i 94 – Immigration officer stamped my parent’s passport for 2 months of stay but the official and online I94 record shows as 6 months

There’s clearly an error here and your parents need to resolve it or they risk being treated as overstayers if they don’t leave by 1st October.

They can take their passports to the nearest CBP point of entry or Deferred Inspection site and get the records corrected. I would expect that a reasonable officer would extend the passport date beyond 7th October, but there is a possibility that they’ll stick to the 1st October date and update the online records to match.

Find a Port of Entry

List of Deferred Inspection sites

postgresql – Postgres: How can you select last 12 months only, and return total count of each month, even with null/empty months?

I’m using Postgres, and my dataset is a orders table. I am trying to learn how to show total amount of orders per month, per user (assuming there’s only one user in this case).

My dataset:

id, user_id, total, created_at

My current query:

         AS  total_orders,
       COUNT(id) AS count
FROM orders
WHERE id = 1
GROUP BY DATE_TRUNC('month',created_at);

This returns:

Total orders | count
2021-01-01 00:00:00, 1

However, here’s the tricky part (to me at least) – i am using this to generate some graphs. Specifically, the last 12 months. So i would like the query to return the last 12 months, and include 0 for when no orders were created. So this is expected output:

Total orders | count
2021-04-01 00:00:00, 0
2021-03-01 00:00:00, 0
2021-02-01 00:00:00, 0
2021-01-01 00:00:00, 1
2020-12-01 00:00:00, 0
2020-11-01 00:00:00, 0
2020-10-01 00:00:00, 0
2020-09-01 00:00:00, 0
2020-08-01 00:00:00, 0
2020-07-01 00:00:00, 0
2020-06-01 00:00:00, 0
2020-05-01 00:00:00, 0
2020-04-01 00:00:00, 0

How can i accomplish this? the ultimate goal is to be super lightweight so that its not resource intensive and fast.

what is the formula to get 11 months old documents using ms flow

I need to get 11 months old document from the library using ms flow. what formuls i should use to get those 11 months old documents.

Any help would be apprciated. thanks in advance

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How to 18+ website get traffics 100k Rank on Alexa / 2 months ?

Do you have any tips? I want to ask how does the XXX website get more visits in 2 months

GPU disable on boot was successful for months – but cannot execute sh /force-iGPU-boot.sh anymore from Single User Mode

I am new to this platform and hope that you can help me out with this one.
I had this common GPU issue on a 2011 MBP that I was able to solve with the super detailed post by the user “LаngLаngС” (thanks so much!) as found here:
GPU problem – Boot Hangs on Grey Screen

Unfortunately a new problem occured that prevents me from running the script. I’ll explain:

To solve the GPU issue I everything as written in LangLangC’s post and I also had the executable sh script on my desktop – so when I had to boot the Mac again, I did this in single user mode with CMD + S, and then typed “sh /force-iGPU-boot.sh” and then reboot. This would boot my machine always as normal with the internal GPU.

So far so good – until yesterday. When trying to reboot again from Single User Mode, I got this new prefix “sh 3.2#” and the lines looked different. It says that the volume is “read only”-. When I try to execute “sh /force-iGPU-boot.sh” it says, file or directory not found. I cant run “sudo” commands as it says “command not found”. When I try to remount with “mount -uw” it doesn’t work – it always says “device is write locked.

When I type exit or reboot the system actually seems to boot “normal” – if there wasn’t the GPU issue! Meaning that if I cannot run the script “force-iGPU-boot.sh” from the single user mode, I cannot boot the GUI Mac OSX properly. Unfortunately I also cannot execute the sudo commands. I also tried to boot the Mac in target mode and “repair” the drive with the disk utility of another Mac, but that never worked either.

I was googling a lot and tried a lot but nothing worked yet. Since I am not very familiar with these kinds of issues, I was hoping to find an answer here, where I found the first answers to my GPU problem.

Basically my “new problem” is that I cannot run the automated script that I saved on the desktop or the sudo commands from the single user mode.

Hope you can help me! Many thanks in advance.


mycelium wallet – I set my transaction fee too low 2 months ago and blockchain says “transaction invalid”, will I get my coins back?

About 2 months ago I sent BTC from my Mycelium wallet to an XMR exchange, however I set the transaction fee too low so it never got any confirmations. I found the transaction on blockchain.info and it would start off saying unconfirmed, then after some time it would say “Transaction invalid: some outputs that it attempts to spend have been already spent or are no longer valid” (although I have done nothing else with the bitcoin), then sometimes when I checked the transaction on Mycelium every few days it would rebroadcast and the same cycle would happen.

After 3-4 weeks I let the transaction rebroadcast once more and then deleted the transaction from Mycelium, so it would not rebroadcast anymore – I was hoping that after couple weeks the transaction would drop from the mempool and I would be refunded the coins. However this was now over 4 weeks ago and there is still no sign of the coins coming back. What should I do? Should I just wait it out and they will be guaranteed to come back eventually, or is there some action I should take?

Here is the transaction on blockchain: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/4367ed782f5347ec5184b597d38267ccd117c0705b419bda5911d3a199df3483

Your adult wordpress on autopilot – i will schedule image posts for 2 months for $10

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Skynethosting review after 2 months

Migrated away after only 2 months…

I used the geo ip reseller service for 2 months. The first month went well with some 3-5 minutes dow… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1839276&goto=newpost

can my child fly to Pakistan with me with proof he has been approved. My child is dependent on me he is 18 months

I have received approval for my child’s nadra card. It has gone for printing however if I do not receive it back by the time we fly out can my child still go with me with proof he has been approved. My child is dependent on me he is 18 months