Why do Republicans think that the Democrats established Mueller's research?

I do not confuse a Republican with Trump. I mean, where did you sleep when the 2016 elections showed that Republicans did not even want Trump?

But it did not matter. The Republicans still tried to ruin Trump several times, even with the Omnibus bill. Then, you have to wake up man. See what is happening.


Why Republican Senator Mitt Romney said: & # 39; I'm sick & # 39; for Trump's conduct revealed in Mueller's report?

Trump is not to blame for the Russian conspiracy.

So someone else is. Romney, naturally, since he is happy to accumulate wealth, not only boasts of how he steals from us but also buys and lives in expensive houses and laughs,

since we all suffer and struggle trying to squeeze a few thousand for good horses.

I mean what a good stud costs? 20 30 thousand?

What is the house and Romney's boats and other properties cost us all? MILLIONS over millions without a doubt.

Those Russians got that money from somewhere … and Romney surely has a lot if he does.


Why do Republicans act as if they do not want to read Mueller's full report?

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