will design a professional movie poster for $5

will design a professional movie poster

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video – Is there any way to download only part of torrent movie?

I make little clips from series for English learners. It is from half to a minute long, but I have to download a whole episode to cut it.

Is there any way to download only part of the episode with torrent, for example, as soda player does during movie streaming?

Tried to dig around libtorrent, but didn’t find anything useful.
Thank you.

[ Movies ] Open Question : RIP Ian Holm!  What was your favorite Ian Holm movie?

[ Movies ] Open Question : RIP Ian Holm!  What was your favorite Ian Holm movie?

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What is the best hosting package to run websites?
I highly recommended use Linux cPanel Hosting Package. The standard package is enough to run everything. You can also upgrade higher in the future if needed.

What is required to keep the business operational?

pay domain and hosting, post new movie

How does the business generate revenue?

display advertising (except adsense) affiliate network (amazon)

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?

domain and hosting

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Shared on spcial media

How can the future owner improve the business?

building SEO, create advertising

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Searching for Good Ads Network for Movie Website | Proxies123.com

hi guys just want a good suggestion,

i have a movie website hdmovie2.com, currently iam using ads network popads.net, but semms like their rate is not good, 0.3 so looking for good ads network, can you guys please suggest me mostly my website traffic comes from indian pakistan and usa,

if you guys can help me by providing some good suggestion then it will be great help for me thanks

Moviescome Movie Chronicle Flight

Watch Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Online
Watch 365 Days Online


Selling french movie Streaming domain


I am selling french streaming domain and website .

more than 2 year old and good alexa
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display – 4k movie on 4k screen scaled to 1080

I have my first ever 4k screen – a new 55″ TV – & I’m struggling with this paradigm.

I have to set it to show the desktop at an apparent 1080p otherwise I need to be within about 15″ to be able to actually read it.

So, what happens if I want to watch a 4k movie on it?
This is a bit hypothetical at the moment, I don’t yet have any 4k content to test this, & I’ve been holding back because I’m thinking it’s just going to get down-sampled to display on my “1080p” output, thereby gaining nothing.

Is this actually going to be the case? Am I going to have to re-scale the screen in order to watch at 4k, or will it auto-magically display the desktop at 1080 but a fullscreen movie at 4k?

I’m currently using VLC as playback app, set to not use macOS native fullscreen, so it expands in the current Space rather than making a new one for itself.

Mac is an old Mac Pro 3,1 stuck on El Capitan, with an aftermarket 4k-capable GPU, connected over HDMI & working entirely as expected for 1080p & lower content.

I will add your music on movie playlist for 30 days for $10

your song placed on Movie Playlist$5your song will be added to growing playlist for 1 month with over 23,000 followers

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