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Thanks for Reply.

It is sure, investment in Mining is very risky.

But there is absolutely no work in Free Cloud Mining.
You are not doing any work. Not investing any single coin.
Just Signup and click on Start button. In sometimes, you can check in your free time.

When it will reach to Min. payout, you can Request Payment. If in middle site will close, then also you are not lose anything. I think all sites are not scam. You can check Customer Reviews. All reviews are never fake.

Anyhow I have started just few months back. When I will receive Payout, I will post the Payment proof.

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Have a good day to all.

mining hardware – Is it possible to set up an Antminer S3 using a a Raspberry Pi?

An Antminer S3 operates as a stand alone computer, so you need no controller. The device is configured and managed through a web browser interface, so you can configure it from any web browser.

The only downloaded tool from Bitmain for the Antimer that runs on a PC is their “IP address finder” app, and you can use any of hundreds of apps to discover the IP address of devices on your LAN, including Fing.

mining hardware – How to Reset Dragon Miner 1TH/s IP Address?

How can I reset the IP address of a Dragon Miner 1TH/s machine?

Mistakenly, I entered the wrong IP in the miner when changing the network IP address, and now my miner is not visible on the network. What I entered was like “IP”.

So how can I reset my miner? It has the SD card option.

privacy – Censorship by mining pools

Question is not an attempt to spread misinformation or FUD instead I want to understand the things involved.

Recently one mining pool announced that they will censor some transactions. I don’t agree with everything mentioned in the below link:

Miners have invested a lot of money in the mining hardware, data centers, they are paying electricity and taxes – especially large mining operations. They are mostly not cypherpunks.


How can we avoid a situation in which most of the mining pools follow some compliance which censors some bitcoin transactions?

Also curious to know why do miners have so much control in a decentralized network to exclude few transactions? Is game theory the only possible solution for this problem?

This tweet by Murch also shows that miners will never allow low fee transactions even if many nodes and users want to use fee rate below 1 sat/vbyte? https://twitter.com/murchandamus/status/1326741966852386816

One user is waiting for miners to include a non-standard transaction: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/20178

Recently someone was discussing about a premium in bitcoin price traded on non-kyc exchanges. Will privacy in bitcoin transactions be also at a premium and users will have to pay more fees for coinjoin transactions?

How does stratum v2 help in censorship resistance?

One more thing that maybe considered and is related to mining: Governments getting involved in Bitcoin and Mining of cryptocurrencies. Recent example was Iran changing laws to use bitcoin for imports.

mining technical details – How do Bitcoin clients/miners verify balances quickly?

Bitcoin doesn’t care about balances. Miners also don’t.

Your wallet may keep track of your balance but it doesn’t need to know about anyone else’s. No one else cares about your balance. It is irrelevant.

Bitcoin only keeps track of unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) – If you like metaphors and understand their limits, you can think of UTXOs as “coins” whose “current ownership” is indirectly kept track of in an almost anonymous way. When you give someone a coin in payment, they don’t care how many other coins you have in your pocket, they only care whether the coin you gave them is genuine (really yours).

Bitcoin is designed so that creating new pages in the replicated journal of transactions is expensive and slow (i.e. constructing blocks that can be added to the blockchain). However, transactions can be verified quickly.

In the database world you speed up retrieval by adding appropriate indexes. You can have separate tables for live vs dead data, you can hold important data in memory, etc etc. That is how software finds UTXO’s fast.

mining technical details – How Bitcoin client/miner fast verify balances?

Bitcoin client must fast find balances for some public keys. Especially miner must find balances for all incoming transactions. I see problems: public key with associated address can appear many times in 300 GB blocks data which can’t be whole in memory. Full Bitcoin client uses binary data files and LevelDB index(?). How can it do fast? Especially, miner spent most time to hashing, not veryfying transactions (?)

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gpu mining – How to generate bitcoin address with gpu in python

I have seen a lot of bitcoin address generator with python, but all of them run on cpu, and are very slow,, for fun and educational purposes, I have been trying to use gpu to run the python script to make it fast, I tried Numba but it keeps showing up errors,
I am trying to solve this problem to help myself and others that might want to run python script on gpu..

❕NEWS – Bitcoin is currently experiencing its greatest difficulty in mining since 2011 | Proxies123.com

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Those that are in charge of the transactions and so on, are referred to as the miners. However, with the high prices that we are seeing for bitcoin at the moment, one would imagine that there will be a lot of transactions that are taking place at the moment in order to maximize the profit they are seeing from these good prices that we are seeing. However, with this large traffic comes mining difficulties that have to be offset with higher transaction costs and slower confirmation times.

At the moment an article has shown that the bitcoin transaction fee can be as high as 13%, which is close to the all time high of 18% that was seen in the latter part of 2011. In fact, according to this article, it seems that the optimum fee for any bitcoin transaction is currently sitting at around 11 dollars! This is a very high fee, and equates to roughly 80k satoshi!

What do you guys think about this? Is the high price of bitcoin really worth it then if there is such high transaction fees to make use of it? Doesn’t it offset the profit that we are making?


How do you reliably estimate mining fees?

I’m asking this question because sites seem to yield widely different estimates.

For instance, if I want a transaction to be accepted within 6 blocks, this is what I currently have to pay according to various calculators:

Why are the numbers so different? Who’s right?

For the record: at first, I was convinced that bitcoinfees.net had to be wrong, but then, someone sent me a transaction (4a129199006935cad810f99a41c14b2e2cdc4f8043732fde8f6db3f7aa899dfc) with a mining fee of 5 sat/vB… and it received its first confirmation within 20 minutes. It makes me even more confused because I see many transactions currently paying a much higher mining fee.