dnd 5e – Can a space from Phantasmal Force move?

Yes, and no

So there is a slight problem with the interpretation, but the end result could be the same.

Per the description,

On a failed save, you create a phantasmal object, creature, or other visible phenomenon of your choice that is no larger than a 10-foot cube and that is perceivable only to the target for the duration.

So the image could not be of an “infinite” hallway, merely 10 ft of hallway. However, the image can adjust as needed…

While a target is affected by the spell, the target treats the phantasm as if it were real. The target rationalizes any illogical outcomes from interacting with the phantasm

So the image could be of a 10 ft hallway, with a fireball going off at one end. But as you race to the far end, walls and ceiling keep attaching themselves meaning that as you run the corridor builds around you with the fireball in pursuit. Think of how Magneto pulls in metal plates to form a walkway as he strides.

So the initial description of “infinite hallway” would fail/not be allowed; it is possible to describe the illusion that keeps up with a moving target.

An example given in the description is:

For example, a target attempting to walk across a phantasmal bridge that spans a chasm falls once it steps onto the bridge. If the target survives the fall, it still believes that the bridge exists and comes up with some other explanation for its fall – it was pushed, it slipped, or a strong wind might have knocked it off.

So the person under the spell fell, but even though they are presumably no longer inside the spell range, the illusion still holds true in their mind.

magento2 – Move Attributes from Attritube group to Unassigned Attribute Programmatically

enter image description here

Im trying to move attribute from Attribute group to unassigned from all attribute sets in my controller.
I tried below code by its not removing, instaed its deleted.

$eavSetup = $this->eavSetupFactory->create(('setup' => $this->moduleDataSetup));
$eavSetup->removeAttribute( Product::ENTITY,'my_custom_attribute_code');

When i try below nothing happens to the attribute

$attribute = $this->_eavConfig->getAttribute( Product::ENTITY, 'manufacturer');
$id = $attribute->getAttributeId();
$options = $attribute->getSource()->getAllOptions();
foreach ($options as $option) {
           $options('delete')($option('value')) = true; 
            $options('value')($option('value')) = true;
           $eavSetup = $this->eavSetupFactory->create(('setup' => $this->moduleDataSetup));

Anyone help how to achieve this? Thanks!

cmd – Why isnt the “move” command working in my batch file?

so i am trying to make a batch file that moves my files of choice.
but the “move” command isnt working, this is how i coded it:

@echo off
title file mover
goto filemover

echo Please type what you want to put in the .txt file
set /p input=Type: 
echo %input% >> inputfile.txt
::And here i want it to move the file to the Desktop
move "inputfile.txt" Desktop
::but when i do that it just removes the txt file (inputfile.txt) and replaces it with "Desktop.File"

dnd 5e – Can a Fathomless Warlock move their Tentacle of the Deeps without attacking?

In Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, a warlock with the Fathomless patron can summon a Tentacle of the Deeps, whose description includes the line

As a bonus action on your turn, you can move the tentacle up to 30 feet and repeat the attack.

“Can…and” seems to suggest that you must do both: move and attack. “Up to 30 feet” means you could move it 0 feet and repeat the attack, but can you move the tentacle without attacking?

How to move country and region dropdown inside street field on checkout in Magento 2

I want to move country and region dropdown inside this street fieldset. How can I move that?

<fieldset class="field street admin__control-fields required" data-bind="css: additionalClasses"> .. </fieldset>

Any help would be appreciated.


google sheets – Using INDEX to move a value, but also do an operation on it?

I’ve built a crop planning calendar in which I enter the date I want a crop to be ready in one sheet, and it is automatically populated in the following sheet using INDEX.

I enter data in these cells on the first sheet.

The goal is to enter the date I want the crop to be ready in the first sheet, and the formula in the second sheet “reverse” dates back to the date I need to plant it (which is an earlier date), using:

=IF(U$3+MROUND(($BH4+$BG4)/7,1)>=53, "", IF($C4="Baby", INDEX('TP Bedft'!$D4:$BC4,1,U$3+MROUND(($BG4)/7,1)), INDEX('TP Bedft'!$D4:$BC4,1,U$3+MROUND(($BH4)/7,1))))

Then on the next sheet, I use INDEX to move the data to the week I need to plant the crop.

