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bitcoind.service problem showing a error message

it is giving this message

The unit bitcoind.service has entered the ‘failed’ state with result ‘exit-code’.

encryption – Why use an IV when the message length is only one block?

I have read that IV’s are used with block ciphers in case a sequence is repeated in a message and produces repeated sequences in the ciphertext.

I see IV’s being used in cases where the message is very short, though (e.g. 11 bytes in the example on the attr_encrypted Ruby gem README). Does the use of a unique IV also provide protection in this scenario? If so, how?

lubuntu – how to send a whatsapp message to unregistred numbers via whatsdesk or any desktop program linux?

When I used WhatsApp desktop in Windows, I used whatsapp://send?phone=[phone] to begin a new chat with an unregistered phone. I would like to do something similar in Linux.
I can open Whatsdesk with the link whatsapp://app but when I use whatsapp://send?phone=[phone], it doesn’t begin a new chat, this only opens the app

architecture – How can message queues improve scalability?

It’s not that queues are more scalable, its the fact that two services communicating through queue means the communication is asynchronous.
Asynchronous communication is far more scalable than synchronous communication, as it allows the writer (who enqueues messages into the queue) and the consumers (who dequeues the messages) to progress in their own rhythm.

Let’s say you have a REST API service which is being called from your client side and perform some long running operation task.

If the communication was synchronous (the API service doesnt return a HTTP status code before it finishes the task), on high volumes of traffic your API service may crash as it will be too loaded or it will not finishes his task on time, which will eventually result in HTTP timeouts.

If the communication is asynchronous, your API service will only queue messages that will be processed by some background worker, and it will be able to return HTTP response message relatively quickly.

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magento2 – What is max_messages proper value for running message queue using cron job?

I’m using Magento 2.4.1, and this is my message queue configuration in app/etc/env.php

'queue' => [
    'consumers_wait_for_messages' => 0
'cron_consumers_runner' => [
    'cron_run' => true,
    'max_messages' => 2,
    'single_thread' => true,
    'consumers-wait-for-messages' => 0,
    'consumers' => [

I set the max_messages to 2 , I don’t know if this is enough or gonna cause any trouble later

i get a message (bash: /home/nahs/Downloads/omnetpp-5.6.1: No such file or directory ) every time when open terminal

enter image description here

i installed omnet++ then removed it , after that it’s always displaying message to me each time when i open the terminal, how can solve this problem ?

Magento 2. RabbitMQ Ack or Reject message

I’m wondering if it is possible to manually Ack or Reject message from the RabbitMQ within the Magento 2 consumer process? What is the default behavior?

Where to place the first message in a chat?

Imagine a simple messenger app. Where to place the first message(s) in a chat? See examples below.

A or B in a messenger

E.g. Slack, Facebook’s Messenger does it the A way. Snapchat, WhatsApp does it the B way.

I’d argue the B way is more correct due to F reading pattern, however, can someone shed me some light on this?