server: mobile application backend for Soundcloud as an application

We want to create a mobile application similar to soundcloud, we want to upload sounds through applications or backend management and the backend will automatically perform the audio conversion, we can also upload videos that will be converted to audios, etc.

I would like to know which back-end structures would be more preferable.

1- You can use PHP + mySQL simple, use some cron jobs, etc. to fix audios, too obsolete,

2- Using Amazon or Google databases, however, you are not sure which back-end languages ​​to use for better performance, Node? php? Python or any other

I would really like to get an idea from the older men.

javascript – Canvas Constellation Interactive Mobile

Good afternoon,

I have a code of a constellation canvas that interacts with the mouseover pull the star joins the mouse and I would like to do the same on mobile devices, for the click it works, but I would like you to "feel" and follow the touch to scroll and follow where your finger is placed.

Handler Code:

this.handlers = {
        window: {
            mousemove: function(e){
                config.position.x = e.pageX - $canvas.offset().left;
                config.position.y = e.pageY - $canvas.offset().top;
            touchmove: function(e){
                config.position.x = e.pageX - $canvas.offset().left;
                config.position.y = e.pageY - $canvas.offset().top;
            resize: function () {

I tried using the different method of call pickup but it didn't happen either.

Mobile test

Someone gives me a hand?

jquery – transparent mobile header

Very good!

I am trying to put the header in transparent mobile format I have put the corresponding css but they tell me that it is still white because jquery must have that function.

If someone could tell me in which folder to find where this jquery is to configure the transparent header in mobile phones, I would greatly appreciate it

a cordial greeting!

mobile: circumstances of the application of multiple devices

We are developing an application in the field of product sales. Now we want to decide if our application is MultiDevice or not. Our application services include product display, registration request, survey response and coin-based gamification. Since MultiDevice software is technically expensive, I wanted to know under what circumstances it is necessary for an application to become MultiDevice.

How to recover deleted photos and videos when importing from Android Mobile to the system

How to recover deleted photos and videos while importing from Android Mobile to the system, cannot be found on the mobile or in the system. By mistake, you selected delete and data after importing to the system during file transfer

Why don't mobile keyboards have a Delete button?

Here the argument is that the "Delete" button is not useful on mobile devices. Because we already have the x button.
I have many use cases where I would need the "Delete" button instead of the x button.

1] Let's say I have written some sentences in my application. Let's say I want to delete the last 2 sentences, out of a total of 5 sentences. Instead of going to the end of all the content, I would go to the place where I want to eliminate those sentences. that is, I would prefer to go to the end of the third statement and press "Delete" and delete the last 2 statements.

2] Let's say I have a great URL that I copied and pasted in the browser's URL bar. Now I just want that part of the URL that does not need the content after saying "/", in this case I would go to that slash and press the "Delete" button and delete the remaining part of the URL. I will not prefer to use the & # 39; x & # 39; icon to remove the last content from the large URL, because in that case you would need to verify if the last "/" that you wanted to keep as is, has arrived or not.

eg The current URL is Why don't mobile keyboards have a Delete button?

Now I just need the URL up to Questions. I know this is not a great URL, but think of it as a great URL. What would you prefer if you want a URL to

What I would prefer is that I don't want content after the questions /, so I would go to the questions / and delete everything after that using the "Delete" button.

These are only 2 use cases, there are many, if you think about it.

Website design: show customer feedback on mobile devices?

I am showing several items on the same mobile page. Each of them has their own comments (about 30).

What is a good technique to show reviews? for example, have a link / button in each item box that says "see X comments", and then where will the comments be displayed? Do they need to appear somewhere, maybe a scrollable modal window, and then have a close button?

What custom mobile operating system has saved Wi-Fi sharing using the QR code?

"custom mobile operating system" as emui – MIUI

And what version of it?

Human interface guide: what are the most recommended colors for the user interface of a mobile application that is used in sunlight?

To use the application, users have to increase the brightness of the screen and this causes the battery to run out faster and the best experience is not yet perceived.

It is an application that users use daily for 6 hours under sunlight to take meter readings located in customers' homes.

They take a tour of the street visiting around 500 houses.

Website design – Positioning modal buttons on mobile devices

I am designing a design system for my company and I am currently looking to design manners and dialogues for both desktop computers (tablets) and mobile devices.

I have placed the main action in the lower right part of the modal and any secondary action, such as cancel or & # 39; save draft & # 39; on the left. This only uses CSS floats.

Great modal design

However, on mobile devices, I am not sure how to place the buttons if there are more than two. If there were only cancel and send, this would fit in one line depending on the size of the screen, or they would be stacked (I just need to update the CSS to allow this to happen) one on top of the other, which should also work well for the user.

However, if there are more than 2, the order if all are stacked will not be particularly intuitive for the user.

Small modal design

I ignored the flaw: I can solve this with just a bit of CSS, but I wanted to get opinions from others who might have designed something similar.

Stacking them like …


Save draft


It wouldn't make much sense, but neither

Cancel Save draft


Would you really appreciate any help to let me know about the common patterns here?

Thank you