Using the Dell H730p mini blade driver on the poweredge r730xd server

I just picked up a second-hand Poweredge r730xd server that currently has a perc h330 driver installed. It seems that my friend found an H730p controller and contributed it to my cause. On closer inspection, your mini blade controller appears, not the mini mono controller. The form factor is the same, which makes me curious if it could be used after all. Anyone with any experience with this? Thoughts?

How to transfer all my photos from my Canon camera to my iPad mini in Wi-Fi?

Both answers to your questions. They are outlined in the manual as noted by Andy Blankertz. Manuals are generally not very good at telling you what you cannot do, but they are generally good at telling you what functionality was created. In this case, you must deduce the fact that you cannot do exactly what you want with an all-in-one button, but you must repeat a few steps.

The only option to download "all images" would be to select each image individually using the instructions on page 142, and repeat as necessary for each batch of 50 images as indicated on page 141.

This may sound tedious, but just to give you an idea of ​​how the Canon software is evolving, the EOS Remote application with which I have to work on my DSLR only allows you to download a single image at a time and does not even allow you to select several images (even less 50).

Page 142 of the SX280 manual:

enter the description of the image here

Page 141 of the SX280 manual:

enter the description of the image here

Steps to ensure the integrity / security of Mac mini data before sale?

I have some Mac mini that go from the 2011 models to the 2014 models, which I want to sell. My concern is the integrity / security of the data they contain.

I do not have a large HD / external server to dump all the data, so my plan was to remove and save the HD from each Mac Mini, and put a new SSD before the sale.

In addition to doing the above, is there any step I should take to ensure the integrity / security of the data? E.g. Will something be saved in RAM or CPU / GPU or Other?

Add custom drop-down menu in mini Search magento 2

How to add this functionality
can anybody help me

enter the description of the image here

Macos – Reinstall Mac mini (server?)

I just received a Mac mini that I will use to play FLAC files on my stereo (DAC to buy). I have no idea how old he is. Could it be from 2010?

However, I have problems reinstalling it. There is a sticker on the back that says: MAC OS X 10.6 SRV UNLIMITED CUSTOMER

The installation stops after a while saying:
There are no packages eligible for installation. contact the software manufacturer for help
… I am doing a network installation recovery.

It seems that this problem could have something to do with the date?

I tried setting the date for 2017 (some sources claimed that this would be the trick) starting in single user mode. But I understand this:
Missing bluetooth driver common transport

And I can't even write in the terminal. Any ideas on how to restore this?

usb: Mac mini 2018 cursor freezes after RAM update

My Mac mini 2018 (3 GHz Core i5) runs Mojave 10.14.6. The monitor is an LG UHD 27UK850.

After a 32 GB RAM update, the cursor freezes regularly but momentarily approximately every 4 seconds, a major nuisance with photo editing!

I use a wired mouse that is not Apple, but the same thing happens with a Magic Mouse 2 and a Logitech wireless mouse and another non-Apple mouse. Note that, apart from trying the Magic Mouse, I have Bluetooth disabled.

After trying several solutions, such as Safe Boot; reset NVPAM; By removing mouse-related list items in ~ / Library / Preferences, through the removal process, I discovered that 2 of the 3 USB-C hubs I use (USB-C to 3 x USB 3.0) seem to be causing the problem.

The centers that cause problems are not branded, but they have been working perfectly, and they do not cause any problems in a MacBook Pro 2017.

But on the Mac mini, even without peripheral devices connected to these hubs, the cursor freezes momentarily approx. every 4 seconds Remove the cubes and everything is fine.

The other hub, an Aerocool, caused Bluetooth interference on the MacBook Pro until I wrapped its lead in foil, but it still works well on the Mac mini and does not affect the cursor.

I am perplexed as to why more RAM seems to have created this problem, since previously my cursor never froze and the centers themselves do not cause problems on another Mac.

Mojave – Mac Mini sleeping when idle

We have some problems with 2 Mac minis running Mojave. They go to sleep after a couple of minutes the user logs off.

