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after do all the procedure that you descrive on top, what I have to do for make passive income.
You talk about a small investment, how much is?
I have to spend a lot time for make income or just invest and wait?
Have Great Day

Passive income on a mobile proxy farm

It is not a new idea. I think many of those who were looking for an additional source of income have already considered this option. And only a tiny number gathered own proxy farm and started making money on it. The main reasons why most did not succeed in this niche:

1. Too difficult. You need to deal with sophisticated software, flash modems, set all this up, connect it correctly, think about the cooling system, and so on.

2. Initial investment. Yes, you can now buy a ready-made and configured mobile proxy farm, but it’s not cheap. I will not leave links to specific sellers, you can Google them yourself, but the initial price tag for such farms is from $650 (with a minimum number of modems).

3. The lack of distribution channels. Where to sell? Will I be able to achieve an acceptable level of income? Can I compete with big players?

This article will change your understanding of the mobile proxy server market. I will show you an example that all this you can do very easily and with minimal investment, as well as quickly find buyers.

Own mobile proxy farm is easy!

USB modems, firmware, special software – all this is so last week; forget about it! Today we will be setting up truly mobile proxies on smartphones. It is cheaper, faster, and only such proxy servers will have the Android OS FingerPrint, which means they will be better by definition!

More to the point, all we need is an Android device with OS version 6.0 or higher, a sim card, and a service mobinet.io.

With a sim card and a smartphone, everything seems to be clear, now a little more about the service mobinet.io. The service allows you to set up mobile proxies on your smartphone in just a few minutes and is currently completely free. In short: download the mobile app to your smartphone, add your smartphone to your account and create the required number of proxy servers in two clicks. Profit! More detailed instructions can be found here (available only to registered users).

Among the features, to support the IP rotation function, you need to install root rights on your smartphone. On the forum.xda-developers.com, you can find instructions for almost every phone model. Or ask for help in the telegram chat of mobinet. Our support team is responsive and always helps both with the search for instructions and in the process of getting root rights.

This is what the page with your devices looks like:


And this is how pages with your proxies look like:


No need for large initial investments!

All we need is a smartphone and a SIM card. A SIM card with unlimited data will cost us about $25 per month (you can find cheaper rates online, about $15-20 per month). As an example, consider the budget smartphone Alcatel 1 (5033 D); the price of the new one is about $48.


You can find a used one cheaper; for our purposes, it doesn’t matter if the case is scratched.

The total cost of 1 device is $50-80, most of which are one-time expenses. If you compare it with USB modems farms, it is much cheaper (besides, farms are also sold without SIM cards). You can start with a device and gradually scale up.

Where to sell?

The easiest option is to sell on the same service where we set our proxies up. Mobinet.io has its marketplace where you can put your proxy servers up for sale. You set the price yourself, the service takes a 10% commission from the sale, acting as a guarantor, and solving the problem of finding customers.


The second option is on thematic forums. On average, the price of private mobile proxies ranges from 60-80 dollars per month. At the initial stage, you can slightly slash the prices to successfully compete with major players, for example, up to $40 per month. Here are a couple of links to popular forums where there is a very high demand for mobile proxies:
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Tip to you, start with the marketplace since you don’t need to create topics, follow forums, and correspond with customers. In general, complete autopilot.

How much money can you make?

Let’s do a count. Let’s say we bought ten smartphones on techinn for 48 each, for a total of $480. We bought SIM cards for $19 for one, for a total of $190. That’s it, no more costs. $670 for own mobile proxy farm of 10 devices sounds good, doesn’t it? 🙂

At the initial stage, we will not be greedy and will sell private mobile proxies at the price of 45 dollars apiece. We make a profit of $450. Spent 480, and then earned 450 in a month. Deduct 190 to pay for data plan for the next month. As a result, after two months, we recapture all costs and remain in the black for $40. I’ll describe it more clearly.


1. Purchase of smartphones (one-time) – $480

2. Cost of SIM cards (2 months) – $380

Total: $860

The income per month is $450, for two months $900 accordingly.

In the future, we get an income of $450 – $190 (payment for mobile services) = $250 a month. Not bad, considering that all of this is fully automatic. And if you sell for 60 instead of 45? And if you gradually increase the number of smartphones to 20, 30, 50? Once you see consumer demand and realize that you can’t fully meet it with ten devices, you will fully recognize the potential of this niche. Large buyers purchase about 10-20 proxies per month.

Go ahead ;)

tips and tricks – How do I get money back for my foreign coins?

If you really want to change them, your best bets is to change the currency with people who go to the currency’s country, either tourists or residents.

Usually, I just keep the coins around and give them to friends when they go to somewhere I happen to have some coins from.

Other than that? Just keep them as souvenirs, give them away, go visit the same country again?

Also, I noticed that coins sometimes can be exchanged at airports/borders, as long as it is part of a reasonable sum of money.

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