ChatBull Pro – PHP Live Chat Support with Desktop and Mobile App

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ChatBull Pro – PHP Live Chat Support with Desktop and Mobile App – ChatBull Pro – PHP Live Chat Support with Desktop and Mobile App

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Chatbull is complete Php, MySql and Angular based live chat support plugin that is provide quick suppot to your cutomers …

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2D vs 3D mobile power consumption in Unity

For an optimised and playable game written for mobile with Unity, how much of a difference is there in power consumption between 2D and 3D?


  • Unity game engine
  • The game requires constant screen updates such as FPS or arcade, not turn-based
  • As much as possible is about equal – optimisation, complexity, user experience

My initial feelings are that 2D should use less power than 3D, but I have not seen anything other than opinion to support this view. The only reasoned argument that I have seen so far actually favours 2D (over low poly 3D) in this answer:

I don’t want to explore whether I should optimise or when to optimise. That has been covered many times elsewhere.

wi fi – Wifi, mobile data, bluetooth isn’t working after flashing stock rom

So I have an Asus ROG phone 2 device which was stuck into boot loop before. To get rid of that situation, I flashed the stock rom, and wiped user data by going to recovery mode.
But for some reason, my wifi isn’t turning on, my phone can’t detect any sim cards at all, and Bluetooth is also not working.
Side note, my phone’s sound is also gone. No single bit of sound is playing at all. Not even warning, notification nothing.

What should I do to get rid of that situation? I need immediate assistance.
thanks a lot


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GUDANG MUSIK – MOBILE MP3 AGC & GRABBER SCRIPT – Mobile AGC MP3 Script Download, No API Key, No DB, Fast Loading

Gudang Musik Mobile AGC MP3 Script
Free Download, No API Key, No DB, Fast Loading


Features :

  • Simple, Clean and Responsive Design
  • Mobile and Desktop
  • No Database
  • No API
  • Fast Loading
  • Top Songs from Itunes
  • Search result from Youtube
  • Inject keywords
  • Badwords filtering
  • Clean code and easy to use
  • Easy to custome
  • ADS: Top, Bottom, Popup…

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seo – Google mobile search not displaying thumbnail

seo – Google mobile search not displaying thumbnail – Webmasters Stack Exchange

❕NEWS – Kraken has a mobile application |

When it comes to the running of a business there is always competition that is in the market and this is a good thing as it constantly prompts businesses to up their game and to do better. The competitor for Coinbase is Kraken. In a news article, kraken has taken it one step further and has released a mobile application to allow their users to trade from their phones. This is available for both the android users and for those that use apple products as well.


seo – Google Mobile not displaying thumbnail

Why Google Mobile Search does not display thumbnail for websites even if, meta tags and OpenGraph tags are all correct and follows SEO best-practice? As you can see from the following example (Official Website result) The page is filled with opengraph tags, json+ld schema, main image is placed above the fold and wrapped inside h1 tag with alt proprety correctly set.

lineageos – Xiaomi Mi A2 + Lineage OS 11 = no mobile network internet

I have an Xiaomi Mi A2 with Lineage OS 11 installed.

Calls, texts and wifi work fine but switching off wifi or moving out of range of router results in loss of internet, i.e. my mobile network does not kick in.

I have tried reinserting sim and toggling aeroplane mode with no results.

Putting the sim back in my old phone and the internet works fine,

Any ideas?


How to Build an Effective Medical Mobile App

The article presents crucial points to be considered before engaging into medical app development.

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