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We put a huge amount of development effort into each of our products. And those that our customers trust most often, in particular. Today we are pleased to offer you Proxmox VPS for WHMCS and Proxmox Cloud for WHMCS in a visibly modernized way.

1. Proxmox VPS for WHMCS 2.7.0

To allow you to get the essence of this colossal update, we highlight for you its most central points.

  • WHMCS V7.8 compatibility
  • Support for Proxmox VE 6.0
  • Code rebuilt and fully revised interface
  • Possibility for customers to take snapshots of their machines (LXC virtualization type was added)
  • Disk reduction protection characteristic
  • Multiple new options related to VM management

The server provisioning market has become incredibly demanding. But with such a powerful automation tool as Proxmox VPS for WHMCS, you can leave the competition behind and have the audience for yourself!

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2. Proxmox Cloud for WHMCS 2.7.0

Are you more interested in the capabilities offered by our second module related to Proxmox? We have good news for you! The tool can now be safely installed in the WHMCS 7.8 environment, and update 2.7.0 offers you at least some additional options to choose from.

For example, you can select which VLAN tags from the Proxmox plug-in can be used later for a particular product, or freely change the default user for the Cloud-Init template now from the Proxmox plugin directly.

Learn more about Proxmox Cloud for WHMCS 2.7.0!

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4. Latest releases

We are very proud to inform you that our list of integrated modules with WHMCS V7.8 It is growing more and more in size! These are some of our most recent updates:

Do you need custom software development for your business?

Especially for you, we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, we will create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch.

Rt representation theory: strong conjecture without loop for uniserial modules

Leave $ A $ Be an algebra of Artin. The strong conjecture without loop indicates that a simple $ A $-module with $ Ext_A ^ 1 (S, S) neq 0 $ It has infinite projective dimension.
This conjecture was recently demonstrated for quiver algebras and, therefore, finite-sized algebras on an algebraically closed field at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0001870811002714.

Question: A uniserial $ A $-module $ M $ with $ Ext_A ^ 1 (M, M) neq 0 $ have infinite projective dimension?

Android – App Bundle configure modules apk

The fact is that for my app to work correctly, I need to have all the strings of all languages. But when generating the App Bundle, the user only downloads the language from his device.
How can I configure that all languages ​​are always there?

I am trying to understand this https://developer.android.com/studio/projects/dynamic-delivery#modularize and I understand how they are generated and all that, but I do not understand how to configure it.

1000 thanks

Windows application – CAD import modules ESI VA One 2018.0 | NulledTeam UnderGround

CAD import modules ESI VA One 2018.0 | 684.2 mb

The ESI Group team has presented the Extension Module for VA One 2018.0, which allows you to quickly and easily expand and customize the main functionality of VA One to meet your specific needs.

VA One extension modules allows you to quickly and easily expand and customize the main functionality of VA One to meet your specific needs. The extension modules are individually licensed and allow you to customize the functionality in VA One for specialized applications.
CAD import modules: Import and combine CAD data from CATIA, PRO-E, STEP, Solidworks and NX
ESI VA One It is the only environment you need for simulation and vibroacoustic design. Whether you are simulating the loss of acoustic transmission from an automotive firewall or creating a system-level model of the vibroacoustic response of an entire aircraft, VA One has all the methods you need to simulate vibroacoustics across the entire frequency spectrum. Based on the industry standard software for the AutoSEA2 design of medium and high frequency noise and vibration, and extended to cover medium and low frequency methods (using the RAYON solver), VA One is the only simulation code in the market that contains the full spectrum of vibroacoustic analysis methods in a common environment. VA One also sets new standards in ease of use; VA One is a standalone Windows desktop application with a modern user interface that is fast, intuitive and very easy to use. With VA One you get results faster. Spend your time solving noise and vibration problems instead of trying to learn how to use complex CAD / CAE systems or re-learning the user interfaces of a large number of disparate analysis codes. With VA One you get all the functionality you need for vibroacoustics in a common environment.
The main functionality of VA One is divided into five main modules: the SEA module, the structural FE module, the acoustic FE module, the acoustic BEM module and the hybrid module. Adding a new module is simple and straightforward and gives you access to the methods you need to model the response of a vibroacoustic system in a given frequency range. In addition, there are a large number of extension modules and scripts available to help you customize VA One to meet specific requirements. These extension modules provide everything from custom model templates for specific applications to complete development kits for writing custom scripts and GUIs within the VA One environment. VA One has the flexibility to meet your analysis needs.

