Where can I find pre-painted miniatures for D&D 5e? [closed]

I have started playing the sanctioned AL game weekly at my local game store. So far, my experience has been purely online through VTT and my first experience was incredible. Only … I didn't have any tokens for my character and I had to borrow one in that session, which the DM could provide me.

I did a search in 2 of my local game stores and discovered that white miniatures were displayed on behalf of the WotC that want to be painted. Hero Forge prints in 3D mini … again they want to be painted.

Question: Can I find or order a character thumbnail that is already colored?

I don't have painting skills to speak, much less for that kind of precision, and I will have this character for a long time through the sanctioned game of levels 1-20. A chip would be worth it.

What is the cheapest and best way for someone to try to get into paint miniatures?

You can buy decent acrylic paints at your local wal * mart or equivalent, in the craft section or at a craft store. Delta Ceramcoat and similar brands work quite well, and cost a few dollars for 4 oz or more.

The Games Workshop / Citadel painting is problematic because, for the same cost, you get half an ounce, and they have added latex (which makes it a common allergen), and it does not survive almost unused, for the latex will be deposited in the Bottle much easier.

Decent brushes can be purchased at low cost from the same sources, often in 3-5 packs of different sizes.

Plastic pallets with 6 cups cost less than a dollar in my local W * M.

At $ 4 per bottle, you'll want at least one shade of meat, a shade of metal and a brown and green. Therefore, $ 30 was probably invested in the initial investment in materials, but they are enough to last for a while. (For the color of the citadel, you are looking for the same prices, maybe more, and 1/8 of the painting).

Spray primer is useful. Any fine primer works; Krylon has a decent one in a can of about $ 5. If you don't apply a spray primer, print with white, gray or black paint.

The palette is essential, in my opinion: you put one or two drops in the palette cups and close the bottle. Less waste, and you can dilute or mix safely.

Minis to paint is the next obstacle; Michtoy.com sells excellent plastic minis in boxes; The zvezda 1 / 72d scale (approximately 20 mm) costs $ 12-15 per box, with more than 15 minis in the box. Since the techniques are the same, whether the minis are made of plastic or metal, it is an economic starting point.

Also, find a good instructional site and work on it once you have the materials.

Ubuntu 18.10 GIF Miniatures?

Does anyone manage to get thumbnails of GIF files that work on 18.10? None of the previous methods to add a custom thumbnailer seemed to work for me as it did in previous versions of Ubuntu.