Multiple devices – Phone deterioration rates

I wonder if there are published phone statistics how often they deteriorate and need repair. For example, I had Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, it deteriorated in 1.5 years and the seller offered me M5 for free because the repair of the M4 would take a long time, so I took M5, but the warranty did not extend and is deteriorating quite a bit fast too. And my mother's phone, Samsung Galaxy Ace, is very old but still working well. But I need a phone with more internal memory so that this phone is not good for me. I am interested in the longevity of the phone. I tried to look for statistics on phone deterioration rates, but I didn't find any. Did anyone find something like that?

Macos – How to better untangle messages on multiple Apple devices?

I recently bought a used MacBook Pro. Clean wipe, started with Mojave and then moved to Catalina. The "Messages" application did not work at the beginning. But I think I solved it by logging out of iCloud and then logging in again.

Now I am trying to find some long lost messages (2017-2018) sent from my iPhone. They are not displayed on the phone or Mac. Note: all the devices I have had have been set to: save messages forever.

The old Mac has old but not new messages. The new Mac has new but not old messages. The phone has old and new messages, but not everything, and it also lacks the "very important messages that I can't find anywhere but that I definitely didn't delete."

  1. I would like not to lose anything from now on.
  2. Is it possible to recover messages from old backups or are they rewritten / replaced?
  3. Is it possible to have a device that is & # 39; the file & # 39; and everything is finally downloaded there and nothing is deleted?

How to set multiple terms as default on the Devel node generate

I am using the Devel module >>> to generate content (Nodes) as proof and in CType I have a vocabulary with some terms, but when I generate it it is. 1000 nodes, are assigned only to the first term. Is it possible or is it possible to assign these nodes all terms randomly or set some term as default? Any solution?


3d – Find multiple transformation matrices

I am trying to find points in space given some fixed view (or projection) of those points.
For simplicity, let's say we have 3 points, unknown locations, in a two-dimensional space. We have 3 cameras that show the three points in 1 dimension. We do not know where the cameras are. How to find the points?

Sample Data:

See # 1. Points in (-2, 0, 2)

See # 2. Points in (-2, 1, 2)

See # 3. Points in (-2, -1, 2)

(Views 2 and 3 simply scroll left and right and angled from view 1)
The three camera transformations (camera at world coordinates) are transformation matrices $$ C_1, C_2, C_3 $$
That looks like this:
begin {bmatrix}
cos ( theta) & -sin ( theta) & t_x \
sin ( theta) & cos ( theta) & t_y \
0 and 0 and 1
end {bmatrix}

I have discovered that we can draw lines that originate at each point of the camera, and by applying a transformation matrix to those lines, they will meet at all three points. Nine lines, nine unknowns … should be possible, yes? But how?
Here are our equations:

Lines of View # 1
$$ y_1 = – frac {1} {2} x_1 C_1 $$
$$ y_2 = 0x_2 C_1 $$
$$ y_3 = frac {1} {2} x_3 C_1 $$
Sight Lines # 2
$$ y_1 = – frac {1} {2} x_1 C_2 $$
$$ y_2 = x_2 C_2 $$
$$ y_3 = frac {1} {2} x_3 C_2 $$
Sight Lines # 3
$$ y_2 = – frac {1} {2} x_2 C_3 $$
$$ y_1 = -x_1 C_3 $$
$$ y_3 = frac {1} {2} x_3 C_3 $$

But I don't know how to solve this. (My linear algebra is poor) I realize that there is no absolute answer, but we should be able to make everything align by some scale or projection factor. that is, once we know the position of a camera, we know the rest.

(Eventually I need to write a computer program to do this for 3D, but first I need to understand the basic principles. The document on which this is based is the unsupervised 3D reconstruction of Brown and Lowe. The process is described here and here, but I do not understand)

Does anyone know how I would solve this?

How to set multiple terms as default in node / add?

I am using the Devel module >>> to generate content (Nodes) as proof and in CType I have a vocabulary with some terms, but when I generate it it is. 1000 nodes, are assigned only to the first term. Is it possible or is it possible to assign these nodes all terms randomly or set some term as default? Any solution?


Why does my multiple exposure movie image appear darker than calculated?

I was experimenting a lot with multiple exposures on the same frame of the movie and I noticed unexpected behavior. While this might have to do with the shutter of my camera not working properly, it has been so consistent that I thought about asking the community if something is missing.

I'm using a 80's Minolta camera and I'm filming in the Fuji color inversion film. When I took two photos in one frame, I noticed that I could take two photos with "normal settings" (as in: what would I set up the camera in if I only took a single photo) in the same frame and it didn't work. It really looks terribly overexposed.

Now, when I took several photos in a frame, I thought that I would double the shutter speed if I took two photos or quadrupled it to take four photos, and so on (in reality I simply multiply the iso of the film by the number of exposures and adjust the camera at that value). Using that system, I noticed that the more exposures he made in a painting, apparently darker it became.

Am I missing something? I thought that evenly distributing exposure time in all exposures would be the same as having a full-time exposure, but maybe the movie has some properties that defy that logic?

I would be grateful for the clarification.

forms: where to place the Send button on a long screen with multiple entries

I am redoing a web configuration user interface for a piece of hardware. Think of a user interface setting up a standard router. Install this hardware on your network and access the configuration through your browser. The user interface will normally be accessed from the PC and should also be available for mobile devices, but the PC is definitely in focus here.

