Overlapping collision in box collision that only works on metal frame

When my player collides with the box collision instead of shooting while the player overlaps the entire box, it only triggers when it collides with the metal frame of the box.

it hits me with the box but it only works with the metal frame

Bare metal server

For some specific reason, I am looking for a Bare-metal server from the Chinese region. I just want to know if they are blocking YouTube. (by Chines Ba … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1803224&goto=newpost

dnd 5e – Can the Heat Metal spell target infernal war machines from the gate of Baldur: Descent into the Adventure of Avernus?

By crude Yes or No

According to the description on page 216 of BG-DiA, a hellish war machine is "made" and "made of iron". Therefore, it is a fabricated metal object, therefore a valid target.

However, it also states that "Infernal War Machine Statistics work like a creature's," meaning that it could be argued that they count as creatures. Therefore, there is some discretion from DM as to whether or not to treat him as a creature. So ask your DM if they are treating him like a creature, he is a valid target for targeting creature spells. If they are not, then it can be targeted by the hot metal.

This could be argued both ways. It says, "like a creature's," which would imply treating like a creature. But at the same time, operating as a creature would imply that it is not a creature and should be treated more like a wielded magic item.

Personally, I would lean towards treating them like creatures, there is an aspect of balance, many spells cannot attack objects, which limits the way you can fight one.

If you treat it like a creature, it can't be a target for hot metal.

Now assuming your DM says they are treating it like an object, then some of your other questions can be answered.

Note that nowhere in the spell does it say the object is damaged, so the vehicle itself will not be damaged if it is an object.

They can continue to pilot:

Well, you can continue to hold a sword that has been thrown if you manage to save, so you should be able to continue piloting if you manage to save, you will only take damage in each round. I would also say that, like armor, if you continue to take damage, you stay inside them, so internal passengers will flee or be damaged. External passengers can simply drop it like a shield weapon. But does this enter the gray area of ​​what happens when you throw it on an iron ladder that someone is climbing or on an iron cage with a prisoner? The spell leaves the DM a lot.

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dnd 5e: How big can a target be to cast Heat Metal?

He was playing a game and the party was trying to run away from an Illithid flying boat. It was made of metal and had two Illithid crew members on deck. The bard at the party threw Heat Metal into the hull of the boat. I had no idea how to run it, so to keep the game moving I ran it as close to RAW as possible. It was a fabricated metal object within range, so everyone on deck had to take damage and try to save them. If I had more time, I'm not sure how I would have governed it.

As things stand, I can think of some possible alternatives and I want an external contribution.

  1. When RAW heats up the entire metal hull. (How I played it)
  2. The spell points to the helmet plate, and that heats it up, anyone in contact with that plate is affected by the spell. (Each plate is manufactured, then assemblya little fussy)
  3. The spell fails since the entire object was not within range. (Very fussy)
  4. the spell heats only a certain mass or volume, perhaps a 10-foot by 10-foot hull region. (Assuming that a giant giant's armor only spreads everywhere)

Option one has the implications that you could throw it on an aircraft carrier and doom them all.

Option two has the implication that only one piece of a full plate armor is manipulated by the spell and heat is directed at the rest.

Option three implies that casting a target spell while only having one creature hand in range will fail.

Option four has the implication that your heat is limited in scope.


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dnd 5e: Does Heat Metal work with Descent Into Avernus vehicles?

As the title says, I'd like to know if I can use the Heat Metal spell in the Descent Into Avernus module and target a vehicle.

And more specifically, what happens to that part of the spell:

If a creature is holding or using the object and taking damage from it, the creature must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or drop the object if it can.

What about passengers?
Can the pilot continue to pilot?

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