How to open MSG file in windows?

How to open MSG file in windows?


how to search for a msg in apple messages app and read messages before and after

I frequently need to search for msgs on the apple messages app (on my mac). After I find the right message, I sometimes want to look at the messages that were sent before and after.

It’s easy enough to read the messages before (I just scroll up). However, it does not let me scroll down to see the messages after. What can I do?

Binance API Error Code: “code”: -1022, “msg”: “Signature for this request is not valid.”

I have a problem with the Binance API. I use HTTP request from Integromat, but I always get the following error message:

“code”: -1022,
“msg”: “Signature for this request is not valid.”

URL I use:

I created the signature with HMAC SHA256 and verified it via this website:

I used this example ( and compared the output code, it matches exactly, so mine should be correct too.

I requested the timestamp from Binance via HTTP request and added +1000 milli seconds.

I don’t understand why I still get this error message although the SHA256 hash is correct.

Does anyone have any idea? Attached are a image from integromat.Integromat Picture

Unable to parse debug msg in ansible

I have got a debug msg in ansible in the below format:
“msg”: [
“Output: test output “,
“ABC: some text “,
“Master “,
“Location: test location “,
“URL: ”
Now I want to retrieve the URL value from the above output, which i will use in rest of the ansible script. How can i get this URL which is “”, in this exact format? Please help.

windows msg error 1722 when sending message

Lately I learnt to send a message throught LAN with the command msg by using msg /server:<IP or Name of the target> * message. But I can’t send messages to some PCs because it outputs ERROR 1772 and on others ERROR 5. It also outputs ERROR 1722 when I try to send a message to the whole network by using msg /server:* * message or msg /server:<router IP> * mesage. I tried changing a registry value, but it stills without working.

Thanks everyone!

Converting msg to pdf in python

I really need your help in solving a problem! Apparently, my knowledge is not sufficient to find a solution.
So, I have some msg files that I have already created and saved. Now I need to write a function that can help me create pdfs from msg files (there will be many of them).
So far I’m getting this

    def from_file(fname):
        with open(fname, "rb") as f:
            message = BytesParser(policy=policy.default).parse(f)
        return Email(message)

    def to_pdf(self, fname, directory="./path/to/emails/in/pdf"):

        mail = mailparser.parse_from_file_msg(self.message)
        body = weasyprint.HTML(self.message.as_string())
        with open(filename, "wb") as f:

Of course there is a run function with the filenames (paths) for input(.msg) and for output (.pdf).
I’d be very grateful for your help!

email – Opening .msg files from sharepoint in Outlook

I’m looking for a way to open .msg-files, that are saved under our sharepoint online, directly with outlook (so I can reply, forward etc.) in stead of opening a preview in the browser (just like our word and Excel files). Does anyone know how to fix this?

I need to know which application this notification icon belongs to next to the msg icon with the black m in the white square

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sql server – Getting Msg 15151, Cannot alter user & # 39; xxxx & # 39 ;, because it does not exist or does not have permission

I have the following script and I'm still getting errors when it runs.

USE (master)

If Not EXISTS (Select loginname from (master).(dbo).(syslogins)
    Where name = 'xxxx' and dbname = 'xxxx-xxxx')

USE (xxxx-xxxx)
ALTER USER (xxxx) WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA=(db_datareader)
ALTER ROLE (db_datareader) ADD MEMBER (xxxx)
ALTER ROLE (db_datawriter) ADD MEMBER (xxxx)
ALTER ROLE (db_owner) ADD MEMBER (xxxx)

I have tried several permutations of this script without success. It does create the login, but it does not allow me to alter the properties of "user" or "role". When I can make it work without errors, it does not make changes to the user's profile.