php – Common practice to pass class names to views in Laravel

I have a controller method that passes model names and class names to a view. These classes are instantiated in another controller method. In this case I am using the Laravel Excel package.

public function index()
    $exports = (
        'Model name 1' => TestExport::class,
        'Model name 2' => AnotherExport::class

    return view('export', compact('exports'));

public function download(string $collection)
    return Excel::download(new $collection(), 'Export.xlsx');

My view file then redirects to download controller method with the specific class name.

@foreach($exports as $name => $collection)

As I am learning design patterns and noticed that I would break the DRY rule, I did not want another driver method or each different Excel file that I downloaded.

Is this a good practice or can it be done better?

programming practices – Word order for names

I am working with a team of non-native English speakers and I am struggling to find a rule that explains why a method should be called getFilePath and not getPathFile.

Examples of this bad name appear every day and, except for pointing out the best name, I cannot find a good way to explain why words should be in a specific order, except "How is it written in English". Especially for variable names like this since none of its components are adjectives.

I realize that this is very basic and probably a second nature for everyone here, but I think that is why I am struggling to discover how to explain it to people who do not understand it.

How would you explain it?

I never knew about the 60-day transfer restriction on new domain names

I never knew about the 60-day transfer restriction on new domain names | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. I never knew about the 60-day transfer restriction on new domain names

    I have been buying and selling domain names for many years. Recently I was selling two names that I registered through Google Domains. When I went to make the transfer, Google told me that there is a mandatory 60-day wait for the new names. Apparently it is an ICANN rule and not specific to Google, and it applies to transfers from one registrar to another. I never heard this before. Fortunately, the buyer agreed to create their own Google Domains account. Consider the 60-day retention if you sell domain names. If my buyer was not willing to use Google Domains, I would have had to wait another 40 days before being able to transfer to a different registrar.

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database – How can I update all product names through the sql query in magento2?

Hello, I have a sku list of all the products in my store, I want to update all the names of the products that I have in the store through the sql query regarding your sku.

There is a table name: catalog_product_flat_21 Y catalog_product_flat_19 in my database

Just to verify, I have updated the column of (name) in these two tables and updated the caches, but still the name on the site is not updated.

Tell me if you have a solution of this using sql query, thanks!

Combine Google sheet data with the same header names

Sample data

So, I have data where several columns have the same column names. I would like to sort these column names alphabetically and then combine column entries with the same column name into a single column.

I tried the vlookup and querry functions but it was in vain.

.directory domain names

Has anyone tried the .directory domain extension, and got it classified for directory keywords? I am considering a particular EMD with the keyword, such as "blue widget directory">

Sale – Domain names + Websites |

Hello everyone,

I am selling my anime websites and domains. The reason to sell is that I just tried this niche and I want to enter new niches such as dropshipping. I will answer any questions and provide the screenshots you may need. The best platforms to contact me will be Skype (Moztycoon) or discord (Afro Moz # 8673)

Domain name: Alexa Rank: 4,152,528 (redirection 303 a. to July 31, 2019) Alexa Rank: 205,438 (redirection 303 a .io as of July 31, 2019) Alexa Rank: 145,116 (New site recently started getting high rankings on google) Alexa Rank: 3,467,915

Total daily traffic: 3k-4k

These websites are fully automated using my AnimeCMS script.

I'm looking for $ 500 for these 4 domain names + the automated scripts and the design with which they will come.

I also sell my website for $ 1,000 This website gets an average monthly benefit of $ 300 but you will have to promote it. I usually promote here or other forums to make sales, but I also use Facebook ads.

Anime domain names + websites

This will come with the following domain names,, and

Why are you selling this site?

The reason to sell is that I just tried this niche and I want to enter new niches such as dropshipping.

How do you monetize?

Does this site come with any social media account?
Do not.

How long does this site take to run?
None, this site is fully automated.

What challenges exist to run this site?
This is an anime site, so you will receive a DMCA notice and you must change to another subdomain name, for example (

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