United States – How to prove the mother-child relationship for the baby's passport if the mother's name on the birth certificate is different from the current legal name?

My wife's current legal name is SARAH SMITH. On my son's birth certificate, the line to point to the mother says Mother's Name Prior to First Marriage which shows his name as DONGMEI HUANG.

My wife legally changed her name to SARAH SMITH during her citizenship naturalization process.

When we request our child's passport, how do we check the mother-child relationship?

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Why is the mother's name requested on the visa application form?

Why on a visa application form do they require them to indicate the mother's name? And why only mother and not father?

Edit: a friend of mine is completing the visa application form for Oman and we were talking about it. I mean the mother's maiden name. I was just curious about the reason for such a request.

The mother's name and date of birth are different on her old tourist visa and US passport. UU.

I just moved to the United States from Pakistan 6 months ago. My husband is a US citizen and I am a green card holder (permanent resident). Now I am pregnant and I really want my family to be here with me during this emotional and beautiful moment. My parents are delighted as they are becoming grandparents for the first time and cannot wait to come to meet me and their grandson.

The only problem is that my mother had been in the United States in 1992 with a tourist visa, but the spelling of her first name (now spells it with an "e" and then used an "a") and the date Birth ("28" then and "22" now) in all your old passports (before your wedding) is different from now (after your wedding). His last name changed after getting married, which is very common, but there was also a spelling mistake in his name and the day of the date of birth (month and year are the same). It was due to administrative errors at the time and she has no idea why it was not corrected.

Now you have to reapply for your US tourist visa. UU. Should I get the new passport and identification card with the spelling of the old name and the date of birth when I visited the United States before? Or should I continue with your current information? But how? Your history of visits to the US UU. You will have different information, and you will not be able to find it based on your new information. What is the solution?

How to prevent a boy from leaving his mother's basement to run a hosting hosting?

Quote Originally Posted by huevosandrice
See publication

There are quite a few "lodging companies" that have nice places but that seem to be nothing more than a one or two person operation at best. The worst are those who operate a hosting company while working in a full-time job elsewhere. How can you avoid doing business with these hosts? The Internet is 24/7, and the guy who works at 7-Eleven can not be online all the time.

An operation of one person can offer a quality accommodation and more than enough to support 700 – 1000 sites in a server in good condition if the server is in good condition and that person is competent enough. The key points are * competent * and * healthy server *.

In most cases, with a larger provider, the chat staff or live phone will not be competent.

Some of the most reputable hosting providers started in their basements, as one-person operations. If you do a search on WHT, you will find many providers that started to offer lodging as a part-time business, some of them continued and the lodging is now their only bread and butter.

Most of the clients of a hosting company are also one person's operations. Being a one-person operation is not bad. Not being able to provide quality accommodation is.

Speaking of which, a good part of the horror stories we have seen come from the clients of the EIG brands. They are one of the (if not the) largest networks of hosting brands. If you access Google and search "the top 10 hosting companies", 10 out of 10 websites will present the 10 best lists, of which 7 are EIG brands. However, most of the horror stories came from them, not from the operations of just one person.

Being a small operation can actually offer more than a larger company can. A smaller company has more opportunities to meet the demands of customers from the inside out and, therefore, provide support on a personal level, which is not possible for a larger company. Support is what matters most in the accommodation.

beginner – Mother's Day Program

I made a program for Mother's Day as a great way to show my love for my mother. The progress bar is from GreenStick, but the rest of the code is mine.

import time

def printProgressBar (iteration, total, prefix = & # 39; & # 39 ;, suffix = & # 39; & # 39 ;, decimals = 1, length = 100, fill = & # 39; █ & # 39;):
percent = ("{0:." + str (decimals) + "f}"). Format (100 * (iteration / float (total)))
filledLength = int (length * iteration // total)
bar = fill * filledLength + & # 39; - & # 39; * (length - filledLength)
print (& # 39;  r% s |% s |% s %%% s & # 39;% (prefix, bar, percentage, suffix), final = & # 39;  r & # 39;)
if iteration == total:

def display (print1, print2, print3, ran, tf):
print (print 1)
i = 0
for the number in rank (ran):
time.sleep (0.1)
printProgressBar (i, 100, prefix = & # 39; Progress: & # 39;, suffix = & # 39; Complete & # 39 ;, length = 50)
i + = 1
yes tf == & # 39; t & # 39 ;:
print (print2)
print (print 3)

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a = entry ()
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print1 = ['Calculating Love', 'Recalculating Love', 'Displaying Love', 'Redisplaying Love']
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    tf = ['t', 'f', 't', 'f']
    ran = [100, 101, 100, 101]
    for the number within the range (4):
display (str (print1[i]), str (print2)[i]), str (print3)[i]), int (ran[i]), str (tf[i]))
i + = 1
time.sleep (2)
while True
print (& # 39; 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 & # 39;)

[ Family ] Open question: It saddens me that nobody has gotten me a mother's day card …

I'm the first time I'm a mom, so obviously it's my mother's first day … I'm a little sad that nobody got me a card. My grandmother gave my mother a card but not me. My father bought my older sister a card for Mother's Day and wrote that it was from her pets (she felt bad because she really wanted to be a mother but she is not). It saddens me because I know it's just a card, but my father gave my sister a card and wrote from her pets. As a matter of fact, you give him a pet card but not someone who is really a mother?!?!? It could be stupid to be upset about this, but I'm like …

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& # 39;);
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[ Etiquette ] Open question: If a child who sells flowers says "Happy Mother's Day," is it rude to reply "I'm not a mother!"

[ Etiquette ] Open question: If a child who sells flowers says "Happy Mother's Day," is it rude to reply "I'm not a mother!" .

Rejection of visas: I am a frequent traveler to the United Kingdom, but recently they rejected me because my mother's date of birth is indicated.

During the last 7 years, I have been granted 5 UK visas (6 months and 2 years), but recently they rejected me because I wanted to travel with my mother and in my mother's passport and the application is a different birth date in comparison with the one that I have for the years indicated in my applications. My mother does not know how to read or write and does not even remember when she was born, so when processing her passport in my absence, officials determined her birth date in the narration and the event that occurred in Her first stage of life. Any advice for me, please, because I want to reapply

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