wireless – Hi – new to Ubuntu, I have a m185 logitech mouse which I can’t get to work. Contacted Logitech support – they said 20.4 not supported -I am a newbie

Hi I tried to install the logitech mouse – No go
I contacted the logitech support they stated “please be informed that upon checking our reference to the support page on your device , here are the supported OS on your mouse ,
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later
Mac OS 10.10.x or later
Chrome OS
Linux Kernel 2.6”

Anyone got a M185 to work on Ubuntu 20.4? If yes how?

unity – 2D: Problem with mouse position and Physics2D.BoxCastAll

enter image description here

As you can see on this gif I have two issues:

  1. Spawning object based on mouse position looks wrong – it is not spawning where the mouse is pointing, but rather on the center of the screen (see this little yellow circle).

public class MoveToLocation : MonoBehaviour
public GameObject target;
private Camera _camera;

void Awake()
    _camera = Camera.main;

void Update()
    if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(1) && target)

        Vector3 mousePosition = Input.mousePosition;
        mousePosition.z = 1.0f;
        Vector3 objectPosition = _camera.ScreenToViewportPoint(mousePosition);

        Instantiate(target, objectPosition, Quaternion.identity);


  1. Using Physics2D.BoxCastAll based on rectangle is working fine when drawing is started on the top part of the screen, but when drawing is started on the bottom you can see this strange mirroring effect.


    void OnGUI()
    // LMB clicked
    if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0))
        boxStartPosition = new Vector2(
            Screen.height - Input.mousePosition.y

    // LMB drag
    if (Input.GetMouseButton(0))
        boxEndPosition = new Vector2(
            Screen.height - Input.mousePosition.y

        rectangle = new Rect(
            boxEndPosition.x - boxStartPosition.x,
            boxEndPosition.y - boxStartPosition.y

        GUI.DrawTexture(rectangle, RectangleTexture);

        float pixelsToWorld = Camera.main.orthographicSize / (Screen.height / 2f);

        Vector2 boxCenter = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(rectangle.center);

        boxCenter.y = Mathf.Abs(boxCenter.y);

        float boxWidth = Mathf.Abs(rectangle.size.x) * pixelsToWorld;
        float boxHeight = Mathf.Abs(rectangle.size.y) * pixelsToWorld;
        Vector2 boxSize = new Vector2(boxWidth, boxHeight);

        BoxCastDebug.DrawBoxCast2D(boxCenter, boxSize, 0f, Vector2.zero, 0f, Color.black);
        hits = Physics2D.BoxCastAll(boxCenter, boxSize, 0f, Vector2.zero, 0f);

Can anyone help me to solve these issues? Is it directly connected with setup of my scene, camera or scripts?

mouse guard – Do Laborers need tools to make tests, or do they get an extra die for having tools?

Let’s see… Going to the book…

Page 93 provides a general rule:

Gear Against Obstacles
If a character has a piece of gear that’s
appropriate to a particular obstacle—a
map, a sword, a bit of damning evidence—the
GM may grant the character a +1D advantage to
overcome the obstacle.

Add the extra die to the ability or skill rating and
roll all of the dice together.

The entry for Laborer (p.249) specifies what kind of tools are needed, with:

Laborers are the bulk of the workforce for the
mouse towns and cities. They gather wood for
the carpenters, stone for the masons and metal
for the smiths. They dig ditches, carry stuff and
generally just do what they are told.

Laborers need tools from a smith.

Note the wording “They gather wood for
the carpenters, stone for the masons and metal
for the smiths.” This implies mostly find, pick up, carry back. Not the kind of thing tools are essential for.

And gives the following factor list:

Labor: Gathering wood, cutting stone, mining metal

Since those items can all be done WITHOUT tools, then the tools would logically be a bonus die.

Gathering wood: tools from a smith would make it much easier… +1D vs Ob 1.

Cutting Stone: I’ve cut stone by use of hammering with other stones. Slow, but doable. Water and wood can also work. So again, Tools from a smith would be a bonus die… Taking a low chance better, +1D vs Ob 2

Mining Metal: most ores can be obtained without metal tools… horn picks are in fact known to have been used. But only metal tools for a bonus works here, too. +1D vs Ob3.

But note: all those obs are also assuming plenty of time, good weather, and small amounts gained.

Also note: Armorer doesn’t list a tools requirement, and it’s one that clearly does require some tools. Smith also doesn’t list a tools requirement, and again, obviously does.

