When will the racists of Y!A admit that poverty, not genetics, is what creates the differences between minorities and whites?

Not only is what you say correct, but from a biological/scientific point of view race does not exist.

In fact there is as much genetic variety within a “race” as there is between races.

There are obvious differences (skin color being most readily apparent, but there are others – eye shape & other facial features, for example)  but these are very superficial (like eye or hair color within a race), leading to race as a social construct with no significant scientific basis.

Do your own search to find many articles such as:


Long established scientific fact is that all human beings originated from one area of the world (Africa as it is now known) which means we ALL have the same ancestry. Only those moving to latitudes further from direct sun lost melanin to become “white”.

There is really only one race – the Human Race…

How is it that the Asian minorities in the US make 20k more per household than caucasians?

I’m not sure exactly. I think it’s because Whites are REEEEcist against Blacks, and Asians are REEEEcist against Whites and Blacks, going by liberal logic?

Culture is downstream from Race. Your personality and demeanor is at least in part heritable, a big part. That translates into culture when you start talking about large numbers of people.

Statistics: A / B tests: how to deal with minorities who chose B?

& # 39; C & # 39 ;.

Option C should be a working model that introduces the compromised hybrid solution that attempts to find a way to appease both test groups in a larger percentage. It will always change, refining its processes through many micro updates that gradually change the UX. This, of course, requires a ton of resources, your total attention and much more, many times the answer is & # 39; nothing & # 39 ;. You don't do anything about people who prefer the & # 39; B & # 39; option. You found a way to tip the scales and you decided on the design & # 39; A & # 39 ;, because hey, you can't please everyone, right?

Is it called "white privilege" when someone like Elizabeth Warren pretends to be a native so she can get benefits only available to minorities?

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