move the database cluster postgresql 9.4 to debian buster

I have a backup of the postgresql folder (without dump) of postgresql 9.4.

On my Debian buster server I want to run this old database, so I installed postgresql-9.4 again with this tutorial:

Now it is said

pg_createcluster 9.4 main --start
Configuration of the existing cluster (configuration: /etc/postgresql/9.4/main, data: /var/lib/postgresql/9.4/main, owner: 117: 120)
Error: move_conffile: the required configuration file /var/lib/postgresql/9.4/main/postgresql.conf does not exist

I managed to start a new cluster2:

But that one is empty. My old main group contains all my data.

How do I start the old main cluster?

Can I move the alternative menu to the top bar?

I was wondering if I could move the menu that appears when I click on the Alt key to the top bar. I know this sounds stupid, but I do not want it to occupy space in my window.

Algorithms: move the circle on the screen when the camera moves.

I have a script that accesses my webcam and shows the video captured on the screen. I can also draw a circle very easily (a rectangle, it does not matter) about the video.

When I move the camera physically, the video also "moves". My webcam is armed in the upper left corner of my monitor. Then, when I slide the camera through the monitor to the right, the video itself, and all the objects in it move to the left.
But, it is obvious, that the drawn circle remains immobile.

Now I want the circle to move when the camera moves.

G1 When the circle contains an object (as in pic1), the objective can be reached using the object tracking algorithms. (I'm working with python and using openCV lib, and there are several integrated algorithms (Boosting, MedianFlow, MIL), also the algorithm of media change, etc.)

G2 There may be cases where the circle does not contain an object (it has no underlying object, as in pic2). In these cases, the object tracking algorithms do not work.

I hope I have managed to explain the problem. Now I have 2 questions:

Q1 Is there a better way to achieve goal 1?

Q2 How can I achieve Goal2? (There may be a way to determine that the video and the objects (the wall clock in image 2) moved to the left and move the circle proportionally).

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm new to the Stack Exchange platform, so if the current topic is not the right place for my question (problem), tell me where I should post it.


Do you want to move out of LA. Where to go?

Just fed up with Psychz's operations I can not take it anymore. Power failures and network problems are killing. You want to move but can not decide … | Read the rest of

unity – How can you configure a NamMeshAgent to always look to the next route position, but never move there?

I would like to have something like a panel on the screen that appears in the direction in which it is supposed to go.

The panel is a NamMeshAgent with a speed of 0. I expected something like this to work:

In Start:
agent.updateRotation = false;

In To update:
this.transform.LookAt (agent.nextPosition);

But there is no luck.

It should be simple, I'm not very familiar with the 2019 Unity navigation mesh and I can not find the answer online. Thank you.

unit: with gravity activated, how does a RigidBody move forward at a specific speed?

I have a perfectly smooth cube on a perfectly smooth plane. I'm applying a forward force of 1 unit per second, using rigidBody.AddForce (new Vector3 (0, 0, 1), ForceMode.VelocityChange). I apply this force every FixedFrame (), taking into account Time.fixedDeltaTime, of course.

When the "Use gravity" check box in RigidBody is do not Tested, the object behaves as expected; After exactly 3 seconds, it has a speed of exactly 3 units per second.

However, when I enable the "Use gravity" checkbox, the object barely moves. Both the object and the surface use physical materials with zero friction, and the RigidBody of the moving object has zero drag and zero angular drag.

Why did this happened? And, what is more important, how would you apply a force to this object so that it moves forward to, say, exactly 3 units per second, with gravity enabled?

Thank you.

Career – Move to a field of low abstraction

What are the examples of mathematicians who initially worked mainly in an area of ​​high abstraction (comparatively) and then began to work mainly in an area of ​​low abstraction (comparatively)?

Here, the level of abstraction is defined as follows: take a role of yours, choose the main interest object, give its definition, then give a definition of all the terms that enter the definition, and so on before reaching the notions "atomic" (that for the majority of the mathematicians will be joint). The number of iterations is the level of abstraction.

An anti-example is Barry Mazur, who started working in geometric topology and then moved on to arithmetic geometry and some technology-intensive number theory.

c #: The player does not move smoothly when I try to follow the position between the cursor and the player. Unity 2D

When the player moves, moving the camera seems that the camera is teleporting the player, and then, after charging the teleportation again. I want to make it move smoothly.

When the camera follows the position of the player, it moves smoothly.

Next camera code:

Private vacuum update ()
Vector3 position = GetFollowingPoint ();
position = new Vector3 (
Mathf.Clamp (position.x,
Bounds.bounds.min.x + Camera.orthographicSize * Screen.width / Screen.height,
Bounds.bounds.max.x - Camera.orthographicSize * Screen.width / Screen.height),
Mathf.Clamp (position.y,
Bounds.bounds.min.y + Camera.orthographicSize,
Bounds.bounds.max.y - Camera.orthographicSize),

transform.position = position;

GetFollowingPoint ():

return Player.transform.position + (cursor.transform.position - Player.transform.position) / 3;

python 3.x – Move an image at will in a boxlayout with kivy

I have a list of images and I need to move them in carousel mode when a certain condition is met. The problem is that according to the code I can only move one image instead of several. They must be moved so that as one moves, the other appears without space between the photos (like a carousel). The first problem that I find with the code is that I do not know how to move the first image smoothly although I have tried with kivy clock schedule but I have not been able to implement it correctly and I discarded it. But even getting that is the most important thing is to make the next image appear.
I have also tried with kivy carousel but I do not know how to make the images move one by one by means of a button or by a condition or by calling a function. And also in this case I would need to disable the movement of the images through the mouse or through the fingers in android.
And finally how do I make a call to the function displace of Images (Screen). I'm not able to do it! Thanks in advance!

from kivy.uix.boxlayout import BoxLayout
from kivy.lang import Builder
from import App
from kivy.uix.screenmanager import ScreenManager, Screen

Builder.load_string ("" "


    name: 'screen_imag'
    id: imag
        orientation: "vertical"
        id: screen_boxlayout
                pos: self.pos
                size: self.size

            id: photos
            source: "imagen1.png"

            id: button_boxlayout
            orientation: "horizontal"
            padding: 10
            size_hint: (1, 0.15)

                id: desp_button
                text: "Scroll"
                size_hint: (0.33, 1)
                on_press: root.displazar ()

"" ")

class Screen (ScreenManager):

class Images (Screen):

    def displace (self):

        for i in range (10):
            self.ids.fotos.center_x + = 10

MyApp class (App):
    def build (self):

        return Screen ()

    # Images.displacing ()
if __name__ == '__main__':
    MyApp (). Run ()

Applications – Move irremovable applications to the SD card
open the application,
Go to the "ROM only" tab,
hold the application,
tap "make it movable",
"Uninstall" (the original application),
"install" (the apk patched),
Then check again from the configuration of your application if the "change" (storage) button appears.
Note: the application will no longer be updated from Playstore. You lose all the data of the application when uninstalling