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Posted by: Alinka94
Time of publication: April 24, 2019 at 04:44 a.m.

mobile – Navigating a double top bar

I have encountered a UX problem in a site I am designing. I feel there is an obvious solution but I have trouble finding it.

I have a site that has a sticky global bar. In the middle of the site, I have a tabbed browsing component. There are 3 tabs and the windows of each one contain a kind of extensive content.

I feel that my users will want to be able to navigate between these tabs without having to slide the page again.

Obviously I do not want to duplicate horizontal sticky bars. I can not replace or edit the global bar at all.

I'm thinking of a collapse to the side option. Or maybe turn it into a carousel with sticky arrows left / right?

Design proposal

Sidecar Theme Mobile

When using the theme "Sidecar" in BigCartel I noticed that the header logo was replaced with the text in the mobile version of the site. Is there any way to avoid this? Can I replace the text with my logo or some version of my logo?

What is the best platform, language or framework for Android mobile development in 2019?


So personal, I'm out of the mobile development market and I'm not familiar (forgive my noobice) with current technologies and methods. However, I feel great will to enter that platform. I have already updated myself on some concepts such as the native and hybrid development and it seems that each one defends with his fingernails and teeth the way he chose. I ask you please not to enter into that merit. But in a rational and impersonal analysis for the long-term market. Thanks from now.

: let's consider here that I do not know any language (java, javascript, c #, c ++, etc)

How to show the availability of links in texts / passages on mobile devices?

Not only you must show the paragraphs that can be clicked. More important is to add meaning and meaning to this action.

Does this have any meaning for a user?
enter the description of the image here


Some points to consider are:

  • Usefulness of hyperlinks.

    Hyperlinks work to a large extent under the premise of "promise and deliver":
    that is, the link will tell you what the next page is.
    around, then the page itself will deliver it

    of The art of naming hyperlinks.

    The full text of the paragraph as a hyperlink violates this point, since "promise" is too ambiguous and diffuse and, therefore, unpredictable for a user.

  • meaning and meaning of the huge hyperlink
    Paragraph numbering makes little sense to a user. Use established solutions to provide metadata for the paragraphs. It just fits into your interaction strategy. You can see an example below:

    enter the description of the image here

  • try the interactions
    as the huge hyperlinks could be accidentally pressed and this could be very annoying for the users.

Why do people who use MVVM with a mobile application?

I am a bit confused about the use of MVVM with the mobile application. Why people use MVVM when they have an easy code behind with the entire life cycle of the page and events.

Web development – Theme of the mobile menu on the website

I noticed a problem on our website yesterday where our menu does not work on iOS mobile phones.

It was working fine last week, but now there is a problem. It's fine on Android phones.

When I try to open on iOS phones, I see below

broken menu

In the Android browser window and resized is shown below, what is correct

work menu

I also noticed that when loading iOS phones, every two seconds, the menu blinks gray to show the menu, but it only shows the menu for a fraction of a second and then turns gray.

This is only on iOS and since it worked well last week, we did not make any changes to the site, so I'm not sure what is causing the problems.

Any advice appreciated.

mobile – Not having content in the product launch

Empty States

What he is referring to is known in the software world as an "empty state".
It may be as it sounds: empty. But if you're smart, it becomes a lovely training tool.

The idea is to have a status in your application that detects the absence of content and fill it with something useful or pleasant for the user.

Making the right vacuum means that you are training your users through inspiration, learning opportunities and incremental discovery.

Here is a general repository of applications doing well empty: https://emptystat.es/

Learn from professionals

There are some great examples of the real world that you can study at this time.

Start a new account with any of these three services and you will see how the professionals remain empty.

Mobile design for many to many relationships

I'm trying to find the best mobile design for many-to-many relationships. For example, a list in which the elements contain drop-down elements with multiple-selection elements or check boxes? Let's say that your data are authors and books. Each type of data has numerous attributes that need to be editable. Drop-down menus are usually not suitable for mobile devices, especially those that have checkboxes, so I'm looking for better alternatives.