Advice on the implementation of the website using Netlify and the command line

I am trying to implement a static website. Written mainly in html / css with a small javscript.

Originally, I was just going to upload it via FTP, Filezilla or something similar, but this seems like an outdated technology. I also wanted more control over the process.

I looked at Heroku and Digital Ocean in search of a cloud solution, but for a beginner like me, it's quite intimidating.

I found Netlify that looks good. Publish the code on Github and then implement the site through Netlfiy.

In the Netlify documentation there are all these references to the command line. I avoided Heroku, although I wanted to learn, because the command line was too confusing. I will learn the command line eventually, but now I want to keep it basic.

My question is this: is it necessary to use the command line to load a website or is it enough to do it through the Netlify online application?

In addition, in the Netlify application, they request basic compilation settings (see attached image). I have no idea what to put here. Is it acceptable to leave this blank? There is no Node.js or any background technology involved in my site.

Generally speaking, am I using the correct technique to implement my site here? How to upload my original code to Github and then implement it through Netlify? Is this a legitimate method? Or am I making a rookie mistake?

Everything seems to be working fine, I think I am right after a confirmation from more experienced developers that I am doing the "right" thing.

Thank you!!

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How to implement netlify cms on my existing website

I can not discover how to implement netlify cms in my existing website?

I made my website without: Hugo gatsby etc.
There is no content written in markdown, JSON, YAML, or TOML files, etc.
(Without site generator)

I use Netlify and Github

Hope someone can help me

How should I configure Netlify (or equivalent service) for hosting as a freelancer?

Often, customers ask me about hosting if they do not yet have a preferred hosting provider.

I have been interested in using Netlify to host JAM stack sites, but I have not used it in an independent context (only for personal secondary projects).

The options I see are:

  • Hosting all the sites in the central account
  • Setting up separate accounts for each of my clients and administering them myself
  • Pointing to my clients at the Netlify address and asking them to manage it themselves

I suppose that these forms of configuration are generalized to other similar services, but I have not investigated the differences extensively.

I do not know if Netlify has any terms related to this way of working, but I have not been able to find any.

seo – How do I show the status "410 Gone" for previous product pages with? Product query string from a Netlify _redirects file?

I have problems removing old content from Google search results. One of the suggestions was to redirect the old pages to the 410 error page so that Google knows to leave these pages. The original website was created in WordPress. I'm using Netlify and hugo now.

  • The old pages = ...
  • My new pages are / ...

I tried

  • / product / * 410.html 410
  • /? product / * 410.html 410

In Myself _redirects file but no luck. I also have 301 in _redirects.

How can I configure this correctly?