I am trying to debug an application on my computer and imitate the packets it sends. I have the reduced package structure in Wireshark, and now I would like to try to send mine. What is the easiest way to do this (no reproducibility / scripting required, these are unique tests).

Thank you