On the third sheet is the day on which I’m supposed to seed it in the greenhouse (which is even earlier). However, I not only want the data to move to the right cell (week), but I also want to do an operation on that number to convert it to, in this case, the number of trays to be seeded. Right now I’m using:

=IF('TP Schedule'!U4="","", MROUND('TP Schedule'!U4*$BF4*$BH4/$BG4,0.5))

This changes the number from the second sheet to “# trays”, but how do I do that calculation AND move it to the right cell using INDEX within the same sheet?

Here the data in the cell needs to move back by a certain number of weeks, but it also has to be converted to another number by way of a calculation.

dnd 5e – Can a character move a creature into an empty space that would require it to squeeze?

There’s no rule that says you can’t use forced movement to push an enemy into a squeezing position, or into a bramble patch, or a wall of fire, or even off a cliff. In the absence of a rule that says no, the default position is that you can.

Some DMs will give a character an extra save to see if they can catch the edge of a cliff or whatnot, but that’s entirely on the DM to decide — there is no rule that says those are required. As in real life, smart people do not fight on the edge of a cliff if they can help it. And since the results of being pushed into a tight space is much less than going off the side of a mountain, it’s reasonable that doing this is just using good tactics and not restricted by the rules.

Back in 4th edition, there were a bunch of rules about what you can or can’t force an enemy into, but that’s not how 5e works.

classes – Move an object from class A to class B in Java

I am new to Java and I have a question here.I don’t understand one thing. If I have a task with title,color,description and I have 2 columns : Planned and InProgress..I want to represent with Java classes a modality to move my task from Planned to InProgress and back( I just want to print in console” Task moved in InProgress”) and then “Task moved in plannned”..I tried this and I need a feedback.Thank you

 public class Task {
public String title;
public String color;
public String description;
public String workingDev;
public String revDev;

public Task(String title, String color, String description, String workingDev, String revDev) {
    this.title = title;
    this.color = color;
    this.description = description;
    this.workingDev = workingDev;
    this.revDev = revDev;
public Task(){};

    public class Planned extends Task {
   public InProgress inProgress;

public Planned(String title, String color, String description, String workingDev, String revDev, 
 InProgress inProgress) {
    super(title, color, description, workingDev, revDev);
    this.inProgress = inProgress;


public Planned() {

public void moveInProgress(InProgress inProgress) {

public void moveInPlan() {
    System.out.println("Task moved in Planned");

    public class InProgress extends Task {
    public Planned planned;

public InProgress(String title, String color, String description, String workingDev, String revDev, Planned planned) {
    super(title, color, description, workingDev, revDev);
    this.planned = planned;

public InProgress() {

public void moveInProg() {
    System.out.println("Task moved InProgress");

public void moveInPlanned(Planned planned){

    public class Hello {
    public static void main(String() args) {
    InProgress prog = new InProgress();
    Planned planned = new Planned("delete", "green", "hard task", "Alex", "Florin", prog);

    InProgress progress = new InProgress("cancel","green","cool","Dorin","Cosmin",plan);

key generation – Why we are still required to move the mouse when generating the keys in VeraCrypt?

During the setup of a new encrypted volume, the VeraCrypt requires a random mouse movement within the window. If someone looking from the outside can see that a monkey sitting in front of a computer playing with the mouse.

There are good solutions to generate cryptographically secure keys like the usual devrandom [1] on Linux and BCryptGenRandom on Windows. During the random key generations in TLS, nobody is asked to be a monkey. In OpenSSL openssl rand 128 handles key generation very fastly.

So, at this age, why we still need the mouse movement on VeraCrypt? Is there any specific reason that I miss it?

Python 3.8 Locate and Move Files By File Extension To a Single Directory Across Multiple Drives In Windows 10

I am looking for a Python 3 script to search multiple drives and directories/subdirectories on those drives and locate .psd files I have created and move them to a single directory. The .psd files are scattered across several drives and reside in a myriad of directories and subdirectories. I have used a couple of shulutil scripts but have not been able to find or successfully modify them to search for .psd files in every directory and subdirectory on a single drive then to move onto the next drive and repeat the same directory tree search and move the files to a single folder on the c: drive.
How could I modify something like this to complete the task:

import os
import shutil
DEST_DIR = '/Users/johnf/Desktop/allpsd/'

for fname in os.listdir(SOURCE_DIR):
    if fname.lower().endswith('.psd'):
        shutil.move(os.path.join(SOURCE_DIR, fname), DEST_DIR)enter code here