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Get an awesome travel video from amazing destination Nepal

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visa free entry – Can I travel to Nepal from UAE with a Indian passport during the COVID situation

No, you can not travel. Nepal has blocked international and domestic flights.

From the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal:


Assistive technology transcript:


To, All Domestic and International Airline Operators

This is further to the Urgent Notice issued by this office with reference no. 2076/77 DDG2/D.No. 1717 dated 28th April 2020.

As per the decision of Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers), the suspension period of all domestic and international commercial passenger flights has extended till 31 May 2020 (23:59 NST). Special permission from CAAN is required for Rescue flights, freighter flights and flights related to the medical and other essential supplies.

Thanks for understanding the situation as usual.

Can I travel to nepal from UAE with a Indian passport during current situation?

I am living in Dubai. I would like to know if I can travel to Nepal with my Indian passport without a visa in the current situation directly from the UAE.

Can i travel to nepal from UAE with indian passport during current situation?

I am living in Dubai. I would like to know if I can travel to nepal with my indian passport without visa in current situation directly from UAE .

Is it safe to visit Nepal? Corona (COVID-19)?

If you plan to travel to any country in the spring of 2020, read more about the Corona virus.

Now let's talk about Nepal. There are currently no positive cases mentioned in Nepalese citizens. Nepal does not provide visas upon arrival from March 5 to 31, 2020 (can be extended) to China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Hong Kong.
Although Nepal is currently safe, if you plan to travel to Nepal in the spring of 2020, extend until fall

Nepal – Actual trekking price to Everest base camp.

I was looking for a trip to Everest base camp and discovered this (Exclusive Adventure) and was talking to them during the trip. We are 5 friends who plan the trek to Everest base camp for next fall.

Although they are offering us a price of USD 800 for each person for a private group trip and with everything mentioned on their page. Although they have included USD 1600 for this package on their page.

My concern is how much it would cost if we did everything on our own. Do you like accommodation, meals, transportation, permits, guides and the doorman? And USD 800 is going to negotiate?

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Can a non-residential Indian go to Nepal without a visa?

According to Timatic, the database used by airline staff, Indian citizens do not require a visa to enter Nepal, and although you live in Dubai you still have an Indian passport, which means you are fine. Although it is noted that handwritten passports are not allowed, they must be valid for six months upon arrival.

With the Indian electronic visa, can I make the second entry from Nepal back to India through the Banbasa border crossing?

My situation is that I am already in India. I entered India with a tourist visa. The first entry must be through one of the designated air / sea ports. I entered through the Delhi airport and obtained a visa stamp on my Czech passport. Stamp says that I have several tickets, 90 days of continuous stay in India and the visa is valid for 1 year. Now I used almost 90 days and I want to travel to Nepal for the shortest possible time and return to India to get another 90 days of continuous stay. I am in Rishikesh, so the closest and cheapest option seems to be by bus that travels to the Banbasa border crossing. Can I return with my electronic visa also through Banbasa (which is not designated as the first port of entry)? And how much time do I need to stay in Nepal?