Using hreflang with the same content on multilingual sites

I have a business listing site. The content of these businesses is ALL in German (title, description, etc.), so nothing is translated into other languages. This last fact makes my question slightly different from what I have seen in the sources I have read, see the references at the bottom.

Now, I want to allow non-German people to search the site as well. I translated the search by facets, buttons, etc. to English, so international users can still search for businesses by category in English, e.g. "all hairdressing salons". I am detecting a different language by adding a string to the URL, e.g. "/ en" for English.
I want to avoid penalties for duplicate content, and I read that canonical tags are no longer needed, so now I have introduced the following approach, is this the recommended approach?

General search pages





Business profile pages

(also note the German trade name in the URL)





Is the above the recommended approach?

Sources used:

  2. Multilingual site: use of canonical link and rel = "alternate" link
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Multilingual Site Map Structure – Webmaster Stack Exchange

Hello, I have created the Bcoz sitemap, several stores have been created by an administrator and there is no option to create multiple sitemap.xml files for each country, so I must follow the following, please check.

Will this work?

How can I do a multilingual program?

I am new to programming, knew some programming languages.
When I search for something about any program, it is written in more than one programming language.
How can I do it. And is it important to use multiple languages ​​to make advanced programs?

wpml plugin: redirect some of the languages ​​on a multilingual site

I have a site that uses WPML to display three languages.

  • EN –
  • FR –
  • EN –

I want to configure redirects so that all EN and FR pages (home pages and internal pages) are redirected (page by page) to pages in a different domain. However, a user who visits the home page with their browser language set to ES will be redirected to

I can use the redirect plugin for EN and FR redirects, but in doing so all users (including those with a browser language set to ES) are automatically redirected to the new domain. In other words, ES redirect doesn't work as it is the second one in the redirect queue.

What are my options?

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sitemap – Is there a SEO or pagerank benefit in grouping (rel = "alternate") of multilingual websites (using multiple domains) together?

I am building this website that will be multi-region / multi-language.

And for that, Google suggests the following:

enter the image description here

As my domain will have to change according to the language of the country, I will have to go with Option 1.

A country-specific domain.



Since they all have different domains, if I don't let Google know that they are the same website, they will all be treated as unique unique websites.

Google suggests that you can "group" them using one of those 3 options:

enter the image description here

If I'm doing it, I'll use the Sitemap option.

But my question is:

What do I gain by letting Google know that all of these websites are the same, but in different languages? What will be different if I let Google think that they are all unique and separate websites?

Do I earn some SEO or pagerank doing that?

I mean, what if I get a lot of traffic from my website in English? Does that benefit my results from other languages ​​in the other domains?

Windows Application – TriSun PDF to X 11.0 Build 061 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

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Optimized license type color and "license for …" labels for the interface.

Added a divider over the menu item "Get free license for translation".

Optimized internal efficiency.


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What's new


Windows Application – Coolutils Total Outlook Converter Pro Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

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Windows Application – EZ CD Audio Converter (x86) Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

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