About the ESI group. ESI Group is an innovative leader in software and virtual prototyping services. Specialist in materials physics, ESI has developed a unique competence to help industrial manufacturers replace physical prototypes with virtual prototypes, allowing them to manufacture, assemble, test and virtually precertify their future products. Together with the latest technologies, Virtual Prototyping is now anchored in the broader concept of the Product Performance Life Cycle, which addresses the operational performance of a product throughout its life cycle, from launch to disposal. The creation of a Hybrid Twin ™, which takes advantage of simulation, physics and data analysis, allows manufacturers to offer smarter and more connected products, predict product performance and anticipate maintenance needs.
Product: ESI VA One CAD import modules
Version: 2018.0
Compatible architectures: x64
Website homepage:

Language: English
System Requirements: PC *
Supported operating systems: Windows 7 even or more recent
Software Prerequisites: ESI VA One 2018.0
Size: 684.2 mb

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More than 300 free Magento Premium modules: advertising, offers

We are providing free premium magento modules. These magento modules are developed by certified developers, all are feature-rich and well-coded modules. They are installed on thousands of magento websites and they work great. If you need any module and are interested contact me. You do not need to pay thousands of dollars to development companies for any module because the modules of these companies are no better than these modules.

Demonstrations are available to test magento modules.

Our contact information:
email: freemagento@yahoo.com

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Magento advanced search

Spell Correction Search

Search autocomplete

Advanced Sphinx Search Professional

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Performance optimization

Fast asynchronous re-indexing

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Knowledge base

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Store credit and refund

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Tracking email

Advanced product feeds must have

Video for Pro products

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iPhone theme


Search autocomplete and suggest

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Store Credit

Magento Marketplace module and 30 add-ons

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Here are categories of free Magento modules that we can provide.

Customer experience

+ Alternative sales models

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+ Customization

+ Search and navigation

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Site management

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+ Customer service

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+ Ease of use

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+ Import / Export

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+ Accounts and Back Office


+ Email Integration

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+ Payment and gateways

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+ Advertising and marketing

+ Affiliate programs

+ Analysis

+ Email Marketing

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+ Social Marketing


+ Developer Tools

+ Optimization

+ Server performance and caching

+ UI Performance and Ajax

prestashop1.7 – Creation of CRUD PrestaShop Modules

I am new to PrestaShop and I am researching some features.
I've been looking for information, to see if there is any CRUD creation option for this type module:


This option would be for magento. It creates a CRUD of the new module you want to perform.

I have been looking for something similar for PrestaShop and I have found the PrestaShop Module Generator. This generates a small Template of the Module with a basic configuration.


Apart from this option I have not managed to find anything else.
My question is whether there is any other alternative to the Generator or something similar to what Magento has, which would be much more "specific" and "concrete."

I don't know if this kind of question can be posted here.
Thanks in advance.

installation: the modules installed by Composer are not available (they do not work) although they are enabled

I can't see the functionality of the most popular basic modules installed through Composer or any other method

  1. drush informs to use composer
  2. When you manually move the decompressed module to the module folder).

In other words, the module is enabled but there is almost (see below) no sign of it. The cache is almost always deleted.

The complete installation of Drupal and the basic theme of Boostrap3 have been configured with Composer and that is working fine. In the composer.json all the basic modules are there.

For some reason, the problem is with modules, not with themes.

Another thing is a message that appears just after enabling the module:

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

After updating with F5, it seems that a module has been enabled.
In addition, after enabling a module, I receive the message that all previous modules have been installed. It does not seem logical since the message should only be for the last module installed.
For example, after enabling the module & # 39; book & # 39 ;, the following appears:

12 modules have been enabled: Book, Layout Discovery, Administration Toolbar, Chaos Tools, Entity Mask, Suite Screen, Environment Indicator, UI Environment Indicator, Module Filter, Pathauto, Token, Web Form.

