magento2: Magent 2.3.X custom payment method check box missing terms and conditions

I am using a custom payment method when making payment in Magento, but the check boxes for terms and conditions are missing, even if I have enabled it from the backend. The Magento payment method shows the check box, but in the custom payment, it is not displayed.enter the description of the image here

In the default payment method, show
enter the description of the image here

SharePoint update from 2010 to 2013 – The organization / organization chart browser is missing

I updated SharePoint 2010 to 2013 and the organization chart / organization browser no longer appears on MySite. Or when you click on a user (the people search web part successfully implemented) you are forwarded to the SharePoint 2010 environment. How would you implement the Organization Browser? Would it appear on users' MySites and send it to the SharePoint 2013 environment? – Missing item in RDFa

I'm sorry for my English…

I have a website and I will offer e-books, I build my RDFa for a book,

Introduction to Linux

A Hands on Guide

Author: Machtelt Garrels

When you try with that is to say
enter the description of the image here

I try to give the name of Author, but I can't.

Can someone help me, thanks!

Missing graphics card

Ubuntu Mate 18.04 on a laptop with two graphics cards. Intel works fine. but the AMD Radeon HD 8690M is not seen anywhere. All my search has suggested starting with additional drivers. The problem is that it shows as completely empty.

sql server 2014: funky cardinality estimation biases, high memory concessions and missing statistics

I have a select statement within a procedure that is causing me some penalty at this time. The query estimates approximately 100 million rows and that in turn grants large amounts of memory (approximately 8 gigabytes per procedure call), which in turn results in extreme memory pressure on the database instance.

When the CE model is 120 (the instance is activated SQL Server 2014 SP3, CU4 by the way), I get the following estimates

estimates for the ce 120 model

At the same time, if I set the CE model to 70 using QUERYTRACEON 9481, I get perfect estimates

Eestimates for ce model 70

I am very interested in understanding why switching to an older CE model gives me a better estimate of the query.

In addition, I also see strange columns without statistical warnings.

uhm what?

But at the same time I can see that I have statistics for those columns in my table. I also tried to create a multi-column statistic, I thought I would try too. But it didn't really help either.

statistics that exist

If I update the statistics, the problem is solved almost immediately by the way and creates a better new plan (to make sure that a recompilation doesn't really solve the problem, I deleted the procedure and hash from the cache plan before updating the statistics)

This is the selection statement in question:

  , t.CanDownload  
  , t.CanUpload  
  , t.CanView  
  , i.ClientCreatedDate  
  , i.ClientModifiedDate  
  , i.CreationDate  
  , uc.FirstName AS CreatorFirstName  
  , i.CreatorID  
  , uc.LastName AS CreatorLastName  
  , i.ExpirationDate  
  , i.FileCount  
  , i.FileName  
  , i.FilePath  
  , i.FileSizeBytes  
  , i.Hash  
  , t.ItemID AS ID  
  , sl.ExpirationDate AS LockExpirationDate  
  , sl.LockID  
  , ea.Email AS LockOwnerEmailAddress  
  , ul.FirstName AS LockOwnerFirstName  
  , sl.LockOwnerID  
  , ul.LastName AS LockOwnerLastName  
  , sl.StreamLockTypeID AS LockTypeID  
  , i.Name  
  , i.ProgenyEditDate  
  , t.StreamID  
  , i.(Type)  
 FROM #CurrentItemsWithPerms t  
  INNER JOIN dbo.Items i   
   ON i.ID = t.ItemID  
  INNER JOIN dbo.Users uc   
   ON uc.ID = i.CreatorID  
  LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.StreamLock sl   
   ON sl.StreamID = t.StreamID  
  LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Users ul   
   ON ul.ID = sl.LockOwnerID  
  LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.EmailAddresses ea   
   ON ea.UserID = ul.ID  
   AND ea.IsPrimary = 1  
  t.ItemID <> @ParentID  
  AND t.PermissionsFound = 1

Consultation plan for the CE 120 model: click here

Consultation plan for the CE 70 model: click here

So, just to summarize my questions:

  1. Why the old CE model does a better job estimating the rows in
    this case?
  2. Why do I see warnings related to missing statistics when they are already present?

Thank you.

differential geometry dg. – Pages are missing in Gromov: groups of rigid transformations

I can't find a full version of the 1988 article Rigid Transformation Groups by Gromov. The only version I can find is that of the authors home page. However, this version is missing pages 2 and 3 (starts on page 65 and the next page is 68, among other things, the definition of $ r $Lack rigidity).

Is there a full version of the document available online?

The Windows 7 OEM product key is missing 1 letter, how can I fill in the blank?

I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre machine that I am trying to restore for a friend. I would like to install the correct windows that it came with, but the Microsoft OEM key sticker is missing a letter near the end (00000-X0000). I would like to disconnect and test the possible answers (24?) But that microsoft PID tester did not work with Windows 7 integrated or Windows 7 / Server 2008 drop-down.

I ran Magic Jelly Bean and got a CD key that was very different from the machine side. I think it was a corporate key (this machine belonged to a company before). I prefer not to use that, since it is probably a professional / business key. What is the best way to validate / recover the Windows 7 key?

Thank you! -Jeff

installation: recommended Drupal project missing Drush

I am looking to transform from drupal-project to recommended-project and seeing some difference in the folder structure.

drupal-project Contains a drush folder outside the & # 39; web & # 39; and & # 39; composer.json & # 39; contains the line "drush / drush": "^ 9.0.0".

Nevertheless, recommended-project You don't have this configuration although you could still install drush using composer require drush/drush. Drush is still not installed outside the & # 39; web & # 39 ;.

May I know why the configuration has changed and a way to have a drush folder outside of & # 39; web & # 39 ;?

custom list: Datasheet view does not highlight errors when the required file is missing

There are mandatory columns in my list and when I try to edit the list through the option & # 39; quick edit & # 39; selecting it from the ribbon and if I omit any required field, it is highlighted with errors due to missing the required columns in a red exclamation mark.

On the contrary, when I tried to enter several values ​​in the data sheet view and omitted any value, there was no error due to missing the required columns.

We need a datasheet view so that several people can enter values ​​in the list in bulk and it would be convenient for them if the default view of a list is a datasheet view.

Missing Apple ID: different question


I have an iPhone5C that I use while traveling that I gave to my wife when I was visiting our grandchildren abroad and obtained a US SIM card. UU.

Somehow, I changed my Apple ID (which is used for family sharing) for hers in an attempt to sign in to iCloud.

This morning I discovered that my iMac (in Sydney) thinks I am her.

I tried to log out of your AppleID (I didn't know the password if I reset it)

Now, when I try to log in with my AppleID, I am informed that this no longer exists! is not an Apple ID.
If you have forgotten your Apple ID, you can look it up.

What I can do? All my Apple purchases are linked to this ID.

To update

I registered my iMac in my wife's AppleID (if that was really her AppleID).

Is it possible that my wife changed my Apple ID?

To be clear, this is no family problem, apart from technical limitations.