magento2 – Magento 2 Error During Update Module Via Composer

 magento/product-community-edition is locked to version 2.4.1 and an update of this package was not requested.
- magento/product-community-edition 2.4.1 requires magento/module-configurable-product 100.4.1 -> found magento/module-configurable-product[100.4.1] but it conflicts with another require.

Please help me about this

Dependency Inversion principle and high-level module reuse

If I got it right, the Dependency Inversion principle says that high level modules should use interfaces to the low level modules and low level modules should implement these interfaces. The purpose is to reduce the coupling between low-level modules and high-level modules and make the low-level modules easier to replace. This UML diagram makes the concept simple easier to understand.

However, the DIP Wikipedia says that “the inversion of the dependencies and ownership encourages the re-usability of the higher/policy layers”. How does it do that? I can only see it encouraging the re-usability of lower layers.

RNG Event and Registration module doesn’t work with my Drupal 9.0.9

i receive this message and i can’t use module 🙁

Not compatible
RNG – Events and Registrations (Not supported) 3.x-dev 3.0.0-alpha1

any suggestions ?
thanks a lot

database – How to update Drupal custom module after changing .install file

I am working on a pre-created Drupal 8 project that has a custom module called CCA(named out of project title). I have done the below update in the .install file to add a new column to the backend via Drupal.

function cca_update_8902 (&$sandbox) {
  db_add_field('cca_findings', 'cca_topic_id', array(
    'type' => 'float',
    'not null' => FALSE,
    'description' => 'interim fields addition',

How do I update the module in Drupal after this change has been made? Can someone guide on next steps to update my custom module in Drupal so that this change will be implemented? Thanks!

magento2 – How can I integrate jquery-ui-touch-punch into my module (mobile friendly slider)

So, I created a slider with jquery/ui and it is working so far. But as jquery/ui doesnt support touch events, I am trying to integrate jquery-ui-touch-punch.

I tried to declare it in my requirejs-config:

var config = {
    'paths': {'touchpunch':'Vendor_MyModule/js/jquery-ui-touch-punch'},
    'shim': {touchpunch: ('jquery','jquery/ui')}

and I am calling the script in my phtml file like this:

require(('jquery','jquery/ui','touchpunch'), function($){    
    $( "#slider" ).slider();

and I put the script to view/frontend/web/js/jquery-ui-touch-punch.js

But still, the slider isnt functional on mobile devices.

I know, that the script depends on jquery and jquery/ui, so I declared them in the phtml file, too.

What am I missing?
or is there an even better solution with the knockout library?

printing – HPLIP: AttributeError: module ‘base.wifi’ has no attribute ‘getwifiotherdetails’

I have an HP photosmart C4780. I am running hplip 3.20.3 on Ubtuntu 20.04. When I run


it exits with an error

File "/usr/share/hplip/ui5/", line 754, in NextButton_clicked
File "/usr/share/hplip/ui5/", line 573, in showExitPage
self.ip, subnetmask, gateway, pridns, sec_dns, addressmode = self.wifiObj.getwifiotherdetails(,self.adapterName)
AttributeError: module 'base.wifi' has no attribute 'getwifiotherdetails'

I have checked file

/usr/share/hplip/base/ and it is indeed true that there is no attribute
‘getwifiotherdetails’. A command calling a non-existent function seems like it should have been caught prior to this version of HPLIP being released

How to silence console output from vlc module in Python 3

(Xubuntu 18.04, Python 3.6.9)

I am working on a little application for myself with very simple usage of the vlc module. It’s a console-based application using curses, and vlc is interjecting its output in the middle of my terminal interface. I can’t figure out how to silence it. Have read libvlc docs, nothing about it that I can find. Have tried the advice from this similar question, no success after setting sys.stderr = file('stderr.txt', 'w+'). Have not been able to locate anything in the libvlc docs or running vlc -H. I don’t really care if I’m able to access the output; I just need it to not print in the console.

Here is all my VLC-related code, probably unnecessary in this case:

def vlc_init():
    global vlc_instance, media_player
    vlc_instance = vlc.Instance('--no-xlib') # VLC asked me to pass '--no-xlib' *shrug*
    media_player = vlc_instance.media_player_new()

def set_new_media(media_path):
    media = vlc_instance.media_new(media_path)

Does anyone know what I can do?

testing – Why is the test runner not picking up tests for a contrib module?

I recently added tests to Cache Register, but the test runner on doesn’t seem to be picking them up. The tests are all located in tests/src/KernelTests (repo) but aren’t queuing up in the issue queue for either patches or merge requests. Am I missing something?

EDIT: Current answer references the namespace of the base test class, but I needed to do it that way to make the autoloader work for tests on my local. The tests themselves do actually use the correct namespace. I suspect that the way I’m implementing the base class may be the actual issue so I’m trying to figure out a way around that. Having trouble finding an example of a contrib module that uses a base class for its tests, though.

EDIT 2: Refactored that Base class into a testing Trait instead. Remaining “real” tests already use the right namespace and run locally, but still not getting picked up.

8 – File structure of libraries folder and detection of module external plugins

The module CKeditor anchor link require a CKEditor plugin.
Can this plugin be placed in subfolder of the /libraries folder or does it have imperatively to be placed at the root of /libraries ?

More generally, does drupal parse recursively the libraries folder when intenting to detect external plugins ?

Erro ao tentar executar projeto React Native jest-haste-map: Haste module naming collision: mobile

Estou tentando executar meu projeto em meu dispositivo mobile e esta dando o seguinte erro abaixo, referente a duplicação de arquivos.

    jest-haste-map: Haste module naming collision: mobile
  The following files share their name; please adjust your hasteImpl:
    * <rootDir>mobilepackage.json
    * <rootDir>package.json

Failed to construct transformer:  DuplicateError: Duplicated files or mocks. Please check the console for more info
    at setModule (C:curso-rocketbootcamp-nivel-01_node-js_react-js_react-native_typescriptmobilenode_modulesmetronode_modulesjest-haste-mapbuildindex.js:620:17)
    at workerReply (C:curso-rocketbootcamp-nivel-01_node-js_react-js_react-native_typescriptmobilenode_modulesmetronode_modulesjest-haste-mapbuildindex.js:691:9)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5)
    at async Promise.all (index 1) {
  mockPath1: 'mobile\package.json',
  mockPath2: 'package.json'
Error: Duplicated files or mocks. Please check the console for more info
    at setModule (C:curso-rocketbootcamp-nivel-01_node-js_react-js_react-native_typescriptmobilenode_modulesmetronode_modulesjest-haste-mapbuildindex.js:620:17)
    at workerReply (C:curso-rocketbootcamp-nivel-01_node-js_react-js_react-native_typescriptmobilenode_modulesmetronode_modulesjest-haste-mapbuildindex.js:691:9)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5)
    at async Promise.all (index 1)