tls – Why are browsers trying to connect multiple sessions?

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I have seen that the Chrome browser sends two or three sequential messages of & # 39; ClientHello & # 39 ;.

It seems that the last connection is the session that really continues with the connection.

I wonder why the browser sends several messages from & # 39; ClientHello & # 39 ;.

Let me know about that.

usability – Multiple options vs unique option UI

In the panel we are building, we have 2 sets of options that users can choose from:

Multiple options (check boxes)
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and individual options (behavior of radio buttons)
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Although the appearance of the components is similar, their uses are different.

In the usability tests, users used these components without any difficulty or, once they used them, and understood the functionalities, they had no problem using them in the other parts of the product.

However, my fellow designers argued that the components should look different and that users should understand if it is a check box or a radio box from the first look.

My goal was to maintain consistency and decrease the cognitive load.

Any idea or input?

Editing multiple fields in the form generator

I would like to update / edit more than 10 fields in the form generator. E.g. update the "Show this field when" rule
Is there a way to select several fields and update them all at once? Otherwise, I have to do it manually for each field individually, which consumes a lot of time.

REGEXP_REPLACE how to use multiple replacement_string

how to multiple replacement_string using regexp_replace in oracle?

formula = 1 * 3

formula detail (1-> value1, 2-> value3, 3-> value3)

i want the result

formula = value1 * value3

customs and immigration – Malaysia "visa free" multiple exit and return

I am considering using Kuala Lumpur as a "home base" using the "3-month visa free" for EU citizens. I plan to fly into Kuala Lumpur with an exit ticket to my native country in Europe. I do not want to conduct visa runs.

Would I be able to leave Malaysia to various countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Australia and possibly after each country return to Malaysia all within the 3-month window with no problems at immigration each time? I'd rather not be accused of constant visa runs if I have paid for accommodation for three months in Malaysia.

A scenario to illustrate what I am attempting to ask:

I fly into Kuala Lumpur from a third country, but I have a return ticket from Malaysia to my home country. I arrange accommodation for three months in Malaysia.

I then travel to Singapore, and then back to Kuala Lumpur, then I fly to Seoul and return to Kuala Lumpur after which I fly to Australia and then back to Malaysia .. A month later I fly to Seoul and then return to Malaysia again and so on.

Immigration reissues me with visa-free stickers for each time but that is not my intention. I intend to holiday in Asia but have KL as a base to return to and recover.

After 3 months I return to my own country via Kuala Lumpur.


sharepoint online: the best way to update item permissions for multiple users with SP REST API?

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c ++ – Creating multiple objects and passing parameters through the constructor

I am trying to understand how to create several objects (20 in the current case) and pass the parameter to the constructor as shown in the comments of the code. Unfortunately, I can not pass parameters, as well as having an array of objects at the same time.

I tried this too to create the convector object with (100,200, construct (20)); But it does not seem to give the desired result.


class construction {
int a, b;

// Default constructor
build (int x1, int x2)
a = x1;
b = x2;
int getX1 () {
returns a
int getX2 () {
return b;
int main () {
int p, q;
construct * with = new construct[20](100,200);

for (unsigned int i = 0; i < 20; i++) {
    p=con[i]->getX1 ();
q = with[i]-> getX2 ();
printf ("% d% d  n", p, q);
remove with
returns 1;

The expected result would be 20 created objects.

How are multiple connections tested in the ActionCable test?

I get how to test responses with a connection in ActionCable. Suppose a connection should talk to another user who is also connected. How do you turn off multiple connections and prove that one thing is sent to the next?

How to represent multiple positive buttons like CTA

We have an extension that has two different actions: Yes and No. But these two actions come in two different flavors. Yes for the current page and Yes for the entire domain, which means Yes for the current page and treat this as Yes for any future page in this domain. Not similar for the current page and Not for the entire domain.

  1. I am using the check mark icon for Yes, Cross for No and the prohibition icon for No
    For the entire domain. I'm stuck on what icon could be the right option for Yes for the entire website.
    current icons and their meanings

  2. I am also currently showing Yes for the current page as the main CTA. I want to change the behavior and do Yes for the whole domain as Yes.

I'm planning to use a double check mark (like WhatsApp_ for Yes for the full domain option, but I'm not sure if it really conveys the meaning).

Any suggestions on how I should do this?

PS: this user interface is a menu displayed by the browser extension

Welp libs, 207 Catholics in Sri Lanka died in multiple bombings during the Easter Mass …

Sri Lanka is 70 percent Buddhist, 5 percent Christian, 5 percent Jewish, 10 percent Hindu and 10 percent Islam.

Now, who do you think would be behind these attacks?

Would they be other Christians?

Would it be the Jews?

Would it be the Buddhists?

Would it be the Hindus?

Or would it be so apparently the Muslims that you so passionately defend AGAIN?