I’m inclined to the tests being, as noted, for gathering… and the tools would be helping by making it actual mining or cutting, not just gathering and breaking.

Bottom Line: IMO, The line about tools specifies what kind of tools get the bonus, not that they are required for all tests.

Weird behavior of wireless mouse and keyboard after last update

As written in my reddit post ((https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/nvx1ah/weird_behavior_since_last_update/) I’m having trouble with my wireless mouse and keyboard, be it logitech or other…
Am I the only one?

interface – What percent of internet users use mouse back/forward versus the browser back/forward buttons?

I personally almost never use the browser buttons and I imagine it’s the same for most tech savvy users but I want to know what the usage patterns are like for the rest of the population. From my own observation (a very small sample) older people, and non-tech savvy tend to click the browser buttons. It amazes me that there are still many mice on the market that don’t have back/forward buttons. Are the any studies on this?

macos – Good six+ button wired or wireless LEFT-HANDED Mouse for Boot Camped system?

I’m physically limited and SOLELY have functional use of my LEFT HAND.

I previously used a Razor DeathAdder Left Handed Edition and am now making do with a Logitech MX Anywhere 3 that has to be SET UP AS A NEW MOUSE every time I reboot between OSes! Additionally, despite the manufacturer classing it as an “Ambidextrous” mouse the two side buttons are ONLY on the left side!

I need a left handed or truely ambidextrous mouse that can be used in Mac and Windows mode WITHOUT reconfiguration and also allows redefining button assignments in both Mac and Windows!

windows 10 – Mouse button problems: hardware or software?

I have been having a problem that seems to defy my usual notion that a computer problem must be either a hardware problem or a software problem. Specifically, when graphical demands on my computer are high, as measured by number of tabs and windows open, my mouse buttons begin to respond strangely (actually, built-in touchpad buttons on a Dell Inspiron). The left mouse button loses its ability to grab and move or grab and resize windows, even though the pointer changes to the usual grab handle tip when positioned correctly. Likewise, the left mouse button loses its ability to start and end text selection with a drag. The right-hand mouse button stops producing context menus and either does nothing or acts acts like a left-click. These problems all go away if I close enough windows.

I’d also note that if I do any of the things listed above a large number of times, like 20 to 40, it will often eventually do what it is supposed to do. This is what initially made me think this was a hardware problem with the touchpad buttons. But I don’t see how this is consistant with the problem only occuring under high demand.

Has anyone ever encountered a similar problem? Ny idea what causes it or how I might make it go away?

I am working in a Windows 10 environment with three monitors of different sizes, coordinated with DisplayFusion Pro.

windows – Custom mouse cursor theme reverts back to default theme after every restart

I downloaded a custom cursor icon theme, and saved it in a new theme in mouse properties.

Every time I restart or power-on the PC, it reverts back to the default theme (called “none”). By going back to mouse properties, I can change it back to my custom theme, which is still there, but just not the “scheme” (as windows calls it) in use.

I understand by going to c:WindowsCursors I can change the default one, but I would rather not do that.

macbook pro – Scrolling wheel on non-apple mouse behaving weirdly

I had a problem with scrolling wheels with multiple mice. I’ll try to describe it here:

Suppose I scroll in a given direction, at a given speed. Then almost always, and every few seconds, the page I’m scrolling “jumps” in the backward direction during a fraction of a second before I can continue scrolling in my wanted direction.

I captured a video of my screen that you can see in the this GIF: http://g.recordit.co/4m6OIVfQKf.gif. I’m scrolling down (i.e. I want to see the bottom contents of the page), but as you could see, every now and then, the scroll bar on the right goes in the opposite direction.

I have tried using tools that supposedly make scrolling with mice as smooth as scrolling with the trackpad (such as Mos and Smooze), but no success so far.

My mouse is not broken, and my finger didn’t slip or something.

Do you have any recommendations ?

Thank you

bluetooth – Magic Mouse 2 lag with external devices

I have experience intermittent Magic Mouse lagging issues for years and determined it is from poor quality cables and dongles hanging off my Macbook Pro.

My mouse is a 2018 and works fine 90% of the time. It’s the 10% that makes me want to give up on it. The odd part is that I have a magic trackpad that I bought in 2020 and it doesn’t have this issue.

My question is: “Is this something specific to the Magic Mouse?” I have seen many other posts with the same issue.

And, if it is a cable issue. Is there a type of shielded cable I should be getting to stop this?

Is a 2021 Magic Mouse 2 any better?