Loading OneDrive office previews on iPadOS 14.1 suddenly started taking long time (1–2 min)

Loading OneDrive office previews on iPadOS 14.1 suddenly started taking long time (1–2 min).

I’ve tried to restart the app and Ipad.

itunes – iPad cannot be restored due to 15 min timeout (recovery mode)

I have forgotten my passcode and have tried to restore my iPad(8th 32gb wifi) by this instruction. It reboots after 15 minutes and iTunes on my PC says me “Waiting for Ipad…” or “Could not find Ipad”. I am using Windows 10(64 bit) by VirtualBox which is on Linux(Ubuntu 20.04 lts). I have already downloaded the iOS 14 for iPad. And iTunes does not have to download the iOS. But when it starts to restore it fails due to 15 min timeout. I have tried to update & restore my iPad with ipsw file and without it.

Could you help me to restore my iPad?

And is it possible that it fails due to VirtualBox?

merging two min heaps

Is there a static function for merging 2 min heaps?

public static MinHeap mergeTwoHeaps(MinHeap h1, MinHeap h2){….}

and what is the complexities of the operation?

plugins – FacetWP – change number range “Min” and “Max” labels independently

I have a slight problem for renaming facets individually
as said here on this page,
this code rename all the min and max for all facets range number.


// Add to your (child) theme's functions.php

add_filter( 'gettext', function( $translated_text, $text, $domain ) {
    if ( 'fwp-front' == $domain ) {
        if ( 'Min' == $translated_text ) {
            $translated_text = 'Min (translated)';
        elseif ( 'Max' == $translated_text ) {
            $translated_text = 'Max (translated)';
    return $translated_text;
}, 10, 3 );

I have a facet price and another area.

I would like to rename their placeholders independently.

if somebody understands the code which line I must add to allow me this modification?

thank you for your patience

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plotting – Min & Max value for colorbar doesn’t match DensityPlot



It produces:

enter image description here

Now let’s say that I am only interested on P_C when it is bigger than 4. All things below 4 should be dark purple and the colored only be used for 4 and higher values. I thought that doing the following would do the correct output.


Unfortunately it doesnt:

enter image description here

The colors used on the plot are basically totally uncorrelated from the color bar. How can I fix it ?

(edit) I did what is proposed in the comment but it doesn’t fix the issue:


enter image description here

Also, please I would like to have explanations about the command. I looked at the documentation of the ColorScaling but it is not really helpfull.

unity – Change the min width/height of a LayoutElement to scale with the screen size

Presumably you tried writing a script that sets the minWidth property on the LayoutElement attached to the same object, something like this?

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class LayoutElementAdjuster : MonoBehaviour
    (Tooltip("What fraction of the screen width/height should be used as the minimum?"
             +"n-1 = Don't scale with screen size."))
    public Vector2 minSizeRatio = new Vector2(-1, -1);
    (SerializeField, HideInInspector)
    LayoutElement _layout;
    Vector2 _cachedScreenSize;

    private void OnValidate() {
        _layout = GetComponent<LayoutElement>();

    void Update()
        Vector2 screenSize = new Vector2(Screen.width, Screen.height);

        // Avoid dirtying the layout if the screen size has not changed.
        if (_cachedScreenSize == screenSize)

        // Change the min size only if the layout element is controlling that axis
        // and our inspector configuration says we should scale it (ie. non-negative).
        if(_layout.minWidth >= 0f && minSizeRatio.x >= 0f)
            _layout.minWidth = minSizeRatio.x * screenSize.x;

        if(_layout.minHeight >= 0f && minSizeRatio.y >= 0f)
            _layout.minHeight = minSizeRatio.y * screenSize.y;

        // Save our current screen size, so we can react only when it changes.
        _cachedScreenSize = screenSize;

unity – Scale with screen size layout element min width/height

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