Does it make me think that maybe some configuration is not saved permanently?

This is what is happening based on a few basic modules that should be familiar to everyone:

admin_toolbar: nothing happens. From the You Tube tutorials, the new administration toolbar must be enabled.

path_auto – (module to create automatic nice URL) after reviewing your tube tutorials for module location there is no sign of it. During the creation of any content, there is no option to automate the URL.

addtoany – (module that provides icons to social media) – New menu (! success) in Configuration-> Web Services-> AddtoAny but after configuring the module it does not save the configuration. There is no option to add icons to a content anywhere else.

module_filter – (module to filter which modules are installed) – there is no filter in the Extend-> Modules section.

Functional analysis. Mpa tensioner attached in Hilbert modules.

Given a right Hilbert $ A $-module $ E $, and a right Hilbert $ B $-module $ F $, along with the non-degenerated $ * $-homomorphism $ phi: A to mathcal {L} _A (F) $, we can form the tensor product.
E otimes _ { phi} F,

bu completing the $ A $-balanced tensioner tensioner $ E $ Y $ F $ and completing with respect to the obvious norm.

For two attached maps. $ L in mathcal {L} _A (E) $Y $ K in mathcal {L} _B (F) $Will your tensor product be adjacent again?
(I guess here, as in the Hilbert space case, there are
there is no difficulty with the tensioning of bounded maps to produce bounded maps.)

ag.algebraic geometry – Bridgeland stability for restricted Kahler modules?

Leave $ X $ Be a triple-connected, soft and projective Calabi-Yau. In my opinion, Bridgeland introduced stability conditions in triangulated categories to give an adequate mathematical definition of the Kahler module space (SKMS) of physics.

Conjectural, the classic Kahler cone (complex). $ mathcal {K} X ( mathbb {C}) $ of $ X $ gives an open chart in the SKMS around the high volume limit. Coordinate in $ mathcal {K} X ( mathbb {C}) $ they are called Kahler modules and, depending on the context, one may prefer to think of them as formal variables that follow the degrees along the classes of effective curves in $ X $, that is, effective classes in $ H_ {2} (X, mathbb {Z}) $.

Classically, it makes sense to consider only certain Kahler modules: this would be some kind of sub-cone, or collection of sub-cones, in $ mathcal {K} X ( mathbb {C}) $. For example, a configuration that I am interested in is when we have a suitable superjective map

$$ f: X to mathbb {P} ^ {1} $$

Whose generic fibers are surfaces of Calabi-Yau. You have certain kinds of Kahler module tracking curve in the fibers of $ f $, and other tracking classes of "transverse" Kahler modules to the fibers. One might want to focus only on fiber classes, or cross classes.

So my question is: Can submanifolds be expected from the Bridgeland / SKMS stability collector that correspond only to the specific Kahler modules, as I described above?

For example, in the case of fiber classes of $ f $, you can define the subcategory Serre. Coh (f) 0 of $ Coh (X) $ whose objects are coherent pulleys in $ X $ supported by the fibers of $ f $. Then you get a complete triangulated subcategory $ D b (X) f subset D b (X) $ which consists of objects whose cohomology pulleys are found in Coh (f) 0.

Applying Bridgeland machinery to $ D b (X) f or some similar triangulated subcategory, can a sub-variety of the stability / SKMS variety corresponding to the fiber classes of $ f $?

Geometry ag.algebraica – Batteries in spaces of pulley research modules

I want to acquire some practice and increase appreciation for the use of batteries in the context of the classic module spaces of the sheaves. Here, by classic, I refer vaguely to the practical description of the geometry of the spaces of moduli of the sheaves in the spirit of the work of Drézet-Le Potier and the book of Huybrechts-Lehn. Two great articles that I have read so far that use stacking techniques are the "Irreducibility of the module spaces of vector packets on surfaces birationally governed by Walter" and "Weak Brill-Noether for vector packets of Göttsche-Hirschowitz in the plane projective ".

Can you recommend more great roles that use batteries to test things about moduli spaces in the sheaves?