javascript – Move an element with css only within the parent element

function getCordenada(min, max){
  let cordenada = Math.floor(Math.random()* (max-min +1)+min);
  return cordenada;
getCordenada(-400, 400);

function mover(){
  let cordenada1 = getCordenada(-100, 100);  
    let cordenada2 = getCordenada(-100, 100);  
document.getElementById("botonaso").style.left=cordenada1 + "px";
document.getElementById("botonaso") + "px";
  min-height: 505px;
  min-width: 505px;

  height: 60px;
  border-radius: 30px;
  cursor: pointer;

    Juego AIM

Juego AIM1

javascript: more idiomatic way to move an item from one dict value (list) to another?

Is there any more idiomatic way of handling the following scenario? I am open to lodash, etc. if required. This does what I want, but I feel that there is probably a shortcut that I am missing:

const migrateValues = (obj, srcKey, destKey, value) => {
    updatedSrc = ();
    obj(srcKey).forEach(x => {
        if (x !== value) {
    obj(srcKey) = updatedSrc;
    return obj;

obj = {
    "key1": (1, 2, 3),
    "key2": (4, 5, 6),
    "key3": (7, 8, 9),
    "key4": (10, 11, 12)
valueToMove = 11;
srcKey = "key4";
destKey = "key2";

console.log(migrateValues(obj, srcKey, destKey, valueToMove));

Move the database of the second instance to mount units

The MS SQL server is running in 2012. You can move the data to the new VHDs mounted as units, but you could not move the databases in the second instance to the new Mountpoints. Then the v3700 is still connected to Server-04. We appreciate a little help on the steps and the query to move the databases to the new location.

Game mechanics – Make the enemy move randomly SDL2 c ++

How do I make an enemy move in random directions?
I tried this, but it does not work as I want … why am I asking what should I do to achieve it? (The pseudo code would be great)

 void Enemy::Update()
    Timer += Timer->GetTimeElapsed();
    int Random = (rand() % 4);
    if (Timer >= 2.0f)
        switch (Random)
            m_xPos += 10.0f * Timer->tElapsed();
            m_xPos -= 10.0f  * Timer->tElapsed();
            m_yPos -= 10.0f  * Timer->tElapsed();
            m_yPos += 10.0f  * Timer->tElapsed();

Thank you

unit: is there any way to move sprites inside the sprite editor?

I imported a .png file of a stickman in which I placed his head, body, two legs and two hands a little apart from each other so that Unity automatically converts the image into sprites. In fact, Unity turned those body parts into sprites easily, but now I have a problem. I made a bone that goes through the body and another bone that goes from the body to the head through the transparent area between the sprites. In addition, I created a bone for each hand and leg and attached them to the body bone. The problem is that when I generate geometry automatically, the representation of the mesh works completely well inside the stickman's body, but it doesn't work anywhere else, be it the hands, the head or the legs. I can see the mesh only on the stickman's body and nowhere else. Does this problem arise because sprites are not connected or is there any other reason? I am very new in game development, therefore, try to explain it in simple words. Thank you.
enter the description of the image here

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mac – How do I change the brightness button to move the lock button?

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Urgent help is needed to move from Cpanel to Plesk

My current hosting company has just become Bezerk and has been providing horrible service for the past 8 weeks.

I urgently need to move my websites from your current Cpanel.
The new hosting is Plesk.

Any better recommended method?
Any difficulties I should avoid?

The new hosting company says there is an automatic change … from Plesk.
However, I don't want to trust that.

I am backing up Cpanel, but I suppose these are ONLY useful if I perform a Cpanel restore on another host.
I am compressing public_html.

Database Backup: Will downloading the CPanel backup to restore be fine?
Or should I use PHPAdmin to make a backup?

Thank you.

dnd 5e – Is it possible to move through a guardian of the space of faith?

Nothing in the spell text to guardian of faith(PHB, 246) states that it is a creature. It says (my emphasis):

A Great spectral guardian appears and travels over time in an unoccupied space of your choice that you can see within range. The guard occupies that space and is indistinct, except for a gleaming sword and a shield with the symbol of his deity.

However, it does not clarify what it really is. Compare this with Bigby's hand(PHB, 218), which uses a similar language (my emphasis):

You create a Large bright translucent force hand in an unoccupied space that you can see within reach.

But keep in mind that it is also explicitly stated:

The hand is an object …

Guardian of the faith He never explicitly says that it is a creature or an object. Without that information, it really depends on a DM to determine what it is.

Most creatures and objects have HP and AC

One thing to keep in mind when making a decision is that creatures and objects have AC and HP. the guardian do not.

That is a solid case so that it is not a creature or an object, and does not fall under the rules of the creature's space or the problems of the physical object.

Simply being visible as a shield and a sword seems to be possible through it.

Why say what size it is?

The need to know how much space you control is necessary to determine how close someone is to activate skill saving.

How to move / show contacts on the device (not Google or other accounts)?

I just received a new Moto G7, with Android 9. Before setting up a Google account, I transferred some contacts from an old phone. Then I created / signed in to the Google account.

Now, in the phone application, I can get the contacts tab and see these transferred contacts. If I want to edit one of them (while I see it), I have to touch an icon that looks like "add contact", which then becomes "edit", I touch edit and I can edit the fields, and at the top it says "on the device".

However, if I create a new contact, I cannot choose to create it "on the device", only in the Google account.

If instead of the phone application, I use the contacts application, only contacts from the Google account appear, and not "on the device", and I cannot find a way to select the account "on the device".

Is there any way to manage these contacts "on the device"? Move contacts between "on the device" and Google accounts? Show contacts "on the device" as if it were another account?