We try to play with him pmset adjustments without luck

Here are my current settings

~/Documents/vc:$ pmset -g

System-wide power settings:

Currently in use:

standby 1

Sleep On Power Button 1

womp 1

autorestart 0

hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage

proximitywake 1

powernap 0

gpuswitch 2

networkoversleep 0

disksleep 0

standbydelayhigh 86400

sleep 0

hibernatemode 3

ttyskeepawake 1

displaysleep 0

tcpkeepalive 1

highstandbythreshold 50

standbydelaylow 86400

Does anyone know how to keep them awake 24/7? Our monitoring systems complain that the minis are unreachable.

enter the description of the image here

html5 – Customize the new Chrome mini player

I was on YouTube listening to music and I remembered that Chrome put a new mini player in the navigation tab and it appeared as follows

enter the description of the image here

and I wanted to integrate that into my page when you see a video (the one that puts the mini of the video in the chrome player), but I searched and found nothing related, I thought that image was of the label but it didn't work with that, I hope you can help me with this

Audio: No sound via HDMI with Mac Mini connected to projection TV

This is similar to this unanswered question and this question, but it uses different hardware and cannot be solved in the same way that second question is solved. The bottom line is that I get sound from my Apple TV, from the BD player, but not from Apple TV. I am using a MacMini 7.1

Here is a diagram of my design:

Full AV design

I have three video and sound devices (Apple TV, Mac Mini and a BD player). Each has an HDMI cable that goes from the device to the Metra HDMI switch. The Metra switch also extracts the audio, which passes through a TOSLink digital audio cable to a Sonos Playbar, which is part of a home theater sound system (which includes a woofer and two rear speakers). The video from the Metra switch goes through an HDMI cable to the Sony video projector.

It is worth noting that I had a similar problem with the BD player. At first it had a Sony BD player, but it didn't send sound to the Sony projector. It took me a while, even more than an hour on the phone with the Crutchfield salesman to realize that the Sony BD player and the Sony projector were talking to each other and, basically, the projector said: "No speakers." The Sony BD player understood and decided, since the projector did not handle the sound, it would not send audio through the HDMI output to the projector. We solved that problem by changing the Sony BD player to a Panasonic and it works fine.

The problem with the Mac Mini is that it doesn't send sound through the HDMI cable. When I go to the Sound preferences, there is no HDMI device that I can choose for output. (I suspect this is because he recognizes the Sony projector and knows it has no sound.) I tried using Airplay to send the sound to the Sonos system that way. It worked once, but with the sound lagging behind the video 2-3 seconds. The next time I tried to work on it, I couldn't have Airplay send audio to Sonos.

One problem is that the only sound input that the playback bar has is the TOSLink jack, so I can't extract the sound from the Mac's headphone / audio jack and take it to the switch or playback bar without converting the sound to HDMI or digital. and then I would need some other switch.

I tried using Airplay to use MacMini through Apple TV. It could have been my imagination, but I was pretty sure there was also a small audio delay that way. Barely noticeable. (And if I do this, how will that work when playing games? Will there be no delay with screen updates? And if I do, is there a way to start sharing the screen with Apple TV instead of going to the Mac just to start sharing the screen and then go to Apple TV?)

I wonder if there is a way to cancel and say the sound: "Simply send through the HDMI output." All I see as possible outputs in Mac sound preferences are the built-in speakers and a list of Sonos speakers. (And, again, that didn't work or was 2-3 seconds late for the sound). Or maybe there is a way to create a fake HDMI audio device for the Mac to send audio through the HDMI cable?

The bottom line is that I want to synchronize audio and video and play them through the Sony projector and the Sonos sound system.

Problem HDMI Mini Mac 2018 with Apple Cinema Display 23 "

I just received a new Mac Mini 2018 that is connected to a 23 "Apple Cinema Display (model 2005). I am using the original Apple HDMI to DVI adapter

The question:

A gray grain noise appears when the Mac Mini starts (see attached file). When I disconnect and plug in the 23 "Apple Cinema Display again, it starts blinking for about 20 seconds. After that, the screen is showing up well for many hours. Unless you don't show the power off or turn off your Mac Mini, everything works as expected

It seems that Apple's original HDMI to DVI adapter is NOT compatible with the 23 "Apple Cinema Display.

What I tried so far

gray grainy noise on 23

Alternate solution:

I don't have these problems when using a USB-C> DVI-I adapter.

The HMDI connection has been the main reason why I bought the Mac mini. How do I use the HDMI port with a 23 "Apple Cinema Display? What HDMI adapters are fully compatible?