mobile application: at what stage of the user flow of a travel reservation application 2FA OTP would be needed

I am designing a 2FA OPT function for a travel application that allows users to book flights and trains. As users can store personal information, including their payment details, this level of verification is needed.

At first it made sense to include this flow at the beginning, just after users log in, similar to banking applications. However, I am considering including it only in the parts of the application where confidential information will be accessed. In this way, it may not be as intrusive for users who access the functions of the application that does not have personal information. What are your thoughts? Is there any other solution?

Urgent help is needed to move from Cpanel to Plesk

My current hosting company has just become Bezerk and has been providing horrible service for the past 8 weeks.

I urgently need to move my websites from your current Cpanel.
The new hosting is Plesk.

Any better recommended method?
Any difficulties I should avoid?

The new hosting company says there is an automatic change … from Plesk.
However, I don't want to trust that.

I am backing up Cpanel, but I suppose these are ONLY useful if I perform a Cpanel restore on another host.
I am compressing public_html.

Database Backup: Will downloading the CPanel backup to restore be fine?
Or should I use PHPAdmin to make a backup?

Thank you.

Mass server / marketing suggestion is needed


We run a small business with email marketing and list collection. Most of our lists comply with GDPR, but few times a month we can find a spam trap, resulting in abuse from our current provider. It is not a big problem with our volumes, but it always worries me.

Can anyone suggest a data center / provider "resistant to complaints of abuse"? Better yet if they let us control and respond to all abuses.

We currently have 90 IP addresses and only 12 of them on average are blacklisted. But we deal with eliminations and take all general precautions.

And we don't need an expensive solution for "email marketing" through regular and cheap servers.

Thank you.


US national accounts are needed. UU. And runners

We are currently looking for US commercial accounts and national brokers. UU. That specialize in the processing of credit cards.

We are not looking to sign up for direct business accounts. We are looking for business owners who currently have experienced business accounts and who seek additional income by allowing us to conduct our transactions with them.

We currently have more than 100 call centers processing with us for the following campaigns.

-Credit Repair
-Payment of debt
-Presence of student loans
-ID protection against theft

We are only looking for business owners located in North America.

Also, if you are an ISO that offers business accounts to business owners. This can be a great opportunity to earn additional income.

All ISO brokers are welcome.

Send me a message if you are interested, thanks.

Buy: a US-based editor is needed. UU.


Dont do it?

Advertise virtually anything here, with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads and CPC contextual links. You can segment relevant areas of the site and show ads based on the user's geographic location if desired.

It starts at just $ 1 per CPM or $ 0.10 per CPC.

Recommendation needed for a dedicated server in Melbourne Full control of IPMI / IDRAC / ILO, quality network


I am looking for a dedicated server in Melbourne, Australia, from a reliable hosting company.
Does anyone have good recommendations?
Quality is more important than price.

It must be a server with at least the following specification:

128 GB of RAM
2 x 960 GB RAID1 (or 5/6) SSD hardware units
XEON E5-2630 or Intel Silver CPU
Total control through IPMI / IDRAC / ILO


I don't know if this is the right place to get help for this, but I'm desperate.

Using HTC One M9 for four and a half years, every time the power and volume button didn't work, it replaced me twice.

Last month he had to replace again, but he accidentally broke the motherboard connector. The load was zero. The phone charged later and shows 100% charge on the screen off, but you cannot use the power and volume button.

USB CLEANING IS ON. But the adb reset command says no devices were found. Expected like this.

Anything I can suggest to turn on my phone at least once, to recover WhatsApp and stuff.

I would be very grateful. Thank you.

usability: are payment instructions needed after payment?

I work for a charity application project and I want to know your opinion with the payment flow.

Then, the potential users of this project are people with 20 to 40 years.

I'm curious to know if I don't show the payment instructions at the end of the payment flow / summary page. Will the user be confused?

dnd 5e: is a warcaster needed for Hexblade / Paladin multiclass?

In our next campaign I want to play a Hexblade – Vengeance Paladin multiclass.
The campaign will finally reach the highest levels. I want my final level division to be 14 levels in Hexagonal blade Y 6 6 in Paladin. I want to play this, so that we don't die all the time, but for reasons of history.
I can publish the background story later, if that is useful.

I want my character to be the tank for our group, so I want to wear heavy armor and a shield with a long sword. However, I have noticed that I really can't cast spells this way. With the sacred symbol and the improved weapon of the covenant, I can eventually ignore the material components, although a little late for my liking.
What worries me most are the somatic components of spells. Many of the spells that I want to use, such as retention person, mirror image and mail shadow require somatic components.
I want my character to be half elf, so I want to take elvish precision at level 4. My next feat would be at level 10. At that time, I can take the warcaster With. However, that's too late.

Is there any way to cast spells with somatic components for me, without using warcaster?Or do I have to give up my shield?
How would you build the character?

Managed VPS hosting help is needed


We are currently in a normal shared web hosting, but we continue to exceed resources. We have a main site and 4 smaller sites, although some of these smaller sites will have much more content in the near future.

We have been told that we need VPS hosting, but we have no idea what hosting specifications we need.

We know we need

VPS managed
Possibility to add free SSL certificates
Free support to migrate our existing sites through

I searched Google and many seemed to be outside the UK. Would this cause a problem with speed?

How do we calculate what kind of package we would need in terms of cores, bandwidth, space?

Is there any provider you recommend?