Quote from the software library attributable to Michael A Jackson?

While discussing modular software, a colleague recently suggested that the following quote (or similar words) is attributable to computer scientist Michael A Jackson. However, I can not find any reference to him on the Internet and I was wondering if anyone could point me to any of Jackson's works that contain it.

A library of software modules is the only type of library in which
Everyone wants to put something, and nobody wants to take something.

Can someone tell me specifically what harm Michael Flynn did to the United States?

We have laws that prohibit lobbyists from working on behalf of foreign governments without revealing their working relationship with the government. We have those laws so that we can track the extent of foreign influence exercised in the United States on national issues of the United States. The underlying idea is not to let the country fall too much under the control of another country, because that would undermine the sovereignty of the United States, that is, its status as an independent nation.

Michael Flynn (1) lobbied on behalf of a foreign government and (2) lied to the FBI to do so, while serving in the Trump White House. In doing so, it undermined the ability of the United States to remain a sovereign and independent nation, and instead allowed it to be unduly influenced by foreign governments. Due to his high position as National Security Advisor, his transgression was especially damaging.

That's all about it. It is really very simple. It is not that there is any kind of "witch hunt" or partisan piracy work in progress. There are laws. The laws are there for a reason. Flynn broke them.


[ Politics ] Open question: Since Michael Cohen is going to prison, why does not Trump go too?

Cohen has just done what Trump ordered him to do.


[ Politics ] Open question: Why did Sean Hannity eliminate all of his tweets about Michael Cohen?

[ Politics ] Open question: Why did Sean Hannity eliminate all of his tweets about Michael Cohen? .

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Hurricane Michael – Stay safe

I know there are some people here from Florida Pan Handle (Panama City, Tallahassee, etc.) and from southern Alabama and Georgia. Hopefully everyone is smart, be safe and follow evacuation orders.

We've seen an influx of people here in Nashville. Any of you here, Welcome and I hope everything goes well.