magento2.3 – Magento 2 Add anchor link in warning, error or success message

Replace the following code with your code and check.

getNoResultText()) ? $block->getNoResultText() : __('Your search returned no results. Use our Part Finder or Contact page if you cannot find what your looking for as we may have it or can order it in.',$this->getUrl('partfinder'), $this->getUrl('contact')) ?> getAdditionalHtml() ?> getNoteMessages()):?>

Hope this will help you.

message queue – Difference in AMPS and AMQP

I recently used the acronym AMPS (Asyncronous Message Processing System (60EastTechnologies). Since it is not a standard like AMQP (Asynchronous Message Queuing Protocol) or JMS (Java Messaging System) and Kafka is a stream processing ecosystem, I would like to know where AMPS stands out.

What I Know AMQP encapsulates "Smart broker, fool" and Kafka encapsulates the "Smart Pipe, fool" pattern. Where does AMPS fit in? Its website declares it as "Unmatched Scalability" and "World's State Cache".

It looks like it's just a repeat of AMQP, but it is proprietary and used in financial institutions like Morgan Stanley. I would like to know when and where to use AMPS.

php – Show user message does not exist or is not registered with javascript or ajax

Good morning, Good morning, how can I display a message that says USER IS NOT REGISTERED. when the person types the user wrong?

What I want to do is just use javascript or its ajax effect.

This is the form:


macos – How to disable the message "Share Wi-Fi password"

Every few minutes I keep getting the following message (both on my iMac, Macbook and iPhone):


Even if I click "Decline" or "Share", it still appears every few minutes on all my devices. How do I prevent this from happening?

I asked the question in Apple Tech Support, but doesn't anyone know the answer either:

message stack: how to override a service

I am trying to override a service using a ServiceProvider class

class MyModuleServiceProvider extends ServiceProviderBase
    public function alter(ContainerBuilder $container)
        // Overrides MessageNotifier class to add loggin facilities to each message.
        $definition = $container->getDefinition('message_notify.sender');
            new Reference('')

This is out of the question, but for your information, the overridden service "message_notify.sender" is created by the message_notify module belonging to the message stack modules

As you can see I am adding an argument (a registrar) to my new service

Here is the __construct() method of father (canceled) class:

  public function __construct(Manager $notifier_manager) {
    $this->notifierManager = $notifier_manager;

Here is the __construct() method of my new class:

    public function __construct(Manager $notifier_manager, LoggerChannelInterface $logger)
        $this->logger = $logger;

But for an unknown reason, the $ logger variable is not an object but an array with an element … and this element is the LoggerChannel object.

Therefore, this code does not work, but the following does:

    public function __construct(Manager $notifier_manager, array $logger)
        $this->logger = $logger(0);

What am I doing wrong?

Unique template for custom message type stops working after WordPress 5.4 upgrade

Has anyone else had trouble with custom post type templates after WordPress 5.4 upgrade? Mine were fine and then stopped after the update.

button – Welcome message from Facebook Messenger bot: 100 Parameter_type is required

Following the documentation, I'm trying to set up a welcome message for a Facebook Messenger bot using the code provided in the documentation – with my own page ID and page access token:

enter the image description here

But it returns me:

    "error": {
        "message": "(#100) Requires one of the params: get_started,persistent_menu,target_audience,whitelisted_domains,greeting,account_linking_url,payment_settings,home_url,ice_breakers",
        "type": "OAuthException",
        "code": 100,
        "fbtrace_id": "AcX40py3Er1_YoPYdL5G901"

Send a DM and then react to the message once a new user joins

so every time a new user joins, I would send them a message using

client.on ("guildMemberAdd", member => {


Now, is there any way for the bot to react to that message?
Thank you!

Error message with StringReplace "Not a valid string replacement rule"

Following an example from my lectures, I get this error and can't explain why it occurs.

The instructions are as follows:

alphabet = CharacterRange("A","Z");
rc = RandomColor(26)
code = Table(alphabet((n))->rc((n)),{n,Length(alphabet)})
newstring = StringReplace(string, code)

but sometimes (but not always) I get this error: "StringReplace :: srep: Z -> () is not a valid string replacement rule" where () represents a certain color.

Could you help me understand why it happens?

Hash a message using an existing bcrypt hash

I wonder if this is possible. I have a feeling it is not:

I have a user database table with usernames and passwords stored in the BCRYPT hash generated by Laravel.

Since we are all working from home, I want to create a web page to replicate the plugin box we have at work. Actually, this is a chart that no one opens apart from managers at the end of the quarter.

I do not want other users to have access to our database to read the plugins made by other users. It must be private and must only be read by selected users (or even a single user).

I have the passwords of those selected users encrypted in BCRYPT that are used to log into our application. Is it possible to hash the message using this BCRYPT hash so that only the selected person can log in and read all these compliments?

I have a feeling that it is not, as it is a one-way algorithm.
Does anyone have any idea how this could be implemented?