plotting – How to properly write multiline text with LaTeX symbol in a frame and with background

I wanted to include a number of text-box with background color white inside a plot. The text inside the box will also have LaTex expressions as well as multiple lines.

Is there any way to include multiline text (including LaTeX symbol) inside a plot?

In addition I want to set frame and background color for the box.
I am currently using Epilog and Prolog to include such text.

  PDF(BinomialDistribution(50, p), k)}, {p, {0.3, 0.5, 0.8}}, {k, 0,50}), 
  Filling -> Axis, 
  FillingStyle -> Automatic,
  Epilog -> Text(Style(ToExpression("\text{E}_{x} \n text2", TeXForm, HoldForm),Bold),{30, 0.13}),
  Prolog -> {Inset(Framed( "E_{x}ntext2" , RoundingRadius -> 5,Background -> White), {45, 0.13})}
(*Prolog -> {Inset(Framed( MaTeX("E_{x}\n text2" ) , RoundingRadius -> 5,Background ->White),{45,0.13})}*)

Option-1 fails writing E_{x} as well as breaking line.
Option-2 fails writing E_{x} but breaks line.
Option-3 is the one I wanted but it fails in breaking line.

Is there any way to achieve this.

Moreover I also wanted to ask, what should one do if one has to include say more that two text boxes?

csom – Correct way of Convert Enhanced Rich Text field to Plain Text (multiline) – Sharepoint 2013

I changed a type of a Enhanced Rich Text column to Plain Text field.

enter image description here

I am seeing similar to the following content in the text field now.

<div class="ExternalClass3227FAEFAC38465BADF8165D56926D99"><p>This is used the text 16&#58;50&#160;‚Äč</p></div>

I wrote C# program (with CSOM) to iterate through each list item and strip the html tags and set just the text. I used regex, to strip html tags as mentioned in this post. It does remove the html tags, but it doesnt remove the html characters within the text. I tried, FieldValueAsText and didnt work for me.

I would like to know what the correct way is to achieve this.

user behavior – Multi-Line Text Box vs Single Line Text Box

We have a ‘Notes’ section in several of our webpages that is currently only displayed as a single line text box. We tend to get short responses (5-7 words) describing what they need. This almost always results in the need for a follow up before any action can be taken.

Would providing a Multi-Line text box lead the user to believe that we were looking for a more robust (see: lengthy) response? I’m basing this solely on intuition so if there is any research for or against this thought I’d love to know about it.

Generate TSV/CSV with multi-line cells that open in Numbers

I want to programmatically generate tsv files with multi-line cells that stay preserved when opened in Numbers app.

What newline character to use to enable multi-line cells?

javascript – Multiline text field JSON to array – SharePoint SPFx

@hisusu32 do you mean how you would write this as a JSON structure, or how you would save in a SharePoint list?

As far as I would write it in JSON:

    Action: 'Updated item number 3',
    User: 'John Smith',
    Date: '07/14/2020'
    Action: 'Renamed item 22',
    User: 'Diana Jane',
    Date: '07/04/2020'
    Action: 'Removed item 4 and item 15',
    User: 'Eli Perez',
    Date: '07/03/2020'

Let us know if that’s what you’re looking for (and next steps) so we can help.

How to remove a string from a multiline text box in C #

I have a multi-line text box that has the following values

enter the image description here

what i want to do would be remove the minus sign "-" from that first line but without changing the rest of the lines of the text box, just that line.

I tried but to no avail.

Textbox1.Lines(0) = Textbox1.Lines(0).Replace(" -", "");

user experience: is it appropriate to include a multi-line editing option for a CRUD page?

Let's say we have a situation where we have a particular entity, for example a User which has a set of related entities, for example Book.

At some point, a group of users physically receives a new Book.

That means that each user in that particular group now has a new Book.

At this point, someone has to connect to a page used to manage users and

  1. Edit each User who got a new book one by one.
  2. Select all users in the group and add the book to all of them in one operation.
  3. Skip the part where someone has to manually insert data and manually update the database when something changes.
    This is probably the best solution, but for reasons that go beyond the technical aspect (for example, the client requires updates to be inserted manually) it is not always feasible.

While exploring different prepackaged solutions, I was unable to find a solution that allows what I described in point 2.

Some of the premade GUIs I looked at include:

I am aware that the solution in point number 2 is prone to some problems (for example, if two users are selected, which books are shown to the user who visits the page? The books of the first user? The books of the second ? both users have? The books that have at least one of the two users?)

Still, I couldn't find a prepackaged solution for multi-line edits, and this led me to wonder

  1. Is it because for the backend that I am currently using, which is ASP.NET Core, none of the companies that create pre-made GUI have created a multi-line edit option and I should just create a multi-line edit option?
  2. Have I been looking in the wrong direction and multi-line editing is available, even in pre-made packages and I just got lost?
  3. Should multi-line edits be avoided all together?
  4. Does anything I'm asking make any sense? Am I missing something completely?

How can I create an Outlook / Exchange rule that matches on a multi-line chain?

I'd like to create a rule in Outlook (Office 365) to match a multi-line string in the body of an email so I can confidently remove boring messages that tend to arrive in large batches. Example:

Removed tag 'review'.

I want to match on the blank line about "Changes:" through the blank line after the "Deleted" line. If I can match all four lines as a single string, I can be sure that the email did not list any other changes and can be deleted. If I only match on one line, like Removed tag 'review'., there is a possibility that another line in the email would have been interesting.

I tried to copy the lines of an email and paste them into the search list in Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows and Outlook Web Access, but in all cases the search list appears blank after doing so. Is there a different interface that I can use to add these search terms or is multiline search not available?

Thank you!

regex – Python Replacing the portion of a multiline string that matches the exact multiline substring

Assuming a chain of several lines as follows:

This is an m
ultiline chain

x: t e st t) ()
and: abcd);

continuing the rope


I would like to match the exact string starting from x to the end of the line and – x and y are not part of the string, just a pointer for illustration.

SharePoint Online multiline with append – JSON format

In SharePoint Online, I have a column of several lines of text that has a marked appendix.

with JSON

Instead of displaying "View entries" in a multi-line text column with just add markup, will all entries be displayed or only the last entry?

enter the description of the image here

I am trained in JSON only answers.