The properties of the mssql 2016 server mix replication article continue to change after a while

We have in our configuration the fusion replication between two servers that run the same versions of the MSSQL server. We have some fields of geography data type and fix it by converting filestream to nvarchar (max) for all articles. And it works for a few days (I don't know how many exactly) and again we have the same problem again. Does anyone here know what is the cause of that? Note that we are tracking DDL changes throughout the database and that we do not see any new columns of that type, so there are no changes in the structure of the database (of which we are aware).

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Privacy – Mix uneven entries

Let's say you have 3 entries (alice, bob, satoshi): 0.3, 1.3, 1.6.
We can mix these inputs, for example, like this: 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, 0.1, 0.1.
Or this way: 1.3, 1.3, 0.3, 0.3.
Traditionally it mixes like this (CoinShuffle / ZeroLink / BlindCoin): 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, 1, 1.3.

There are many combinations, but there are better and worse mixtures. Intuitively I thought I want anonymize the largest amount of bitcoins in the cheapest way.
First take the sum of the anonymity sets weighted by the amount of bitcoins. With the second example of mixing (1.3, 1.3, 0.3, 0.3) could be:

  • Alice: 0.3btc – 2/1= 2 anonset -> 2*0.3= 0.6
  • bob: 1.3btc – 2/1= 2 anonset -> 2*1.3= 2.6
  • satoshi: 1.3btc – 2/1= 2 anonset -> 2*1.3= 2.6 and 0.3btc – 2/1= 2 anonset -> 2*0.3= 0.6

And the sum is: 0.6+2.6+2.6+0.6= 6.4

Next, we want the cheapest possible mix, for this we need to minimize the number of outputs, in the second example it is 4. Finally, divide the number of outputs by the weighted sum of anonset: 6.4 / 4 =whatever (1.6).
We want this whatever number to be as high as possible. This is how we can anonymize most bitcoins in the cheapest way.
With the traditional mix, whatever would be 5 weighted anonset sum / 5 output number= 1

So, my second ad-hoc algorithm is exactly 60% more efficient.
I also wrote a small software that compared 3 different algae with 100 random entries (results below).
The first is like this: always take the smallest entrance and match the rest. This generated many exits (as you can see, created so many exits, which overflowed by 173% of the maximum standard Bitcoin transaction size).
The second something always took the second biggest contribution and combined it with the best.
During the third one I used middle out, so I took the middle entrance and combined it with as many entries as possible. This provided by far the best whatever Value: 149.

Test code:

What algorithm can lead to the most optimal mix?

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Games that mix old emulated machine code with modern languages [on hold]

Is there an example of game development in a "modern" multipurpose language (C ++, Python, Java, Go) that loads game binaries from an old platform (for example, 8-bit, 16-bit or 20-bit DOS ) and emulate Is it partially up to a given condition and then mixed with the code that runs natively on the host platform?

I'm looking for games or game extensions that use a hybrid approach to native emulation and programming to create newer versions of old games.
I'm also not looking for software disassembled and ported to a new system, such as SDLPoP.

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customs and immigration: why do Schengen and non-Schengen flights mix at the Corfu airport?

I am at Corfu airport, waiting for a flight to Athens, where I will connect to a flight to a destination outside the Schengen area. Due to the somewhat inappropriate signals, I spent some time waiting for the international gates at the security checkpoint. Before arriving at the front of the line, I noticed that the passport control counters were behind the security inspectors, which led to the discovery that the inspection of the domestic doors had fallen near the end of the arrivals area.

To my surprise, these are really national doors, not intra-Schengen doors. Flights to the United Kingdom are mixed with flights to Germany, the Netherlands and Austria:

Departure board at Corfu airport

Why is it done this way? How does it work? It seems that it would be quite easy to exploit this to obtain a Schengen exit stamp before flying to another Schengen country (for example, with the cooperation of a confederate that resembles the traveler).

Graphical user interface design: is it okay to mix black with other bright colors in the user interface?

I am a UI developer in a small organization.

I have been developing an application and chose orange, black and white as the predominant colors in the palette. You can see the attached image to get an idea.

The logo in the upper left changed by anonymity

Today, my boss, who has many years of experience in the industry as a business analyst, told me that it is generally not advisable to use black in the color scheme. I asked him why, and he said it's just a general convention. I pointed out that many large products use predominantly black. He said yes, they have a dark mode and that makes sense, but it is not advisable to mix black with bright colors. It should be all light / bright colors or predominantly black, that's what he told me.

This is the first time I hear something like this and personally it doesn't make much sense to me, but I told him that I would investigate. I chose these colors that you see in the screenshot because I wanted the orange to stand out and black was the only color for the sidebar that matched well with the orange.

He told me that I should consider changing the blacks in the sidebar and the table headers.

I would like to know if this is really a thing or simply a matter of personal preference. Is there any resource for me to learn more about this? I am looking for alternative views.

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dnd 5e – Can I tune in to a Circlet of Human Perfection with my animated skeletons to allow them to mix and talk?

For those who are not familiar, a Circlet of Human Perfection is a magical object of Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage adventure (p. 30). His description reads:

The circle transforms its tuned user into an attractive human of
average height and weight The circle chooses the physical
Shape characteristics, such as age, gender, skin color, hair
color and voice Except for size, user statistics and race
the features do not change, nor the items used or carried by the user.
Removing the circle ends the effect.

If I allow my skeleton created with Animate Dead to tune into this element, can they be perfectly combined? What about your ability to speak?

The skeleton language feature says you can't speak, but the circle says you get the voice of a human. Do racial traits that remain the same replace voice gain?