Low-budget video editing and filming service for $ 50

Video editing service and low budget filming.

Do you want your own short movie or YouTube vines, what are you in the right place?
Our services

  • Make movies
  • Short movies
  • Web series
  • Music video
  • Photoshoot
  • preproduction
  • Post-production
  • vfx
  • video edition

our work www.youtube.com/samzot

Able to edit videos or create everything according to your satisfaction.
We are a well-trained "Professional Editor". We will provide 100% satisfaction with our work.
If you want to edit your & # 39; videos & # 39 ;, then you are in the right place. We will edit & # 39; .. videos .. & # 39; for you.
We will help with:


Can I develop a red scale homemade movie at the high street store?

I usually develop C41 in the high street store (ie, SnappySnap, Max, Boots).
If I made a 35 mm inverted film (red scale), can I send it normally for development?

cdn123movies.club – Automatic movie script, anime and television | Proxies123.com

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Video editing services with fast delivery + second FREE video for $ 5

Video editing services with fast delivery + 2nd FREE video

Hello, I offer professional video editing services that deliver in 24 hours.

The final video does not exceed 3 min.

Previous work:

More on my YouTube channel:

Program used:
– Adobe Premiere Pro
– Adobe After Effect
– Adobe Photoshop

– Edition of music videos.
– Commercial and promotional content.
– Corporate and educational content.
– Showreel video
– Video of trips and weddings.
– Motion graphics (animation of logos, lower third, special effects)
– Correction by agitation / deformation.
– Color correction

Any format you want: MP4, MOV, MXF, etc …
I can provide project files on request for free.

You have a good day.


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✔ All the above.
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PRICE – $ 500

You have nothing more to worry about with your site. You just have to market it and spread it and get your passive income.
The sample sites will be given only PM ME !!

Why do you sell this as a service if you make a passive income?
– I already have my own web site and, basically, this is my freelance work before starting my own website. There are a lot of people who wanted to go with streaming sites, but they do not know how to set things up. So I'm offering a start service for them.


Movie: How to automate the detection of half-frame images with Epson V550 / V600, etc.

I have several 35mm negative strips.
shot with the Olympus PenD. It is a half-frame camera.

Is there any way I can tell the Epson V550 / V600 scanner software to detect all frames?

I find manually by selecting the box one by one
consumes 72 (of 35 mm images).

Official site of the movie (ex.). Wikipedia, NY Times, .edu backlinks. DA33, TF6, DR18


[ Movies ] Open question: RIP Rip Torn. Have you ever seen a movie with him in them?

[ Movies ] Open question: RIP Rip Torn. Have you ever seen a movie with him in them? .

In development – Development times for the Russian mystery "A125" movie

On a recent trip to Russia, I bought a dozen black and white movie boats that I had never heard of. FWIW, I bought them in two different stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The guys in the store fortunately told me the development time to D76 and although the film seems to be the same: they call it "A125" and obviously it's loaded in a massive way in reused film cans, I got contradictory indications about development times. D76 1 + 1 14 min in St. P. and D76 1 + 1 12min in Moscow.

My trusted laboratory in Berlin uses T-max RS And ideally, I would develop it there.

Currently I do not have the possibility to develop it myself and, since I do not know a laboratory in Berlin that uses D76, I was wondering what are my options:

First: Does anyone have additional information about this movie stock?

Second: Does anyone know the development times for other developers, ideally? T-max RS?

Lastly and most importantly, is there any way to deduct the development time, using the massive development chart and using movies with similar development times in D76 As a reference?

Movie: How can you tell if your Kodak D76 developer can no longer be used?

I do not know a way to know if it is exhausted (maybe it can process small lengths of proof of the film). Rather, it would follow the Kodak guidelines (PDF link), since it is probably more conservative with respect to how much time is preserved and how much film should be processed: the film is much It is more expensive than the developer, and the exposed film is irreplaceable, so losing a bit of development due to insufficient use is much safer than ruining the film.