keyboard shortcuts – How to move to certain symbol in the next line?

Let’s take a couple of lines:

asdkgjas;fwewgdsgflk : wthtklsjflasd
djfghkdjfgndfgdfg : wreteqw'(erlw

How could I move right away to the next line so that the cursor would appear after : (regardless of it’s previous position on the previous line)?
If not possible to do it right away the with minimum actions.
I don’t have certain preference about text editor, it can be any.

migration – How to move users with homes encrypted using ecryptfs to new system instance (the same distro)?

From this topic I learned how to move users to new system (just copy etc/passwd,shadow,group,gshadow). I tried it on debian buster. And it turned out that in my case, it doesn’t work correctly. I suppose it may be connected with the fact, that some user’s homes are encrypted using ecryptfs. I copied the mentioned files, mounted the original /home location in the new system but after this operation graphical session stucks on black screen with cursor instead of showing login screen.
On the other hand, I’m able to login as user with encrypted home on text console. Encrypted home is mounted and everything looks OK. Is it indeed connected to ecryptfs? What else should I copy, besides 4 mentioned files, to fully migrate?

Am I able to move the launch bar from the left side of the desktop to the bottom in ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS OS and would like to move the launcher bar to the bottom of the desktop. Is this possible? I am new to Linux and presume that i will need to use terminal commands to do this. If so please provide those commands.

Move to pagination with URL parameters

I can not find the way to use URL parameters to define pagination pages /posts?page=2 instead of the conventional WordPress way /posts/page/2/

The goal is to make WordPress change the way it manages pagination, without breaking the website that is using the conventional WordPress permalinks format


and change the pagination to


I am happy also with this variant:


if necessary.

❕NEWS – Nigeria move to regulate Crypto currencies and other digital payment. |

News update available from primetime news Nigeria as stated that the data collated by chainnalysis on 2020 global Crypto currencies adoption index, Nigerla is ranked to be competing with countries like US, Ukraine, Kenya, China and Russia where Crypto currencies adoption us very significant.

This has prompted the Security exchange commission to Nigeria to encourage the Crypto currency market on ethical and efficient trading acitivites.
The commission is to regulate all innovations, hinged on safety market deepening and provides solutions to problems.

This is signal that Nigeria is on the track to legalise Crypto currencies fully soon.

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product – Magento 1.9: I need to move the Pincode checker extension above Add to cart button

I am developing the website called I want to move my Pincode Checker extension above the add to card image like image#2. I was able to do that from inspect element but I can’t find the exact file where I can do changes. Also, I have searched file using template path hints but I can’t find the exact path or file. Attached are the screenshots. Also I want to know how do I know the exact source of the file I am editing in inspect console of Google Chrome.

enter image description here
enter image description here

dnd 5e – What is the Fastest a Character Can Move in One Turn?

The fastest single round movement speed is one of 3 answers. The fastest is the 303-Monk which has to be lightly beaten until launch.

Using a friendly Transmuter plus magic item property rules – 16,800 feet flying, but all you can do is move and it also requires a friendly Transmuter to flog until ready to maintain Rage whilst the Abjurer Ward covers the HP damage. The 303-Monk covers 3.03miles at Mach 2.37 and is quite angry when it arrives.

Using a friendly Transmuter and only the printed magic items – 16,000 flying

Just by themselves means losing Elk Rage and dropping Monk FM to +10 – 15,400 flying or 14,800 if we forego the Magic Item qualities too

Just by themselves and no Wind Walk has a different build utilizing Druid Wild Shaping and Potion of Speed. This gets – Land 6,800, Swimming 6,800, Climbing 6,000, Burrowing 5,000, Potion of Flying 6,800

Same Druid, but no +5 or +10 speed magic items – 6,200/6,200/5,400/4,400/6,200

Fastest Speed Build – Solo and no Wind Walk
Tabaxi – Wizard 7, Barbarian 5, Druid 4, Fighter 2, Rogue 2
Race – Double speed
Feats – Mobile +10
Class – Barbarian Elk Rage +15, Barbarian Fast Movement +10, Fighter Action Surge +Dash, Cunning Action +Dash
Spells – Longstrider +10, Potion of Speed +Dash & Double Speed, Wind Walk 300ft speed
Objects – Boots of Speed Double Speed, +5 Minor Magic Item Quality, +10 Major Magic Item Quality, +10 Transmuter, Potion of Flying
Boon – Speed +30

Base Movement: 170 feet
60 +10+15+10+10+10+5+10+10+30

Speed Multipliers: 1,360 feet
Boots x2
Haste x2
Tabaxi x2

Number of Moves: 5 x 1,360 = 6,800
Move = 1
Action +1
Bonus (ER or CA) +1
Haste Extra Action +1
Action Surge +1

Fastest Speed Build – Wind Walk + Friendly Transmuter
Tabaxi – Rogue 2, Fighter 2, Elk-Barbarian 5, Monk 11
Race – Double speed
Feats – Mobile +10
Class – Barbarian Elk Rage +15 (walking only), Barbarian Fast Movement +10, Fighter Action Surge +Dash, Monk Unarmored Movement +20
Spells – Cunning Action +Dash, Longstrider +10, Haste +Dash & Double Speed, Wind Walk 300ft speed (unlcear: “While in this cloud form, a creature has a flying speed of 300 feet” – that wording implies that your fly speed DECREASES to 300 if its more than that.)
Objects – Boots of Speed Double Speed (walking only), +5 Minor Magic Item Quality(if you make your own), +10 Major Magic Item Quality (if you make your own), +10 Transmuter
Boon – Speed +30

Base Movement: 420 feet
300 +10+15+10+20+10+5+10+10+30

Speed Multipliers: 3,360 feet
Boots x2
Haste x2
Tabaxi x2

Number of Moves: 5 x 3,360 = 16,800
Move = 1
Action +1
Bonus (CA) +1
Haste Extra Action +1
Action Surge +1

My friend is a Bulgarian citizen and he wants to move to Norway [closed]

For an Bulgarian**** citizen moving to Norway what is the requirement

My friend is an bulgarian citizen and he want to move in norway

For an Bulgarian**** citizen moving to Norway what is the requirement