I need to implement a configuration form with a submit button. The previous design was made in material design and had this design:
enter the description of the image here

Form1, Form2 are slightly different configuration forms, which have a similar theme (SubMenu1 currently active). Think of "IP Address", "Router Name", "DHCP Settings", etc., if it were a router. All of these have the same Send button in the upper right corner that applies only the modified entries. For example, if there is an entry for a password, it will be applied only if it was changed; otherwise, the previous password remains even if the entry is empty. The send button, even though it is in a menu bar, is floating (when the menu bar is not) and always remains on the screen in exactly the same location when it moves.

I am redoing a user interface in a similar way, retaining the appearance more or less, but instead changing the forms to be grouped into cards:

enter the description of the image here

But I doubt using the same location for the Submit button, since I think there are serious problems from the UI / UX perspective.

  1. The location is extremely strange and not very intuitive. The button is in the menu that is common to all views and simply appears / disappears according to the view. Users don't expect me to be there
  2. The button, although in the menu, is not attached and floats when the menu is not.
  3. It is not obvious that if you do not change the password entry and leave it empty, the password does not change. My first thought is that this sends an empty password to the system. However, I am not 100% sure that this is a problem, I just find it strange.

The problem is that I don't know where to put the Send button here. My first attempt is to make it float and put it in the lower right corner. However, I don't know how to fix the password problem.

Is this a good suggestion? If not, what should I do? And is it a good idea to leave the password box as it is, or does it need to be changed?

mysql – How to get First and Last with multiple records?

I have these records and it is the assistance of each employee. I would like to get your assistance, what I have tried with Query is like this, that you are getting your assistance, but if you have a multiple registration, you will get the latest assistance.
Verify_States means 0 = Entry time and 1 = Timeout

This is the query I have tried:

select * from 
(select A.*, 

LEAD(A.Verify_State,1) OVER (PARTITION BY A.user_id 
ORDER BY A.user_id, A.verify_date) as Nxt_row_State, 

LEAD(A.verify_date,1) OVER (PARTITION BY A.user_id 
ORDER BY A.user_id, A.verify_date) as TO_Date 
from tbl_excel_attendance as A ) as tbl_DTR_Mapped 
where tbl_DTR_Mapped.verify_state = 0 and tbl_DTR_Mapped.Nxt_row_State = 1

EDIT: I also tried this query

    Select * from (
       DATE(verify_date) the_date,
       MIN(verify_date) OVER (PARTITION BY user_id, DATE(verify_date)) min_datetime,
       LEAD(Verify_State,1) OVER (PARTITION BY user_id 
ORDER BY user_id, verify_date) as Nxt_row_State, 
       MAX(verify_date) OVER (PARTITION BY user_id, DATE(verify_date)) max_datetime
FROM tbl_excel_attendance) as q
where q.verify_state = 0 and q.nxt_row_state = 1
ORDER BY q.user_id, q.the_date;

SQL violin sample

Desired output:

id  user_id      verify_date    verify_state  Nxt_row_State    TO_Date
6      16    2019-11-06 07:00:00    0            1       2019-11-06 19:45:00
3      16    2019-11-07 07:35:00    0            1       2019-11-07 18:05:00
13     19    2019-11-05 06:57:00    0            1       2019-11-05 18:28:00
10     19    2019-11-07 06:42:00    0            1       2019-11-07 18:04:00
20     40    2019-11-06 20:39:00    0            1       2019-11-07 06:39:00

What verification time is entry time and TO_Date is timeout?

The problem is the night shift. I cannot get the assistance of the night shift with several rows.

disable multiple accounts from the Exchange administration center using powershell script

so I need to disable several accounts for which I have email addresses in a csv file under the heading userPrincipalName (2000 email addresses).
I tried a script and I was wondering yes and no: "disabling the mailbox" "will remove the exchange properties …"
But then I couldn't find those addresses in the administration center under "Connect a mailbox".
So please help me with this task, as to what a perfect script would be and how to implement it.

The reason for doing so is because these users have not logged in for 4 years and my company wants to delete these accounts, but if I disable these accounts, can I re-enable them and how?

document library: our hierarchy of terms cannot be created and reused, error "Terms cannot be shared multiple times in the same set of terms"

We want to build our terms store to represent how our folder structure is managed. Currently, our folder structure within the main document library has the following hierarchy:

1) HR Dept
  - General Document
     * External 
     * Internal
  - Policies
     * External
     * Internal
     * Private

2) IT
  - General Document
    * Outlook 
    * SharePoint
        * Admin
        * Development
    * Office 365
  - Policies
    * Private

Now I want to create our store of terms to represent the previous hierarchy, for example, when users load a document into the "IT >> General Document >> Outlook" folder, to select the term as follows, etc .: –

enter the description of the image here

In addition, when users want to know all documents that are "Private" (added under a folder called Private), they can do so by filtering the documents using the term "Private", which should obtain all documents that are Private under any Department.

But I face the following problem, I can't reuse the terms shared more than once within the same set of terms.
For example, I created a set of terms that represent the shared terms (I call it Template), as follows:

enter the description of the image here

But I cannot reuse the terms of the Template more than once, for example, as shown in the image above, if I want to reuse the terms called "Private" and "Public" under the terms "IT" and "Human Resources" , I will get this error: –
enter the description of the image here

So, can anyone advise on this subject? As I mentioned, I want to reuse the same term within different departments, so that users can filter documents according to the term, such as obtaining all documents that are private throughout the department. Now if I create 2 terms called "Private" and add them within 2 departments, then I will not be able to filter the documents under different departments using the same term.