instant messaging – Samsung Chat Service Privacy

I’m trying to find out privacy settings behind the wifi chat offered by… Samsung? Its built into my S10e as an additional chat service with little to no information about it. It’s free and enables chat over WiFi and to groups of users who have the feature enabled. It also enables Android users to see when others who have the service are typing like on the iPhone.

My concern is privacy. If it’s free, how do I know that I’m not the product here?

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WhatsApp Messenger – Third-party messaging apps with random silent notification issue

I am having a strange problem. I am on Android 10 on my LG G6 and I have not installed any doze control apps or greenify apps etc. on my phone, but every time I get a message in third party apps like WhatsApp or Skype etc., many of the notifications come on time, but some of the messages come without vibration and sound as silent notifications. I have not configured any DND or anything. It is simply installing clean rom and I have also faced this problem on my official stock Android 9 ROM. The same behavior reported on that too. To test, I captured notifications and what I saw is that some of the messages come through silent channelID, which is very strange to me since no settings were applied. It's all random messages and the same behavior when I'm using my phone, so I think it's not a sleep level thing. Attached screenshots of the notification log, please guide me on what's going on here. Thank you.


What is theme messaging in Firebase?

Hi everyone, I'm new to programming, so I don't know what the topics are in Firebase. Can anyone describe to me what are the themes in Firebase?

python: understand how to structure the instant messaging / chat part of the application

I've read quite a bit about XMPP and I'm still not sure I fully understand how XMPP works and therefore how it would build the instant messaging part of my Python application.

Am I correct in thinking that I need to use something like sleekxmpp or aioxmpp to pass the messages to a server like IoT Broker / ejabberd / open fire (the recommendations for a good free one would be great), that I need to install on my computer?

As the amount of user messages increases, won't I need a better server than my computer? Is it possible to use a cloud server and how would this work with IoT Broker or ejabberd ….. or am I wrong?

I am also planning to store the chat history in a mysql database, imagine this should be hosted on a server (AWS or something like that?).

instant messaging: is the Jabber client not affiliated with a particular registrar?

The jabber clients I've downloaded try to get me to sign up for their website instead of mine ejabberd server.

I do not want to do that. I have my own website and mine ejabberd running through my own community.

Are there other clients that are not trying to capture your log, but are allowing you to specify the jabber server you want to connect to?

How should I structure the messaging / chat part of my Python application?

I am creating an application using kivy and python, a feature of the application is that two users can send messages to each other in WhatsApp / Shpock / Fb messenger, etc. (Although you don't need half of the features that these applications have). I am currently not sure how I should build this application function, initially I took the route of the plugs and learned a lot about them, but now I am not sure if I have plunged into an area too soon and now I need to step back.

Having understood the sockets, I am not sure if that is what I would like here, since in my application many times when a user sends a message to another user that another user will not be connected (so there will not be a server configured to receive messages). I investigated if UDP sockets would solve this problem, but then I thought: do I only need the MySQL database in which the chat history is stored and each user loads the latest messages and does not use sockets at all? Should the messaging part of the application built in Django?

Thank you for reading!

Instant messaging: will Instagram reward a hacker for this hypothetical error?

A hacker A is following a victim B on his private Instagram account, and finds a way that anyone who does not follow B can also see the photos of B.

Will Instagram reward those mistakes?