ios: find the ipad application that sends TCP packets to another device on my network

I recently discovered that my iPad is sending tcp packets on port 8000 from time to time to an unrelated device on my network (which is a honeypot that detects suspicious network behavior).

How can I find out what that is doing? Is there a network analyzer at the iOS level? I couldn't find any of that.
Any ideas?

(*) I installed a raspberry pi with openCanary in my home network. openCanary is an open source honeypot that exposes different fake services and alerts you when something tries to connect to it, which supposedly should happen when an attacker tries to scan your network or something.

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linux: grant cPanel user access to a Windows AD network drive

I have a Linux server running Centos 7 with cPanel. I have configured it with Windows Active Directory according to this tutorial:

How to Integrate RHEL 7 or CentOS 7 with Windows Active Directory

When SSH on my Linux server and I run realm list Prove that it is part of the correct domain.

The network unit in question is protected, and special permission is generally required in user accounts to access it. What I am wondering now is, how can I give a specific cPanel user access to a network drive? I've been looking around and it seems that I really can't find many resources.

What are the possible security issues when running a Lightning Node on my home network?

This is not only related to Lightning, but is still valid for any critical application that you run on your PC when connected to your home network. If your home network is compromised, then an attacker can possibly increase privileges and compromise the machine on which your Lightning node is running (as well as other critical applications). Lightning is thought to be analogous to the way you carry cash in your wallet. It helps you to make small transactions very easily and, at the same time, it is not the end of the world if you lose that money from your wallet. Your biggest savings are stored in the bank, as is the way you will use a hardware wallet to store your main Bitcoin savings. I can think of the following cases at the top of my mind.

Send payment to any lightning node
Your lightning node has to continually sign a new commitment transaction to add incoming HTLCs and comply with HTLC payments. As a result, the private keys associated with signing new transactions on the channel are exposed to an application that continuously interacts with your home network. If your home network is compromised, your private keys are compromised. Therefore, these keys can be used to send a lightning payment to any node that is indirectly connected to you.

Force close your channel
Since the transaction backups are saved on the machine that interacts with the home network, an attacker who has gained access to his machine can back up the transaction and transmit it to the Bitcoin network, which will It will cost high fees compared to a mutual agreement (in case you were the founder).

Transaction status of prior diffusion commitment
The attacker can also transmit the status of the previous transaction and lose the entire balance of the channel through the revocation transaction.

The best practice will be to keep your machine clean of any shady application, use a reputable antimalware service and not share the password of your Wi-Fi home network.

Network – Can I disconnect a wireless connection from the router?

Battery exchange network

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Will the phone lose pairing if it was paired via direct WiFi and connected to a WiFi network?

If a phone and other device are connected via WiFi directly, and the phone detected a free or public WiFi network, will it connect to the WiFi network and lose pairing with the device with which it was originally paired?

dnd 5e – Can an opportunity attack be made against a network if the restricted creature is being moved?

Opportunity attacks can only be made against the provocative creature.

You cannot make an opportunity attack against the net, only the creature that causes the opportunity attack. From the rules under Opportunity Attacks of the Basic Rules (my emphasis):

You can make an attack of opportunity when a hostile creature you can see moves out of your reach. To make the attack of opportunity, you use your reaction to make a melee. attack on the provocative creature. The attack occurs just before the creature leaves your reach.

The network is an object, not a creature and cannot cause attacks of opportunity since objects do not cause attacks of opportunity. Therefore you cannot aim this way.

Also, a creature that creeps out of range does not cause attacks of opportunity. See Can I handle and drag someone to grant attacks of opportunity against them? for more information.

networks – Change the subnet mask to / 23 from / 24 on the local network

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networks – ubuntu18.04 network configuration

Trying to figure out how to make the network work. Did I read that I should use netplan that is part of yelm? But I have no idea. I thought Ubuntu would have some assistant to do it. As I did not do any configuration, but Ubuntu was connected to the network.
I went to "files" and clicked on "Other locations" and then "network" and it says it is an empty folder. When I had XP on this computer, it was connected to the other Win7 computer, but Ubuntu was not. I have a wired network.
Thanks for any guidance.

Windows: differs the contents of the directory from Mac to PC on the same network

I have a Mac and a PC on the same LAN. The PC is running OpenSSH.

I copied a folder of (subfolders containing) 30 GB of files from the Mac to the PC through:
scp -r ~/orig_folder/* my_user@

I am hesitating to delete the 30 GB of files from the Mac before making any kind of "difference" (comparison) to show that all the files were copied correctly to the PC.

I have heard of rsync But I think it doesn't work from Mac to Windows, right? (I tried a lot of different rsync SSH Commands.)

If I also tried simpler approaches to just count the number of files, but there were mismatches; I think sometimes certain files do not appear on both operating systems. File sizes apparently also differ.

How can I achieve my goal?