movie – Development problems, maybe with the JOBO development tank?

I have been developing my own bw movie for some time, so far in a Patterson tank and without problems. Recently, I got a used JOBO-2236 Club tank … I've used it a bit, but I've had many more development problems (uneven development, etc.) with the JOBO tank I never had in the Patterson. Interestingly, when two rolls are developed in the JOBO, often only one roll is affected.
Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? Can a tank (which is airtight) have other problems? Can the reels have a problem?

Or does anyone have an idea of ​​what could have caused this?

I attached a sample, the photos were taken on a roll 120 of Rollei RPX25 and revealed in Rodinal 1:50 for 11 minutes. All of my previously shot RPX25s (developed in Paterson) looked great … interestingly, the second RPX25 roll in the same development process is pretty good.
The problems in Pancro 400 in my other publication are also in this tank …

Thank you!

Unedited Scan:
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Converted images:
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Best movie of 2018

Post here the best movie you saw in 2018.

Mine was once again John Wick! ;]

movie – Development problem with Bergger Pancro 400

I've been developing my own black and white movie for some time, and I haven't had many problems so far. But recently, I've noticed strange shapes on a roll 120 of Bergger Pancro 400. I don't know if it's caused by development or something else.
What really makes me think is that I developed two Bergger rolls in the same tank together, one is perfectly fine, but the other has all this …
The films were filmed in a Bronica ETRS, and were developed for 22 minutes in a Patterson tank using 1:50 Rodinal, shaking first 30 seconds, then 10 seconds every minute, stopping with water, Adofix for 6 minutes with continuous agitation, final washing (4, 8, 16, 32, 50 investments), and then wetting agent …

Does anyone have an idea of ​​what could have caused this?enter the description of the image here

dvd – Why is the duration of the same movie different?

I am currently digitizing my DVD collection. Some of the DVDs have a scratch and cannot be read perfectly. When this happens, I download this DVD from the Internet and try to recover the dubbed audio tracks or subs from the disc and add them to the mkv format.

However, for some DVDs this is not necessarily easy. The reason? The dvd has a length of, for example. 2h20. The download takes 6 more minutes.

The investigation led me to the fact that one of the sources is simply faster and slowing down the source to the same length as the other source leads to a perfectly usable mkv file.

What could be the reason for this difference? Could it be a signature of the charger or is it simply something with my player?

I must mention that all my DVDs are European DVDs and according to the frame rate of 23,976 the downloaded ones are American. Also possibly important: all DVDs had SD resolution (576p) and I downloaded them in HD (1080p) if possible.

How can I add my movie ranking to Google?

Google has added two of my rivals to the search result, I'm jealous
How did they do that?

enter the description of the image here

movie: why don't my photos compress beyond a certain size?

Compression algorithms find ways to group groups of pixels in similar colors to save space. For example, if a row of pixels was: Red, Red, A little red, Something red, Red, then a compression can be: Red x 5. (This is a really dumb example). Consider how you lost some data, but the size of the information could be reduced.

That said … there are limits. Your image can only be compressed so small. If you want smaller file sizes, then you need to CUT. Yes, kill some pixels.

The size of your 5Dmk4 image is 6720 x 4480 pixels. This is much, much more than what is needed for web viewing. Even cropping up to 2,000 in the long direction is more pixels than almost any monitor could show.

It would be better to crop the image and compress less than maintain a super large image and compress more.

Would you even consider watching a movie that contains partial nudes or would it be too inappropriate?

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