How do I force a url to open only in Chrome desktop browser, not in mobile apps?

Is it possible to form a URL so that it only opens in desktop Chrome browser? The url is sent to people through Facebook Messenger mobile app. Or perhaps a way that makes the url accessible only from desktop Facebook Messenger?

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Mobile & Desktop Version – SEO sitemap.xml

I am running two different version of my application. One for mobile devices and the other for desktop computers. SEO is a very important topic for us, as we are an online shop that needs to be found in the web.

When entering on a small screen device, the user gets redirected to The other way around works the same. The application is built with NextJS, if that matters.

Now my question: Do I need to add for both versions a sitemap.xml and robots.txt? How do I work with canonical tags? I am quite new to SEO and apprecitae any help!

security – Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G – cellebrite mobile forensics data extractions – locked with pattern

I’ve got a locked Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G (running the latest android 10 and patches)

The phone is locked with a pattern (unknown)

What are my chances of any data extraction with cellebrite or other forensics tools while I can not unlock the phone?

Also how secure is Knox efuse? will it damage the phone/data when an untrusted bootloader is detected?

javascript – SetTimeout Does not Work on Mobile Devices (Andriod & iOS)

Good day everyone.

Please for some weird reason, settimeout does not work on mobile devices. It works perfectly on a desktop but does not work on any mobile device. This includes iOS or Andriod devices. Please kindly assist me as I’m still new to this. This is my code below:

    $list->id))}}" enctype="multipart/form-data" style="display: none !important" id="formCount" method="post">
                        {{ csrf_field() }} {{ method_field('PUT') }}
                        visit_count }}>

This is my Javascript code:

function workerb(){
        let visitCount = document.getElementById('postVisitCount').value;
//let visitCount = $('#postVisitCount').val();

let visitCountPlusOne = parseInt(visitCount) + 1;
//let visitCountPlusOne = parseInt(visitCount, 10) + 1;

document.getElementById('postVisitCount').value = visitCountPlusOne;
//$('#postVisitCount').val() = visitCountPlusOne;

let $formVar = $('#formCount');

    //url: $formVar.prop("{{route('posts.update', ('id'=>$list->id))}}"),
    url: "{{route('posts.update', ('id'=>$list->id))}}?rand="+Math.random(),
    method: 'POST',
    data: $formVar.serialize(),
    //cache: false,
    //processData: false,
    //contentType: 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8',
    success: function(){
        console.log('Done: ', e)
    error: function(e){
        console.log('ERROR! ', e)

return false;

    window.setTimeout(workerb, 1000);


Looking forward to your assistance.

aws – Best choice of Amazon services for deployment of a video processing mobile app

I need help to decide on the backend infrastructure for our senior design project. We will build a mobile application (on Flutter) where users record videos and/or audio of themselves and get emotion/mood predictions. However, I did some research about this, and, as far I see, video streaming might be time-consuming if we consider recording, sending to the backend, and then process to get a prediction.

Briefly, we will have an ML model, a Node.js RESTful API, and a Flutter mobile app at the end. Also, we plan to deploy our project on AWS. I want to ask which services should we use to design a performant backend?

I found the Kinesis Video Streaming (KVS) service of AWS, but I do not know if it is a good choice. Also, I do not know how to process videos coming from that service.

If someone can give me a simple idea of software architecture, I would be glad to hear about it.

interaction design – Mobile doodling with finger, and being able to scroll?

I am building a doodling app and I would like the user to be able to scroll the page and doodling with their finger.

I presume I must use buttons for the user to be able to switch between doodling and scrolling, however, I would be interested to know if there are any other solutions that may be better.

enter image description here

a. My solution was to simply have the pen and eraser tool be available to use, but by default the scrolling would be the primary interaction. Which is not ideal as I would like the user to interact with the page first by doodling on the page (not scrolling).

b. I run into the issue that if the user has pen tool (doodling) as their primary interaction, they won’t realize that there is a way to scroll as well (unless they tap on the pen tool to clear the selection)

Any thoughts on this.. Is there a better solution?

Thank you.

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api – jQuery on click not working on mobile

I try to change click to click tap but the problem still occur
This code working on desktop , laptop but on mobile doesnt alert

jQuery('#register-me').on('click tap',function(){

var action = 'register_action';
var username = jQuery("#st-username").val();
var mail_id = jQuery("#st-email").val();
 var firname = jQuery("#st-fname").val();
 var lasname = jQuery("#st-lname").val();
 var passwrd = jQuery("#st-psw").val();  
    if (!username) {
    alert("Please Enter Username");

     if (!mail_id) {
        alert("Please Enter Email");
     if (!isValidEmailAddress(mail_id)){
         alert("Please Enter Valid Email");
     if (!firname) {
        alert("Please Enter IC");
     if (firname.length<12||firname.length>12)  {
        alert("Please Enter Valid IC");
     if (!lasname) {
        alert("Please Enter Phone");
     if (!isANumber(lasname)){ 
    alert("Please Enter Valid No Phone");
         if (!passwrd) {
        alert("Please Enter Password");
 var url = "";
var ajaxdata = {

action: 'register_action',
 name: username,
 email: mail_id,
 icno: firname,
 phoneno: lasname,
 password: passwrd,

}; ajaxurl, ajaxdata, function(res){ // ajaxurl must be defined previously
 }); url, ajaxdata, function(res){ // ajaxurl must be defined previously
    if (res.Code=="888"){
    else if (res.Code=="887"){
    else if (res.Code=="200"){
        alert("Terima kasih kerana berminat di dalam program BSMMKL. Kami telah menerima permohonan anda dan kakitangan kami akan menghubungi anda dalam masa terdekat. !");
    else {
        alert('Registration Error');
     function isValidEmailAddress(emailAddress) {
    var pattern = new RegExp(

    return pattern.test(emailAddress);
     function isANumber(str){
  return !/D/.test(str);