Statistics: A / B tests: how to deal with minorities who chose B?

& # 39; C & # 39 ;.

Option C should be a working model that introduces the compromised hybrid solution that attempts to find a way to appease both test groups in a larger percentage. It will always change, refining its processes through many micro updates that gradually change the UX. This, of course, requires a ton of resources, your total attention and much more, many times the answer is & # 39; nothing & # 39 ;. You don't do anything about people who prefer the & # 39; B & # 39; option. You found a way to tip the scales and you decided on the design & # 39; A & # 39 ;, because hey, you can't please everyone, right?

Is it called "white privilege" when someone like Elizabeth Warren pretends to be a native so she can get benefits only available to minorities?

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