keyboard – How can I use option (⌥) + mouse wheel to zoom the content in Keynote/Pages/Preview?

So, this is my struggle – lately, I’ve been using Apps such as Keynote / Pages / Preview.

From MS Word, other .pdf browser, I am used to the combination of ⌥ + mouse wheel (option + mouse wheel) to zoom in/out the content. However, default macOS Apps do no support this and it’s been quite unpleasant while I work using external monitor most of the time.

Is there any solution?


kernel – USB port doesn’t work only for the mouse after hibernation on laptop

dmitry@chicago:~$ uname -a
Linux chicago 5.4.0-48-generic #52-Ubuntu SMP Thu Sep 10 10:58:49 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Hello everyone!
My HP laptop has 3 USB ports. After hibernation a brand new mouse doesn’t respond. When I change port from 3 to 2 or 1 the mouse works perfect. When I attach USB-Flash drive in port 3 it also works. Only mouse doesn’t want to work on port 3 after hibernation.

Which commands outputs should I present to give you more info?

Help locating Javascript for Mouse Drag

I recently started working for a company that had been getting all of its software provided by overseas developers.

I was hired on because of my years of experience in software, but all of those years were in Windows Forms using C#. This project is still in Visual Studio, but largely it is controlled by HTML, CSS, and Javascript – which I am not good at.

My assignment right now: When User drags on a row on a table, a pointer appears on the left of the grid control, follows the row to indicate where the row is able to be dropped, and the row is moved to that location when the User releases the mouse.

Right now, the mouse is not moving 1 to 1 with the arrow. The more rows in the grid, the greater the discrepancy between the mouse and the pointer.


In the image above, the mouse is on “jp2code 035” while the pointer is up at “Task 13”.

I went into the Chrome console’s Source tab, went to the Event Listener Breakpoints, and put one on “Mouse > click”, but it didn’t break any execution.

I am not here to get you to solve the issue for me, but I don’t know how to find the code associated with this.

The file that is being called is called TaskListViewer, but it has no controls in the designer and very little code behind. Everything is loaded by the master page and source scripts.

Can anyone offer suggestions on how I could go about locating where the issue is in Javascript? For a Windows Forms application, I would simply look at event handlers for the control.


cocos2d x js – Stop mouse joint from dragging current rigidBody without mouse-up?

I have a hero, I drag him with-mouse joint attached to his rigidBody. But I want to stop dragging him when he hits a trap.

I want the mouse-joint stop working without event “touch-end” being fired.
But I’ve tried to remove even the mouseJoin-Component from the hero node without luck.

Please any one with any suggestion ?

I’m using Cocos Creator with JS

mathematics – Isometric tiles on wrong positions if the mouse points at a negative world coordinate

I am using this approach:

Basically, you can calculate the iso coordinates based on the screen coordinates.
What I am doing is, getting the actual world position the mouse is pointing at using get_mouse_global_position() and convert this position to isometric values.

Then I translate those coordinates back to world space coordinates to actually display the sprite.

Problem is, that when the world coordinates come from a negative position, the tiles get offset by almost an entire tile amount.
Here is the relevant code.

The get_coord() function returns the actual world position of the tile used to display the Sprite

func get_coord(pos : Vector2):
    var t = Vector2()
    var e = screen_to_iso(pos)
    t = iso_to_screen(e)
    return t
var buildings

func screen_to_iso(pos :Vector2):
    var flipx = 0
    var flipy = 0
    var t = Vector2()
    var x_size = size/2
    var y_size = size/4
    t.x = int((pos.x/x_size) + (pos.y/y_size))/2
    t.y = int((pos.y/y_size) - (pos.x/x_size))/2
    return t

func iso_to_screen(pos : Vector2):
    var t = Vector2()
    var x_size = size/2
    var y_size = size/4
    t = Vector2((pos.x-pos.y)*x_size, (pos.x+pos.y)*y_size)
    return t

I can’t seem to figure out a way

No mouse support for any boot cds on my new laptop

I use plenty of boot cds aspart of my work – such as macrium for imaging, and others for partition management and a variety of other multipurpose actions.  I recently bought a new laptop branded AVITA and when i booted u with the macrium boot cd, i found there was no mouse (trackpad) support WHICH IS THERE IN ALL MY OTHER LAPTOPS WHEN USING THE SAME BOOT CDS.  Yes i can plugin a usb mouse and it does work and provide me with a workaround for the issue.So what exactly is happening and why?  Is it a deficiency in the laptop BIOS?Is there a workaround (other than the above)? and can i introduce trackpad support by opening up the iso’s themselves to introduce a trackpad driver for the same?Thanks for any help and enlightenment on this

usb – Wireless mouse and keyboard not working on 20.04 (Logitech combo dongle) Wired works

I recently updated to 20.04 LTS
A couple of days later the wireless mouse/keyboard no longer work.
Tried dongle with mouse on a (Microsoft) laptop and it worked.
Doesn’t show on lsusb.
Tried “sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-all” and no joy.
Wired keyboard and mouse work okay.
“solaar” shows nothing.
Someone with a similar problem fixed by re-installing 20.04, I wish to avoid this.
Is this a driver problem?

Display Multiple Photos as Featured Image when mouse moves on to it post

I need to add some photos (3 or 4 photos) to the post thumbnail (featured image) and should be displayed image 1, 2, 3 & 4 when mouse moves on to the post thumbnail…How can I do that. Please help me…

unity – Add buttons into List when mouse is HoldDown?

It seems to me you can simplify what (I think) you are trying to achieve

public List<GameObject> UI_Button_List = new List<GameObject>(3);

void Update()

    if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0))
        GameObject targetObject = EventSystem.current.currentSelectedGameObject.gameObject;
        if (targetObject != null && !UI_Button_List.Contains(targetObject)

    } // end if   

Every frame if the mouse button is pressed down, we check the target object isn’t null and that it isn’t already added to the list, if it meets both conditions we add it to the list.

.Add will automatically increment the list index when successfully adding an element, so there’s no need to check if there’s anything already there, We already did the checks to make sure its a valid object and not already in the list with !UI_Button_List.Contains(targetObject)

If holding the mouse button in and ‘dragging’ down the UI_Buttons you want to click is what you are trying to achieve(which now I read it properly, it probably is) you can change the Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) to Input.GetMouseButton(0) which will fire every frame the button is held.

public List<GameObject> UI_Button_List = new List<GameObject>(3);

GameObject lastObject = null;
void Update()
    //Each frame the mouse is down
    if (Input.GetMouseButton(0))
        //Get object for current event
        GameObject targetObject = EventSystem.current.currentSelectedGameObject.gameObject;

        if (targetObject == lastObject)
            //return this frame if this object has either been added or rejected

        if (targetObject != null && !UI_Button_List.Contains(targetObject))
        lastObject = targetObject;

    } // end if   


All I have added outside of the mouse event change is a check to make sure we’re not dealing with an object same as last frame, no need to, but you can remove it without any trouble.

macos – Increase Magic Mouse Scaling Over Max

On a normal USB mouse you can change the mouse scaling in the terminal:

defaults write -g X

Where X is your scale; in System Preferences the max scale is 3.0. When using this trick on a USB mouse, there is a very noticeable difference: the cursor moves further when you move the mouse. However this trick is not working on Apple Magic Mouse 1 or 2.

How can I achieve scaling over 3.0 using the Magic Mouse? Bonus points for anyone who can do it without third-party apps and can do it while disabling mouse acceleration.