Since Mueller's investigation was a fraud, should all "convictions" be revoked?


If the investigation was fraudulent, any person accused of a procedural crime should be removed. Without the investigation, mo-one would have been interviewed and would never have told lies to anyone.

That would let Stone, Flynn, Papadopoulos go. If the Ukrainian "Black Dossier" was a fabrication, as is now suspected, then Manafort should not have been convicted either.

What was wrong with Mueller's investigation? It was based on information obtained from electronic surveillance conducted by intelligence agencies in the United States. That surveillance was allowed due to FISA arrest warrants obtained by the Steele Dossier. That dossier is also believed to be a manufacture.

In fact, the head of Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, wrote a very similar document some years earlier. It's almost as if it was recycled for use against Trump.

If FISA detention orders did not have a solid legal basis, the information collected as a result cannot be used in court. Mueller knew that Steele Dossier was not reliable or verified as soon as he assumed the position of Special Advisor.

[ Politics ] Open question: Why are the Trumptards obsessed with the style, but not with the substance, of Mueller's testimony?

[Politics] Open question: Why are the Trumptards obsessed with the style, but not with the substance, of Mueller's testimony? .

DO YOU KNOW what's in Mueller's report? Would you like to know really?

In fact, I read about 200 pages. It was entertaining but, literally, there was no evidence of anything against Trump. It was a lot of "then we were informed about this other wild goose chase, so we chased the goose, but then we did not find any goose".

And I do not think you read it. If you did, you would know there was nothing in it. So do not pretend that you did. And it really bothers me that people say that "if you really read it, you would know there are all these terrible things there". however, all these people who claim this, never cite an example to support this claim. And the reason for this is obvious. Because people saying that, they did not read it.

And if they read it, would they cite things like this hilarious analysis of "obstruction" to dismiss Comey? Because it's NOT someone who commits an obstruction to justice, and it's actually quite funny:

In response to a question about whether he was angry with Comey about the Russian investigation, the President said: "As far as I'm concerned, I want that to be done properly." The president added that he realized that his termination of Comey "will probably confuse people" with the result that "it could even lengthen the investigation", but that he had to "do the right thing for the American people" and Comey was " the wrong man for that position. "

The president described Comey as "a show boat" and "a fanatic," said "

Trump says he read Mueller's report. Do you believe him?

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