locked out – Need help LOCKING a Moto G6 XT1925-13 after restoring stock OS

I had semi-bricked / soft-bricked my Motorola Moto G6 smartphone as explained here: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Moto-G6-Moto-G6-Plus-Moto-G6-Play/Need-help-unbricking-a-Moto-G6-XT1925-13-and-restoring-stock-OS/m-p/5013164

And I was stuck trying to install the stock ROM again. Finally, I was able to install the stock ROM onto the device, but I am unable to LOCK it again. The problem I’m facing because of that is that I will not able to upgrade the OS at all.

fastboot.exe oem lock
(bootloader) WARNING: This command erases all user data.
(bootloader) Please re-run this command to continue.
OKAY (  0.021s)
Finished. Total time: 0.029s

fastboot.exe oem lock
(bootloader) Check 'Allow OEM Unlock' in Android Settings > Developer
(bootloader) Options
OKAY (  0.029s)
Finished. Total time: 0.058s

When I boot into the OS, in the Setting > … > Developer Options, “OEM unlocking” is already unchecked, as “Bootloader is already unlocked”.

In its current state, I cannot upgrade the OS. It’s currently at: Android 9.

When trying to check for upgrades, it says:

Android version: 9
Current version: PPSS29.55-37-7-10
Security patch level: April 1, 2020

Here is what the bootloader displays (I’ve hidden only the serial number):

AP Fastboot Flash Mode (Secure)
BL: MBM-2.1-ali_retail-32ffece02ed-200416
Baseband: M450_23.31.10.89R ALI_INDIADSDS_CUST
Product/Variant: ali XT1925-13 64GB PVT2
Serial Number: (removed)
eMMC: 64GB SAMSUNG RH64AB RV=08 PV=05 FV=0000000000000005
DRAM: 4GB SAMSUNG LP3 DIE:8Gb M5=01 M6=06 M7=00 M8=5F
Console (NULL): null
Tools Mode Config: DISABLED
Battery OK
Transfer Mode: USB Connected

settings – App Switcher on Android 10 constantly crashes after minor update on Moto Z4

Motorola MotoZ4 was running Android 10 and it worked fine, then an update was forced, qdfs30.130-42-1-2, with constant daily prompts to restart stating that it would restart on its own if I did not do so voluntarily:


After this, when activating the App Switcher (box on bottom right),this message pops up:

Moto App Launcher keeps stopping
(i) App info
x Close app

The screen either goes to the wallpaper, and the Moto App Launcher (MAL) restarts, or it goes to the last app opened.

I’ve seen these suggestions:

  1. Use other launchers, disable MAL (tried Microsoft’s and Nova’s) – behavior persists
  2. Delete MAL Cache & Data from settings – behavior persists
  3. Start in Safe Mode (have not tried)
  4. Wipe Cache Partition (have not tried)
  5. Reset Phone (have not tried)

Before taking steps that are either extremely time consuming or considered risky, such as 4-6 mentioned above, I’d like to ask if there is any other way to resolve this.

Currently, to switch apps, I have to tap the icon on the home screen.

Moto e4+ fast charging issues

My moto e4 plus is 2yrs old.Suddenly at 75-80% it’s charging rate drops then after a while suddenly it charging very fast after that stoppage.can anyone tell me reason !please

bootloader – Motorola Moto G6 Play doesn't show any wifi or cell phone info

I have a Moto G6 phone and decided that I wanted to install a custom ROM, but halfway I left and the phone was only upgraded to Android 9. There were no issues with the unlocked bootloader as the phone still detected a SIM card and shows a MAC address, but after this update the phone is essentially a brick. The section & # 39; about the device & # 39; lists everything as "not available".

SIM card: not available. MAC address: not available. IP address: not available. Telephone number: not available. IMEI: unknown.

Also, every time I try to access the wifi and try to connect the app, the app fails. I tried to factory reset the phone and lock the bootloader again, but to no avail. Will this phone be a brick for life? If this helps reduce the problem, it's a & # 39; sprint & # 39; variant.

Applications – Use a moto g 2015 without a screen

I have a problem with a moto g 2015 to use it without a screen. I need to make an ip camera system in my house because my maid is robbing me. So, I am using the old moto g with no display and I control it with airdoid to open an ip camera app. I could configure 3 different models of moto g, but I have problems with moto g 2015. When I start it without screen in a few minutes, it starts, it starts to restart the loop. I tried to change the rom to lineage os and it got better but I didn't fix it. (I have to connect with airdroid, but it restarts). So I don't know why. Is it a software problem? Can I try a different kernel? Thank you.

Flashing Rom – Moto X4 – Stuck on the black screen

I was flashing the Pixel Experience ROM with TWRP (fastboot boot recovery.img) Recovery. The operating system was not installed on the device:

Installing zip file '/external_sd/PixelExperience_payton-10.0-20200130-0358-OFFICIAL.zip'
Checking for Digest file...
Step 1/2
Step 2/2
Updating partition details...

I decided to restart my recovery and my phone got stuck on a black screen, I had about 30% charge left, the power button is not working. How to boot into fastboot?

moto x – google apps on custom rom

I am going to test Android 10 Pixel Experience custom ROM on my device. The custom rom is said to contain built-in Google apps. I need some answers before flashing.
1. What Google applications are available (peak with Google play and play services or almost stock)?
2. If I flash gapps (opengapps micro gapps), does it affect the system / crash?
3. What is the difference between running a Google application as a system and that of a user application (installed from the Play Store)? For example Google photos. If it is not available in micro gapps, it will run as a user application. Otherwise, as a system application.
4. What will Ram management / battery usage look like if I install all Google apps as User apps?
I am not going to enable root and magisk on it.

Can you reuse the same micro SD card as internal storage that has already been used as portable storage on the same moto 3g phone?

Can you reuse the same micro SD card as internal storage that has already been used as portable storage on the same moto 3g phone?
If so, what steps should I take?

Google Play services: install TWRP and Magisk Manager on Moto G5 Plus without rooting

I would like to install Google Play Services for AR (ARCore) on my Moto G5 Plus, with Oreo 8.1: this device is not on the official Google support list. I think this is possible with TWRP and Magisk Manager. I have the Android SDK and all necessary USB drivers installed. I can load .apk & # 39; s using adb.
However, I would like to install TWRP without unlocking the bootloader or rooting the phone.
First question: is this possible? or do I need to root the phone?

I tried to follow the instructions to install TWRP without rooting, but when I try to update the latest version of Potter image, twrp-3.3.1-0-potter.img, I get the error & # 39; Pre-flash validation error & # 39 ;:

androidSdkplatform-tools> .fastboot.exe flash recovery twrp.img
(bootloader) is-logical:recovery: not found
Sending 'recovery' (16342 KB)                      OKAY (  0.710s)
Writing 'recovery'                                 (bootloader) Image recovery failed validation
(bootloader) Preflash validation failed
FAILED (remote: '')
fastboot: error: Command failed

Based on this answer, Moto devices do not support downgrading the bootloader. However, I assumed that the recovery image (3.3.1-0) was the most current and appropriate for Oreo 8.1. Is there a way to check the bootloader versions of the image and that on my phone?

Thanks in advance for any information!

My Moto g6 downloads photos from the phone to the computer

My Moto G6, when I connect my phone's usb cable to my computer, it doesn't download new images from my phone and used to. The computer just says "No new images found." There is also no drop down icon or anything on my phone when I plug it in.