browser extension to delete Facebook messages for everyone

Is there a browser extension to delete all Facebook messages automatically, but for both parties, how to delete a message for everyone (sender and receiver)

php: how to integrate recognition with lazy messages?

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Messages – How can I force my iMac to use iMessage NO SMS?

My wife is traveling in the United States and has her Australian iPhone (which is roaming) and an iPhone with a SIM from the United States.

I can send a message to her. I can also send a message to my daughter (in Australia).

When I try to send a message to both my daughter and my wife, it suddenly appears as SMS (for which I have to pay the roaming charges).

Until last night it worked fine.

How can I force my iMac to use iMessage NOT SMS?

Are very short messages fine with HMAC-SHA256?

I had to provide a person with the unique letter "A" and an HMAC-SHA256 hash of this message (my secret key). Could the person obtain information about my password or falsify the hash for the letter "B"?

iphone – How to delete old SMS messages, but retain backup copies?

I have an extensive history of SMS messages since early 2013. However, it takes up almost half of my iPhone's storage space and continues to count. I understand that there is a function that automatically deletes old messages after a specific period of time, but I am somewhat discouraged by the implication that messages deleted in this way will not be recoverable even from iTunes backups. Frankly, I am sentimental about this (not to mention that occasionally I need to dig up messages from years if I discuss an old project).

My question is the following: is there any way to permanently transfer my large number of text messages to my Mac, while keeping the messages of the last (say) six months on my iPhone for portability reasons? This way, I could access old messages as needed, while minimizing the amount of iPhone storage space they occupy.

I've tried some third-party utilities (iExplorer, iMazing), but they can't seem to do this kind of thing specifically. I am working with an iPhone 5S, 14.91 GB, iOS 12.4.5 and an older MacBook Pro with Sierra. Thank you!

Design patterns: on what layer should I do my validation and how to inform the user of meaningful messages?

I currently have several layers in my system. I have a container around the database that handles the basic interaction with the database. Then, I have a service at the top that handles business logic and then calls the database containers as needed.

For example:

class UsersDB():
    def create(self, user_data):
        # Create user here
        return insert_status

    def confirm_user(self, token):
        if token_date < today_start:
            # Token expired, return False
            return False

        if not self.collection.exists({'token':token}):
            # Token doesn't exist
            return False

        # Confirm user account
        self.collection.update_one({}, {})

class UserService():
    def __init__():
         self.users_db = UsersDb()

    def create(self, user_data):
        if self.users_db.exists(user_data('email')):
              self._set_error(status=409, error='This user already exists.')
              return False

        if self.users_db.create(user_data):
              AuditService().add_event('registration', ....)
              self._set_error(status=500, message='Unable to create user.'
              return False

Now, in UsersDB.confirm_user (), if this method fails, it is impossible to determine why the method call fails, either due to the non-existing token or the expired token. However, this is a validation that I do not necessarily want to mix with business logic. I prefer to keep the validation inside the UsersDB wrapper.

Similarly, if I wanted to do a more advanced validation on the user_data parameter passed to UserService.create (), then I would have to do it at the UserService level to get meaningful comments for the user.

Should I separate the validation of the UsersDB object and do the validation within the UserService methods before moving on to the UsersDB object, or is there a problem with the design that needs to be addressed?

Ideally, I would like to keep the validation out of UserService so that it only handles calls to other services, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea.

Applications – How to stop blocking applications from Dialer contacts messages on android lollipop 5.1.1

I have restarted my mobile phone several times, but still the Dialer Contacts message applications open in the background, but its front end closes in 3 to 5 seconds, as it is failing. I have to restart my phone, but for 3-5 minutes it stops working, but after that create problem

I searched Google and read the answers from other forums and tried all the options, but nothing worked, even after resetting and installing a common application, it is creating the same problems, the same problems happened with my other mobile sets also with the same version Android 5.1.1 but with more internal memory or RAM

I UNINSTALLED the following applications and updates, but it still gives me the same problem

  1. Google plus update
  2. Video buddy (auto installed by ISP)
  3. Clean master (auto installed by ISP)
  4. CCcleaner
  5. No battery saver applications installed
  6. No killer task apps installed
  7. Antivirus or antimalware applications were never installed
    8) WhatsApp Facebook Chrome Opera YouTube File Manager Amazon Paytm Adobe Reader installed basic applications

My mobile phone has 8 GB of internal memory and 1 GB of RAM and uses Android 5.1.1, so I have moved simple downloaded mobile applications to the memory card to have space to work on the mobile phone

Now my question

  1. How to verify which application is killing or closing forcefully the dialer contact messages and even WhatsApp, even if it remains in the process of running in the background, but the main screen closes

  2. How to solve the problem of dialer contact messages that are blocked when closed, since without them I cannot call or send a message and every time I have to call I have to restart my phone with a 3-5 minute time limit

  3. The Google Play and Google Play Store services have been updated automatically. I don't know if they are causing problems.

  4. I tried to clear the cache and application data and forced contacts to stop, contact storage dialer, contact synchronization, Google Play services, Google Play store and download manager applications , but the problem persists.

  5. I tried to delete and recreate the Google account and deactivated the automatic synchronization, but still the problem persists after 3-5 minutes if I restart the device

  6. If the RAM is low, how can I change the partition of my memory card as vertical memory or stop the phone dialer or Android contacts?

Awaiting valuable advice from anyone

Kindly, do not mark or mark duplicate, elaborate or existing questions, since I have tried all the options answered in previous forum questions, but I did not succeed

Payment – How can we disarm messages in Magento 2?

                    $this->backordersQty * 1

I want to disassemble / delete this cart warning message. How can I do that?

move notifications and woocommerce messages

I have a design problem with the default woocommerce ad container. It will be covered by the navigation menu of my custom bootstrap 4 theme that is transparent until the user starts scrolling. Is there a filter or a hook that I can use to modify and adapt it to reflect bootstrap 4 classes? Any example will be appreciated.

How can I slowly dispatch "drip" messages on Slack?

I have a lot of information (a combination of training and corporate policy information) that I need to share with the members of my Slack organization, but it is too much to share at once, so I prefer to divide it into small fragments. and deliver a little every day.

How can I schedule this information to be sent to Slack? Ideally, I would like two different channels to receive 1 message every morning from Monday to Friday, and that message is extracted from a list that is easy to maintain (add / remove items).

The old custom upload messages were quite close to what I wanted, except that Slack starts too quickly to read them, and there is no way to track who has seen them (for example, with emoji). And besides, that feature is closing because Slack is faster now. It seems that messages on a public channel would work much better.

Is there an application or a bot that can do this?